Ayahuasca Report, Ceremony 37-39 (November 2020)

Night 1:

The Medicine needs time to develop its energy. When it wrapped me in soft, pleasant Kundalini, I drink a little bit more, because I want to reach a higher energy level and also a higher vibration. To enter into communication with the Spirits, it requires a high vibration. At the same time the body, every single cell, has to be prepared for the high energy that awaits you on the Spirit level. The best way to do this for me is to „tune“ myself into a higher vibration step by step.

After another quarter glass, I reach the first level of this level, the level where I communicate with the spirit of the plant. At first I give myself completely and enjoy the beautiful visions. A lot of gold and red, but also guardian demons and insect spirits I perceive and recognize with gratitude that all this came only for our best. The ceremony place and room was thoroughly cleaned energetically at the beginning and all seven participants were protected with special incense scents. I had a prayer for myself and all the others to the spirit world to guide us and give everyone the experience they need. I feel with the first visions that we are well looked after and protected.

As so often I activate all my chakras by laying on of hands, which makes the energy rise fast and strong. Then the cleansing begins, which is gentle but thorough. When I lay my hands on my stomach again, ayahuasca comes up. Again it is a female voice that gives clear instructions.

„If you put your hands on your stomach, I cannot work!“

I lead my hands upwards, to the solar plexus and heart chakra, but this also leads to protest.

„Take your hands off me completely, how am I supposed to do my job if you keep interrupting me! Best put your hands far away from your body.“

I interrupt the healing work of the Aya-Spirit because I am cold, put on a shirt and lie down again. A slightly annoyed looking one follows:

„Humans, they are so complicated. In a moment you will be too warm again.“

I put my hands far away from me and let the medicine work. With closed eyes I see how hands of green light caress my belly and feel how a very pleasant warmth spreads inside me. The visions are green and blue and the pinching in the abdomen, of cleansing, stops. Then the hands of light move upwards and my heart opens. The light changes first into deep red, then into orange and finally into gold. Now I am switched off. My ego is well-behaved and does not interfere, it would have had no reason to do so.

When the mantra „Om mani padme hum“ sounds, an artfully decorated female figure appears in front of me, with a blue, gem-set crown on her head. She has a white body and wears no clothes. Above her collarbone two golden ribbons can be seen, holding her blue and gold cape, which she wears on her back. Her arms hang down and she looks at me vividly from golden eyes. Her look is loving. In the course of the mantra, other artfully decorated figures appear. I can’t tell whether they are male or female because they appear only briefly and then dissolve into patterns. Only the female figure remains for a long time, until she too dissolves into shimmering blue-golden patterns.

I enjoy the healing work of medicine, the Ayahuasca spirit. Again I am told that I need to cleanse myself even more. Therefore I get a strong rape, which immediately ends the visions, because the energy is directed from the third eye to the lower body, but it is exactly the right thing for cleansing.

After that I drink another quarter glass (25 ml) and start to make soft music. Others have very strong cleansing processes and the music creates a stable energetic framework for everyone. Everybody seems to be doing well, even if some of them struggle with themselves. But that is normal, that is why we work with ayahuasca. Not for fun, although in the end it always leads to joy and fun. So also this time. We sing together, laugh, joke. At 4 o’clock in the morning more and more people go to sleep, accompanied by soft, calm music.

A successful 1st night. We connected with medicine, with the spirit of the plant, which lovingly took care of each individual. A good preparation for the 2nd night.

Night 2:

With the same amount as in the 1st night, it takes a long time for the medicine to make itself felt. Impatiently I take therefore quite fast still ¼ small glasses after. Then it rushes through my body with great strength and gives me wonderful visions. Silver snakes covered with holy geometry, golden helper demons, a white-blue giant octopus and many visions that I cannot describe. I leave my hands off my body and enjoy how light hands work on me again. It is time for another cleansing, as gentle as the night before. At some point I just lie there and enjoy the kindness and love with which the Ayhuasca-Spirit takes care of me.

