Ayahuasca alone at home II

In times when there are no more shamanic guided ayahuasca retreats, those who want to continue their inner work with the medicine have to come up with something. However, there are hardly any possibilities, because only very experienced ayahuasca drinkers can dare to make an excursion into the world of inner warping with the medicine and also only under strict self-control. If I take ayahuasca alone, then first of all only the one that I have cooked myself, where my energy and love lives in it and where I know that apart from caapi and chakruna (or chaliponga) nothing else is contained. And secondly, I never take more than half a portion, so that I remain capable of acting even in an unforeseen emergency.

This does not have to be a mental emergency at all, fear or even panic. I am far away from that by now due to the years with Ayahuasca. For all I care, aliens could attack the earth, or Joe Biden and Angela Merkel could be unmasked as reptiloids, that would neither surprise nor frighten me. The latter would even be amusing, whereby one would hardly notice a difference with Angela Merkel to the now. I would definitely not panic. I rather get it when I go out on the street and see the many fear-distorted mask zombies. Poor souls who have had their soul light extinguished by the public hate and divisive media. Exchange soul light for anxiety neurosis – bad exchange, I think. No, there are also quite normal emergencies, like a tipped over candle or a calf cramp. Then one must remain capable of action.

My ayahuasca is exactly calculable, so it only does what it is supposed to do. Raise my frequency and let me connect with my soul. Invite it to be my guest of honor and give me back, at least for a few hours, my inner peace, which is severely threatened by my irritable ego, always positioned in a lurking position, in these absurd times of global neo-fascism. But without Ayahuasca I would have probably already gone crazy. But this way I can reflect myself again and again, readjust and put into perspective the current happenings at the immeasurably divine universe. When one is granted insight into the big picture, one realizes how small and ridiculous many things on earth are. I don’t mean people, they are very important and, most of the time at least, very lovable.

And that’s exactly why I worry about them, because they are being re-educated into slaves by a vanishingly small money elite. Not just since Corona, it started much earlier. The re-education has been happening at least since the false flag crime of the Bush administration on 9/11/2001. That’s when the fear program was started with the help of the (up)bought media. The re-education is done through fear. The anti-energy, as Ayahuasca once told me. First the fear of terror was stirred up and now it is the fear of infection.

Funny how terror hasn’t been an issue at all since corona? All terrorists died of Covid?

But even this elite seems almost ridiculous in a state of expanded consciousness. One recognizes that they are occupied – occupied by dark forces. Their occupation makes them become psychopaths. Psychopaths with a lot of money and power. They have paid, or are still paying, the price to dark forces. The price for their power and money are their souls and those of their descendants. For generations to come, they have hawked their souls to the dark. When they die, they will not go into the light, but will rot on the lowest astral planes, and so will their children and their children’s children. I have been to the lowest astral planes a few times. Not desirable. Not at any price!

Now, however, I am part of the divine project man, have given my OK to it before my incarnation and must therefore swim along, in the poisoned river mankind. Sometimes I feel like a mole who can see and sees that in the garden in which he lives, cats are running around everywhere. Of the seeing moles there are many, in many gardens, and many also know each other. But that’s why they are still moles and therefore can’t do anything about the cats.

How wonderfully carefree the life of a blind mole must be! True, he can’t see blue skies, butterflies, or the soft green lawn he plows through. But hey – zero stress! If you don’t notice anything, you’re happy. (* sarcasm ending *)

Over the weekend I took the medicine two days in a row – half dose, as agreed with myself. Both sessions were high energy. Since my kundalini has been doing somersaults for weeks, I quickly got into a very high frequency and could not only see my soul light clear and shining, but also feel it clearly. How peaceful the soul is! Like an innocent child – a pure, loving light.

The ego was still there, too; the amount of ayahuasca was not enough to block it out. But it had become a modest supporting actor, just active enough to do the right thing in an emergency. I don’t have an adversarial relationship with my ego, like many others in the ayahuasca scene. They think you have to fight the ego, that it is something bad. No, the ego is very important and was created purposefully by the soul to protect the avatar human being and to lead him to a meaningful life.

