Conversations with Ayahuasca

Part 1 (05.03.)

It’s 6:30 a.m. and I’ve just finished a dream-filled night. Kundalini pulses gently through my spine.

I remember my ceremonies with the Colombian shamans Juan and Miguel and imagine exactly what it was like to drink their yagé. I empty a narrow cup in my mind and rinse the sticky mud with two big gulps of water. Then I imagine myself leaning against the wall and the yagé energy slowly filling my body.

Now the kundalini begins to get much stronger and I suddenly taste yagé. This bitter-sour taste has burned itself into my memory, it is not easily forgotten. I feel strongly connected to the medicine and try to have a conversation with her.

Ayahuasca cooking over open fire

Me: Are you there?

Aya: Yes.

Me: How can I taste you when I haven’t even drunk you?

Aya: You just did.

Me: Only in mind.

Aya: The same call for me.

Me: Are you yagé or ayahuasca?

Aya: It doesn’t make any difference.

Me: Does it matter if you are cooked with chacruna, chaliponga or mimosa, with purple, red or yellow caapi?

Aya: It only makes a difference to you.

Me: The mimosa doesn’t like me.

Aya: You don’t like HER.

Me: I love chaliponga and chacruna.

Aya: Two strong sisters.

Me: Are you different spirits?

Aya: Think of us as different representatives of the same spirit.

Me: Is ayahuasca male or female?

Aya: I leave that up to you.

Me: Does it need a shaman for the ceremonies?

Aya: It helps us and those who drink.

Me: What is his job?

Aya: He is a mediator and protector.

Me: Protector from what?

Aya: From destructive energies.

Me: Can’t we protect ourselves from them?

Aya: Many can’t.

Me: What about me?

Aya: You know how to protect yourself by now.

Me: I never felt threatened until now.

Aya: You have good energetic protection and two strong companions.

Me: Companions?

Aya: 17 and 11, as you call them.

Me: Is tumbleweed also a sister of yours?

Aya: An ally.

Me: Do you like the kundalini?

Aya: Our most important ally.

Me: I’m going to stand up now. Thank you.

Although the kundalini is strong, yet very pleasant, I decide to stand up. The answers came in the form of implied thoughts, the voice was feminine.

Part 2 (07.03.)

The same situation as the 1st time. The Kundalini is very present, the Third Eye throbs and lets pink luminous bubbles rise. The eyes are closed, the body maximally relaxed and the mind in a light trance.

Me: Good morning.

Aya: You want to ask me if I like marijuana?

Me: Yes.

Aya: A very strong personality and good-natured spirit. Demands a lot of respect.

Me: They say ayahuasca doesn’t like marijuana.

Aya: The problem is that many don’t know how to work with us as a team, they dose wrong or take it during the ceremony.

Me: You can combine ayahuasca and marijuana?

Aya: Yes, but only one after the other, with time apart. Marihuna helps to take away the fear, it makes the work easier. But it should be taken very little and preferably with some tobacco. It should not make you high.

Me: But our tobacco here is heavily chemically contaminated?

Aya: Mapacho is too dominant for marijuana and is a very strong spirit to boot.

Me: Could you also cook the marijuna together with the ayahuasca?

Aya: Some people do that, I don’t like it. I also don’t like to be cooked with other master plants. Just me, that is the liana, and at most two DMT plants.

Me: Why?

Aya: If you want to paint a picture that consists of the colors red, blue and green, you don’t mix them together, that would probably result in brown. It’s the same with the plant spirits. Bobinsana extra. Marijuana extra. Tobacco extra. We’ll come to an understanding.

Me: Do you like bobinsana?

Aya: Yes, very loving. You’re cooking them wrong, though. So, you don’t cook them at all, that’s the mistake. Don’t make a tea, make an extract. Boil it for at least 30 minutes, only then will you have the complex effect.

Me: What exactly is its effect?

Aya: It opens the solar plexus, the heart and the neck chakra, but especially the heart chakra. This helps emotionally closed people. My work also facilitates that.

Me: Do you like rapé?

Aya: My beloved brother. He was there long before me.

Me: He closes the third eye.

Aya: With you, he does.

Me: Any other advice for me?

Aya: Go your way. Do what helps you to go that way and avoid what hinders you.

Me: Thank you.

I stopped asking partly because I didn’t have any more questions and partly because the Kundalini had taken away my concentration. When it rushes through the system, like a D-train, there is chaos in the thinking apparatus, which temporarily takes away my focus.

On the other hand, I suspect that it is the Kundalini that enables me to enter into telepathic connections with the Aya-Spirit. In doing so, the answers come as ready knowledge, occasionally as a feminine, inner voice. When she had spoken of allies during the 1st conversation, it was a writing that appeared in front of my inner eye.