Then the energy leaves me and I get the impulse to drink a little bit more. Hardly on my seat I get the clear announcement that I have to drink more, it is necessary. I don’t know why it is necessary, but I give it a little bit more. A little while later a completely different room opens up. I enter the spirit world, full of peace and trust and surrounded by holy geometries.

In the meantime, one participant has undergone a very violent cleaning process. I get up and sit down in front of his seat, he should know that someone is there who can help him at any time. On the one hand I have full control over myself and my body, on the other hand my consciousness is still with „one leg“ in the spirit world. When the participant asks me for support in his process, I sit down next to him and give him Kundalini-Reiki, or rather a helper spirit, which has become part of me in the meantime, guides me to do it. It does the participant a lot of good. The Kundalini releases blockades, which leads to a strong cleansing in him. „That was necessary,“ he then tells me and I stay with him for a while and hold his hands. He slowly comes to rest and goes into deep meditation.

The participant next to me (we have already worked very well together in two other ceremonies), needs help next. She has been struggling with blockages, bending and twisting for over 1 hour. Meanwhile I am completely guided by the helper spirit and this time I am supposed to use Kundalini-Reiki as well. I am (as far as I know) the only one in the group who has an active Kundalini and probably that is why the helper spirit came to me.

The helper spirit is a female spirit and I feel what he (she) feels and it feels incredibly beautiful. He is full of love for people and gives me his instructions by intuition. Often I find myself wanting to do something, but then I do something completely different and it always seems to be just right. My ego is still present as a delicate shell, but quiet and in awe of the work of the spirit. Then the Spirit shows itself to me. It has no form. It is pure energy and appears to me as beautiful blue geometry. Not these confused DMT patterns, but a crystal clear, stand-alone geometry. A circle, traversed by paths of light, which in turn are covered with sacred geometries and form their own geometry as a complex. I focus on the structure and recognize that it has a consciousness, the consciousness of the female helper spirit.

I am just about to start with Kundalini-Reiki, when I am asked by the Spirit to take off my arm and neck jewelry, wonderfully handcrafted Ayahuasca art from Colombia – it would have disturbing energies. No wonder, after all I had worn it at all previous ceremonies. I take off the jewelry and immediately feel freer. Next, the spirit asks me to take off my socks. She would not like socks.

The Kundalini Reiki quickly triggers the blockages and a very violent process in the participant. She screams all her pain out of herself, followed by cries of anger and despair. I sit with her and am totally calm, because my consciousness is now 100 percent that of the helper spirit. My small ego, which is still rudimentary, is only an observer. It observes how the spirit meets the pain and anger of the participant with love. With a love that is not earthly. I remain completely calm. For the participant, I, or the Spirit, create a safe haven where she can pump out all the dirt and pain. With every scream, a „well done!“ goes through my head. When I want to put my hands on her arms, Spirit whistles me back:

„You have too much energy. Take a feather!“

I grab my big owl feather and stroke it gently over her shoulders, arms, thighs and head until she has calmed down completely. In doing so, I sing, or rather the Spirit sings. I sing in a pitch in which I am not normally able to sing, yet the notes come out clear as a bell and with an unknown ease. At some point I realize that it would be quite good to breathe again. Spirits don’t have to breathe, I think, but humans do, but if the human body is just an avatar for a Spirit, you still can forget to breathe.

The whole process takes a good three quarters of an hour until the participant falls asleep exhausted. I always had moments when the energy that I urgently needed to stay in touch with the spirit was waning, but there was no time to drink and it also takes too long to take effect. The Spirit recognized this well and showed me how I can mobilize the necessary energy without additional ayahuasca.

You simultaneously tense the PC muscle that curves around the root chakra and a muscle in the neck, although I didn’t know that there was any muscle that you could consciously tense. I do this and immediately I get into a high vibration and Kundalini shoots up.

Energy out of nowhere!

I conclude that spirits apparently can only work through the human body if it is energetically on the same level as they are and the natural vibration of the cells must also be in their frequency.

