Ayahuasca alone at home III

Since there are still no shamanic guided ceremonies because of the global preparations for the Great Reset, which have been going on for 1 year, small, self-sufficient ayahuasca ceremonies are performed in many parts of Germany (and certainly Europe). I know of three in Berlin alone, last weekend. If you follow certain rules, this is also risk-free, but if not, not. It’s like in traffic. If you don’t follow the rule to watch out for traffic, you can get into trouble. It is no different with self-organized ayahuasca ceremonies. Therefore, in my experience, it is imperative to pay attention:

  • Only very experienced participants should be there!
  • 1/3 of the participants should dose weaker to be able to help the others if necessary.
  • A manageable number of participants, maximum 10.
  • Use home-made medicine, which must have been tested for its potential beforehand.
  • Consistent adherence to the agreed dosage!
  • The attendants are also responsible for the regular energetic cleaning of the ceremony room (a very important point).
  • Constant water supply must be provided.
  • Barrier-free toilet access.
  • Salt nuts in the morning to compensate for the loss of salt during strong processes (no peanuts, because of the high tryptophan content!).

If problems arise, the problem is not ayahuasca, but wrong set and setting. If one participates even though he has heart problems, or takes SSRIs (non-reversible MAO inhibitors), then in extreme cases he is gambling with his life. If the ceremony is not prepared and accompanied conscientiously (keyword „holding space“), it can slip energetically to such an extent that some people need days, if not weeks, to recover from it. Ayahuasca itself is not to blame even then. The medicine cannot kill or traumatize anyone, as is often claimed (preferably by people who get their knowledge about ayahuasca from the tabloid press, or from poorly researched „documentaries“).

Those who leave an ayahuasca ceremony traumatized had their trauma before, ayahuasca just brought it to light.

But that’s exactly why you take it, isn’t it? I want to clean out my evidence room, get rid of all the garbage of the last 20, 30 years – or why do I take it? Because of the colorful pictures? I can take more compatible „substances“ instead of a nasty-tasting emetic.

If there are problems, it is ALWAYS wrong set or setting, worst case both. The only thing the medicine does is activate the kundalini and open the chakras. But if the energetic hygiene in the ceremony room is neglected, then the participants become victims not only of their own negative energies, their own „demons“, but also those of others. They then have access to the energy body of the participants through the opened chakras. Some people leave a bad setting energetically „dirtier“ than they went in.

Our ceremony was very small, three participants. I took care of the energetic hygiene and accompanied the processes of the others. Before the ceremony, the room was energetically cleansed and then aired. Two bowls of salt water were placed, the room was harmonized with good incense from Ethiopia, and all participants were vaporized with palo santo. Since we were „ceremonizing“ in a private apartment, only a 2/3 dose was used, both days. I drank just as much as the others, because a 2/3 dose clearly does something to you, but still leaves you enough control to be able to cope well with problematic situations.

There was no really problematic situation, although on the second day the process of one participant took quite a long time and was very intense. She later told me that she felt good and that she was in a deep trance and was able to gain important insights.

My own process was accompanying others. I like to do that, and this time I also let myself be guided by a Spirit. Either this spirit is my kundalini, which was at its peak, as always with ayahuasca, or it was the ayahuasca spirit itself. Each time I get clear instructions on what to do, what incense to use, what music, what instrument. One process I accompanied only with singing bowl and incense, another with soft singing, and yet another with my old cabassas that my music teacher at the time had given me.

The high frequencies of Cabassa have strong purifying effects, as they emit white light on the astral plane. You can see this when you are in the ayahuasca peak, where you have direct access to the astral plane. Every SCH-SCH emits white purifying light and dissolves negative energies, I could see and experience it myself. I understood then why all the shamans, all over the world, always have a leaf-whisk or a cabassa with them. They have these instruments not only to play a rhythm, but also to cleanse and „refresh“ the space energetically.

At some point, the Spirit gave me to understand that there was nothing more for me to do, although the participant was still deep in the process. But that was ok, she was doing fine. I lay down on my mat and surrendered to my kundalini, which was strong, but not as strong as a full dose of ayahuasca. Still strong enough for some beautiful visions, incl. bizarre entities.

I had no new insights this weekend. But we had a visit from spirits again. One participant (the one with the violent process) reported that she had felt a being very close to her body, that is, its energy. But when she opened her eyes, there was no one there? Her spirit guide was also there again, an owl. Since she has been taking Ayahuasca, regularly for about 1 year, an owl appears to her and looks at her. After that, her process always begins.

The other participant reported spirits that seemed demonic to her, but told her that they had come to help. My Spirits, who appeared in visions, also conveyed this to me. It confirmed the impression I have had for a long time. These demonic spirits come to help. I had baptized them therefore sometime helper demons.

It was also interesting to hear that the two had identical visions at times on the 1st day. Rainbows. Participants having identical visions is very rare. I had it once. In my case it was a giant octopus with snake arms, I saw it hovering over another participant. The participant then reported the next day, without knowing my story, that a giant octopus was hovering over him.

As always, there was supportive rapé. Many a time it was the Rapé that triggered the process. When one has drunk Ayahuasca, Rapé has a very strong effect, so I always take it at the end of the ceremony. It also closes my third eye, which I need for my intuition during the process. Rapé doesn’t do this with other participants, I seem to be an exception? But what he does in any case, he „inflates“ my energy body. My EK then expands to what feels like twice its size and in this way creates an energetically stable environment.

Many times I have been able to eliminate energetic chaos in ceremonies this way.

Even though energetic chaos can be very healing because it makes the participants vomit and come out of themselves, it is important to harmonize the energies again afterwards.


Our ayahuasca was cooked with yellow caapi, some tumbleweed, chaliponga and chacruna and has a light and friendly character. Supporting it was bobinsana tea, which activates the heart chakra. An active heart chakra gives light-filled visions and helps heal emotional distortions. On the second day, the effect came very quickly, since MAO inhibitors from the previous day were still in the blood, so that the DMT contained in the leaves could act immediately. The tumbleweed also caused the effect to last for a long time. There were 30g StR to 1 liter of Ayahuasca.

On Sunday then common cooking and integration round, where everyone could report on their experiences.