Part 3 (07.04.)

When I wake up in the morning, I bathe in silky energy – beautiful, soothing energy. I would like to stay like this for hours and enjoy this divine energy, but at 10 o’clock I have to be at work. A glance at the clock – 07:45. I have 15 minutes left. I focus on the ayahuasca spirit, again imagining myself drinking it and then going to meditate to receive ayahuasca. Then I ask questions and get answers.

Me: Why do I feel more and more often that I am changing, towards the spirit that was so present the last 3 times with the ayahuasca, guiding me?

Aya: You feel it yourself that your vibration has become different? It is higher and what you feel as a change of being is your soul part getting higher and higher. The spirit, as you call it, is your soul and you perceive it more and more strongly because of your higher, physical basic frequency – so, your ego perceives it more and more strongly. At the same time, your ego, which is anchored in the material dimension, becomes weaker and weaker.

Me: But I live here in the material dimension, I need my ego, I need the groundedness.

Aya: All of that will remain with you. But as your higher dimensional parts become stronger and stronger, and they don’t need ego because their dimension is that of souls, it will eventually settle in the middle. Rather above the middle, because your vibration is already too high for the middle.

You have to learn to live with that high vibration. You wake up every morning in vibration mode and it will stay that way. Rather become stronger. This can’t be turned back, you wanted it that way, didn’t you? Now you fear the consequences. In the future, your task is to stay grounded and not get restless. There is no need for restlessness.

Ground yourself regularly, go to nature, meditate. The direction of your existence on earth will be determined in the future primarily by your soul, less by your ego. It has served well, but now it is no longer needed to the same extent as before.

Me: Does my soul tell me what it intends to do?

Aya: What is it going to do? It has nothing in mind. It wants to vibrate as high as it can, that is, with your body in the Hukepack, which limits its vibration. You have raised the natural vibration of your body with your inner work so that your soul can now also vibrate higher. It does and it enjoys it. You enjoy it too.

Me: I am sometimes really beside myself because of it, I feel strange in my body.

Aya: Even the soul must first learn to take over the management of a body. For decades it didn’t have one, at best only by the hour, and now it is a permanent guest with you. It is the soul that still feels a bit strange. And your ego can’t help you, it understands too little about the things of the higher levels of existence and reacts with nervousness, as you notice.

So, your guidance center currently consists of a light being that is still awkwardly trying to come to terms with the low vibration of a 3D body and an ego that is trying to come to terms with the high vibration of the soul dimension. This creates a temporary instability.

Take the measures I have advised you to take.

Me: ok, I will try.

Part 4 (14.04.)

After a very energetic night, with two intense kundalini peaks and very vivid dreams, I wake up in a soft energy cloud and go into enjoyment mode. I focus on ayahuasca and again imagine receiving the glass from the shaman, putting it on and I empty two big sips. Then I go in my mind to my camp and lean against the wall. I feel the medicine rising in me and taking possession of me. Then I ask questions. This time the ayahuasca spirit does not seem to answer.

Me: I greet you, Mama Aya. Do you want me to continue taking ayahuasca?

?: No one SHOULD take ayahuasca. Do you want to continue taking it?

Me: Not at the moment.

?: Then don’t take it.

Me: I want to support my friend on her way. She still has to go through many processes, I need your help for that.

?: And ayahuasca needs yours. Your friend can’t take it alone, she is not ready yet.

Me: Am I a help?

?: You are energetically stable and you are able to keep the light up for a long period of time, that’s all it takes. Also, you don’t panic when something unexpected happens.

Me: What do you mean by keeping the light up?

?: Healing is done through light, which is the light of the higher dimensions. This light purifies the energy body. Man is a multidimensional being, his energy body the body of the higher dimensions. Ayahuasca uses the light that is available at the moment and the more there is, the better. You are a channel of light, your kundalini is higher dimensional light. It comes out of every pore of your body, especially if you have taken ayahuasca.

Me: The energy is too strong for me right now, even without ayahuasca.

?: Which shows that ayahuasca is not the cause. Ayahuasca uses your energy body for the light process. It uses what is there. There is just a lot there.

Me: Yes, I feel that every night.

?: Don’t worry, everything looks good. Your basic vibration is high and it will continue to rise. This is a global development. Others have much more serious problems with it.

Me: I need your guidance.

?: You worry, although there is no reason for it. Relax, listen to your soul. She cares for you and protects you. And other spirits are also with you all the time. You employ an army of helpers. They do it with pleasure. But you have to trust them, otherwise they can’t help you.

Me: Okay. Thank you!

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