The problem with many – and especially with the psychopaths of the world elite – is that they have allowed their ego to grow into a demonic monster. That they have allowed their soul to be excluded, from their own life plan and only the ego rules. And the soulless elite is now trying to extinguish the soul light of all people and make their avatars submit to them and their diabolical plans. Those who already have no more soul light will not notice how they become more and more slaves (unfortunately very many) and those who may still call a rest of soul light their own, are either strong and recognize the danger, or at some point they can no longer defend themselves against the negativity of the mass media.

I can only advise every human being with intellect, urgently advise (!), to leave the fingers of the mass media! Their only task is to manipulate. That was already in the Third Reich their task and that is it also today still, in the neo fascism of the Davos elite.

It is hardest for those who are aware of their soul light and have their ego under control. They have to watch, like the captain of the Titanic, as the ship of humanity sinks, while a few have grabbed all available lifeboats.

I gladly accept the burden of knowledge. My soul is my everything. I will never, in any incarnation, exchange it for power or money!

I have never sold it also in my present life to power or dishonorable wealth, both demonic instances which are paid with life energy, soul light. If a job made me sick, I quit it, no matter how lucrative it was. If a two-way relationship was toxic, I ended it, no matter how good the sex was. The same was and is true of toxic friendships. When I meet a person, I know immediately if they are toxic to me or not. Ayahuasca taught me that. I thank the medicine for that!

Be awake, even if you are asleep!

It is not without reason that many ayahuasca drinkers are also experienced lucid dreamers. Our consciousness loves to be awake. Nothing is more exciting and enlightening.

And so I enjoy with all devotion to access my soul light through ayahuasca every now and then and let it shine on me for a few hours. It feels so incredibly beautiful and it reminds me every time what I really am. An eternal light, loved by God and connected to other soul lights. If you didn’t keep reminding yourself of that, you would eventually go crazy in this poisoned world.

The second day started similarly. Since I still had enough MAO inhibitors from the 1st day in my system, the same amount of Ayahuasca worked much faster and stronger. This time I also had visions that I did not have on day 1. Lots of green, lots of nature, animals. When the effect wore off at some point and I wanted to take my 1st rapé, I was getting ready for it, such a strong kundalini wave shot through my body that I fell into a deep meditation while still squatting on my knees, accompanied by divine light. At some point I dropped backwards onto the mat and sank into peace and bliss. I pulled my hood over my eyes and enjoyed the visions. Patterns, geometries, light – lots of light!

When I woke up again after about 1 hour of deep trance, I was no longer myself. So, I knew who I was, what my name was, what my job was, who my family was and so on, but I didn’t feel it anymore. Complete dissociation! I only felt my soul anymore. The ego was just enough to realize that it was barely there. Again I fell into a trance, but this time a not so deep one. That let me enjoy this state consciously for a long time. I did the test and tried to think of everyday things, which I did not succeed in doing. I left it at that and gave myself completely to the peace of my soul, which enjoyed just being.

Just being – that’s all the soul wants.

When I came to again, I then took my favorite rapé, which I made myself on top of it. I had the ingredients come to me from the Amazon. It is made with Sananga, Bobinsana, Mapacho tobacco and white ash from the Muricie tree. It made my energy body blossom to its fullest once again. We humans are pure divine energy. It is a pity that so many are not aware of this. No elite, no matter how powerful, not even highly developed beings, wherever they come from, would have a chance against us.

God is not only in us, we are God!

The night, which began in the afternoon, taught me again how important it is to give place to one’s soul. You don’t necessarily have to take ayahuasca to do that. Simply taking care of one’s soul on a daily basis is enough. Staying away from negative energies, eating well and continuing to maintain one’s social contacts, despite the misanthropic laws of our psychopath government. Meet with loving people and leave the neurotics, haters and splitters outside, they only take you off the path of your soul. They chose the path to darkness, it was their choice!

The current agenda that is being pushed through worldwide is primarily for mental traumatization! Fear eats up the soul.

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