Between The Layers

Listening to a spirit guide or wisdom from the subconscious?

Often at night between 2:30 and 3:30 i wake up in a trance like state. I never set a clock cause i don’t have to. At that early morning time my kundalini energy is on it’s highest level and its the huge amount of bio electric energy that wakes me up. It’s like 1000 volts are charging my body without hurting me. I than are in a space i know very well from my ayahuasca experiences and there it is called the DMT-hyperspace. So i’m often in that DMT-hyperspace between 2:30 and 3:30 a.m., naturally without taking anything but vitamn B6 and gingko with cholin for a better dream memory. This trance also happens without any supplements but with these two supps ist more intense.

I mostly have visions than. Patterns, colors, even complex cities and mystical writings on walls or stones as a week ago.

Two nights ago it was different. I was again in that hyperspace with this huge energy from top to toes but there were no visions, only a blue-violett light and little light-sparkles, like stars. Then an inner voice began to speak. I wasn’t thinking cause thinking immediately stops this kind of state. The voice was talking to me and gave me a lecture in energy, the astral realm, healing and love. I listened carefully and after an estimated time of 1 hour i felt asleep again having a mystical dream were i released the soul of Jesus out of a golden shrine were it was locked in. When i opened the shrine, a bright light which felt like pure love was shining at me and i knew instantly that it’s the universal energy, erverything is made of.

Please be aware oft the following:
I’m not a christian, i never was a christian, i always say in discussions that there is no prove that Jesus ever has lived and never in my whole life i was searching for him. I never met his energy when being on ayahuasca. And i met a lot of angels and entities then! So this experience, in form of a dream, came totally out of the blue and i wasn’t prepared for it. I woke up crying. But not crying from being hurt but crying of being full of bliss. And i felt sorry that i touched the soul of one who offers me as being Jesus by unlocking the golden shrine., Klartraum, Klarträumen, Ayahuasca, Kundalini, Polit-Blog, Corona-News, Kritisches

But now I want to share with you what that inner voice told me about energy, the astral realms and healing. Interestingly i got the lecture in english which isn’t my native language (i’m german). That’s why this is all in english.

Everything is energy

  • In the astral realm everything is energy.
  • The astral realm and the physical realm are not separated from each other.
  • The physical world is a result of whats happening energetically in the astral realm not vice versa.
  • The things that change the world, happen on the energetic level which means in the astral relam.
  • There is no space-time on the energetic level, everything is one and now.
  • When we bring our self into the energy of the universe, which is the kundalini energy, we can influence the physical reality, cause our energybody (than kundalini body) is our main body in the astral realm.

Kundalini is healing

  • Healing 1st starts on the energetic level than on the physical.
  • The universal energy is able to heal everything.
  • When we bring us in a higly energetic state, a kundalini state, we are able to heal.
  • Cause there is no space-time on the energetic level, we are able to heal over large physical distances cause space-time is only an illusion on the physical level.
  • All deseases are a result of lack of love, which is the universal energy everything is made of.
  • We can heal people by bringing us in a highly energetic state and than sending them this energy which ist the universal energy, which is love.

Low vibrational entities

  • There are no things like demons.
  • There are low vibrational entities which our mind is visualizing as demons but that’s a mistake in our mind which can only visualize from the position of its experiences. High-vibrational entities are visualized as angels and low-vibrational entities as demons but in fact it’s all energy which is consciousness.
  • These low vibrational entities are on that low level cause they had livetimes where they did things which braught them down to that poor energetical level. They don’t even have the energy to re-incarnate to change their energetic level by doing things that would lift up their vibration.

Heal the world by sending love

  • We can send these lo-vib entities our love and kundalini.
  • Not only to help them to get in peace with themselves but also to free the astral realm from them cause lo-vib entities are resonating with other lo-vib entities on the physical level and these compagnionships are toxic for humanity.
  • We have to spread our kundalini wisely. If its limited we should as give as much as we can spare to family members and friends instead of lo-vib entities.
  • Kundalini can’t be wasted, it always regenerates.

This connection between kundalini and the astral realm was new for me. I know that the kundalini has great healing power but i wasn’t aware that it can heal over distances (even huge distances) cause space-time doesn’t exist on the energetic level.

I thank, whomever, for this wonderful lecture!

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