Christian Fundis and the Kundalini

Today I gave it to myself properly. I was on the pages of various Christian Fundis, hardcore Christians who are in totalitarian interpretation of their faith in nothing inferior to the IS, only that their saint is not called Mohammed, but Jesus Christ.

Poor JC, what was already all for nonsense in his name verzapft, gehatet and murdered! Today I read through the outpourings of strictly believing Christians on the subject of Kundalini and I noticed once again that Christians have one thing above all – fear. The Christian faith is a fear faith. It is also based on the principle of sin and punishment, heaven and hell.

The non-Christian has it easier, he can simply believe in God 🙂

The Christian-Fundi is not only afraid of hell and the devil, but also of the Kundalini, because in his eyes it is DEMONIC! Demonic and in addition, for a CF especially bad, FEMALE! Yes, the church has always had a problem with the feminine, which is why there are so many pedophiles among the Christian-Fundis. A terrible outlet for unfulfilled urges. Now one should not discuss Kundalini with C-Fundis. Especially not to tell them that you are a happy prana super-spreader. That would be tantamount to admitting that one is personally occupied by Lucifer.

So, to be personally occupied by Lucifer, I imagine that’s pretty gross. That must be an energy, Holla die Waldfee! Against that even the Kundalini peak during the Ayahuasca should be a lukewarm breeze. This guy can create worlds! And something like that is supposed to keep me occupied? Please, dear Christian-Fundis, think about it. A spirit occupies humans over its energy body. How should that work with Lucifer!???? He doesn’t occupy you, at most he sends a demon, everything else would burn you.

So the Kundalini spirit is now an evil demon?

Good question, next question. In any case, it is a very caring spirit. The healing power of this energy is extraordinary and I have experienced over and over again, especially during the Ayahuasca’s, how much love he has for the people. He wants only one thing, their healing. Jesus wanted that too. Therefore, I think that Jesus was a person with exceptionally strong Kundalini. He healed by laying on of hands, thus, about his Kundalini. Of course, only Jesus is allowed to do that! Woe another, earthly being dares to heal other people by laying on of hands, or even thoughts! No, that does not go, there the Christian Fundi has clear rules and (church) defaults. When Jesus said, you are like me, he must have got too much sun somehow.

Who carries healing energy in itself and sees light in the sleep, or even worse, that is occupied and at least by an evil demon! Now, however, also well-disposed Spirits can occupy one, I have experienced myself.

What now?

Always these Spirits were very concerned and helpful. Both, what concerns my own health, and that of others. And, guess what, Christian Fundi? I also often prayed to God or Jesus during Ayahuasca, simply because I wanted to thank them. And what did the kundalini, that demon bitch, do? She blossomed and rejoiced. Shouldn’t she have been pissed off? Hey, stop chatting with God you bum, I am your lady of heart! So, your construct of the devil woman, that does not fit simply in front and behind!

The Kundalini is the energy of the soul, the soul light itself. And the soul is a part of the much bigger light, that we all, or most of us anyway, call God.

You say bullshit, she is a snake, a dragon, a reptiloid a … !!!

Dear CF, that is only a picture, a metaphor! There is no snake rolled up 3 1/2 times in our pelvic floor. The people, who have created this picture 5000 years ago in the far India, have just thought in pictures. And their image of Kundalini was that of a snake, because the rising of energy in the body can feel like a crawling snake. It can – but it doesn’t have to. And animals can also have an active kundalini, I see with one of my cats.

For what reason should a demon occupy a cat!?

What do you say? That raving, twitching and screaming when the kundalini awakens is a typical sign for a demon? No, dear CF. These are typical signs of energetic blockages. The Kundalini activates the nervous system and that experiences at that moment by an unprecedented, electrical energy the supergau. And what happens to muscles when electrical energy is applied to them? Correct, they twitch. Elementary school, 4th grade bio, frog experiment.

Dear Christian-Fundis, get out of your fear. Everything has its correctness in the divine universe. God is everything that is and therefore he is the good, as well as the “evil”. I put it in quotation marks because good and evil exist only in the minds and concepts of people. The universe itself does not know good and evil, that knows only energies and frequencies and these distribute themselves over the whole spectrum of what we call duality. Strictly speaking, there is not even that.

Thus also the Kundalini is in some way God and Lucifer and a demoness and Jesus and …

This guy is just brilliant, he is all that is! And the Kundalini is – no idea – his breath?