Conclusion after three months of daily Kundalini diary

When I started the diary in mid-March 2021, I hoped to gain knowledge about the conditions under which the Kundalini becomes active and what influences its intensity. I also wanted to know whether the Kundalini channelings depend on the strength of the energy or not.

Slightly disappointed, I must admit that none of my questions can be answered by the diary. There is no correlation between supplements such as Syrian Rue or the indigenous snuff Rapé and the intensity of Kundalini. Although there were cases where it was particularly strong after taking tumbleweed, there were at least as many cases where, with the same amount of SR, it was barely noticeable. The same is true for rapé. Rapé has no lasting effect on kundalini, only a short-term one, immediately after application.

The only substances that have a lasting effect on kundalini are ayahuasca and cannabis. In the case of ayahuasca it is probably the DMT, because ayahuasca without DMT is quasi tumbleweed, and in the case of cannabis it is probably the THC, because pure CBD has no influence on the kundalini.

As for external circumstances, vegan diet stimulates the kundalini and the full moon, especially the last 3 days before full moon, fire the kundalini very strongly (!). At least that’s what I could clearly see from the diary.

The channelings (Downloads, Automatic Writings) are apparently not dependent on the strength of the Kundalini, but seem to be related to the vibration mode. On days when the vibrations were particularly strong in the morning, I also always had downloads. The vibrations, in turn, do not seem to be independent of the kundalini. Only rarely do I have them without kundalini – but they can occur just WITHOUT kundalini! What the vibrations are exactly, I do not know. But it feels like the whole body, every single cell, vibrates in a higher frequency.

I will now continue the diary only sporadically. No longer daily, but whenever something seems newsworthy to me.