The participant is now feeling better. Like last time, sounds of well-being come from her, and she laughs again and again in her sleep. When she wakes up at some point, she lets another participant give her a rapé and they both talk quietly about what they experienced before.

The helper spirit leaves me at some point. The geometry also fades away and my consciousness is 100 percent mine again. I thank the spirit with all my heart for its trust in me and invite it to be allowed to use my body for healing at any time. I add a thimbleful of medicine and do now what I should not do the first night, I put my hands on my root chakra and let the kundalini rise. No contradiction from Mama Aya. She has done her work and now I can do what I want to do.

The Kundalini rushes with full force through my body into the third eye. I dive into a golden world full of beauty and brilliance. When two dark brown demons equipped with bat wings appear before me, I have to laugh. „You are too late,“ I address them in my thoughts, „and you are in the wrong place with me anyway. But you look great,“ I praise them. They are just doing their job. Then I visualize white light and they disappear.

After 30 minutes of enjoyment in the golden-red palace, I let myself be given a strong rapé, which forces me to rest. That’s good. For hours I have been swinging on a very high frequency and let strong energy rush through my body. Now I have to come to rest again and the rapé does exactly that. Like a spaceship that has just sailed through space, I gently but surely sit up in the here and now and fall into a deep meditation, accompanied by beautiful, gentle visions. I am in complete peace with myself and the universe.

The night ends as always with singing, laughing and having fun together. All those who were still busy with violent processes 1-2 hours ago, sing and laugh and I thank the medicine and the helper spirit around 5 o’clock in the morning. What an experience!

Night 3:

The medicine comes quickly and confuses me with dazzling luminous visions. The kind of visions that get on my nerves quickly because it feels like someone is shining an LED lamp into my eyes that constantly changes colors. Las Vegas at night, comes to my mind. I give myself to it anyway. The participant from the previous night has a new announcement and I decide to drink some more of the medicine to be energetically prepared. Her process is softer this time, which is a good sign. I am still not in the energy of the previous night, but I know exactly what to do. No Kundalini-Reiki, because there are no (or hardly any) blockades left.

When I slowly enter the spirit level again, there is no helper spirit, but I get along well without one. I show presence and have my feather ready, also Aqua Florida to cleanse the aura. Nevertheless, it was the right thing to add more, because with my energy I create a safe space, an energetic cocoon that keeps unwanted foreign energies away.

The participant seems to experience her birth once again. The sounds she makes remind me of an infant immediately after birth. Then she puts herself in embryonic position and comes to rest. At some point she covers herself up and falls asleep. When she wakes up, there is another rapé and a little later she laughs together with another participant. Meanwhile I lie on my mat and enjoy wonderful visions.

I will also have a rapé sometime, drink some more of the medicine and go travelling again. Beautiful places I visit, somewhere in the divine universe. As I change position, from supine to lateral, my body awareness changes. A very high frequency vibration passes through me and I see insect beings again in front of me. I know this feeling from another ceremony where I was a praying mantis. This time I don’t see a mantis, but I see insect beings as I have never seen them before. Indescribable, beautiful, magic and golden. Everything is gold!

As the energy wanes and also the visions, I give myself a final rapé. It brings me back into the here and now. Then we sing, dance and laugh. At 4 a.m. the night comes to an end and the following sleep is dreamy and deep.



A course in energy work and a deep insight into the work of spirits. The female helper spirit of the second night was pure love and divinely beautiful energy. At the same time it knew in every second what to do and was the tranquility itself. Never would the spirit world allow us to be harmed, that became very clear to me. Also we seem to have been especially well protected this time. Except for the 3rd night, when a few stray demons crept into my consciousness, everything was „clean“. Probably they were remnants of the violent process of the participant next to me? The poor had no home after their process :D.

The encounter with the female spirit was indescribable. To be visited and guided by a female spirit is always a special joy and experience for me. During this time I feel what femininity feels like – so very different from how I feel as a man. The feminine energy is also wonderful. Very loving, caring and wise at the same time. Many thanks to the universe for letting me have this experience!

I would like to learn more about spirits and their role in the universe and found my way with Ayhuasca.