Energy vampires and the diabolical role of the elite

The morning was marked by very intense Kundalini and strong vibrations. I was feeling extremely well, full of energy, singing to myself and preparing everything for work. At 7 o’clock in the morning, much too early for me. Even while eating breakfast, thoughts kept intruding that had nothing to do with my work, nor with my dreams (which were very vivid, last night). I ignored them. Then I rode my bike to work. There’s a stretch of road where I can sort of go into auto mode because it’s just a straight, long stretch of road. There the thoughts came again, but it was more than just thoughts, it was a complete lecture. Again I ignored them, I just didn’t have a head for it. Then, when the most important things were done at work, the thoughts came again a third time. This time there was no escape. I sat down and “let” write. I noticed how at the moment I decided to write everything down, my Kundalini activated again.

Automatic Writing on 07/31/21 at 10:10 am.

? I can tell you about energy vampires.

Me: I know quite a bit about it.

?: But not everything.

Me: ok

?: You know, and this is absolutely true, that there are low vibrational beings who make use of the emotions of people. And they do that because they can’t feel emotions themselves, because they don’t have an emotional body. But they are addicted to emotions. Emotions are very high vibrations, so high that they reach the highest dimensions. Emotions are what make all sentient beings feel alive. No matter what emotions. Joy, pain, sorrow, longing, love – each of these emotions has a very high vibration, much higher than the basic vibration of the human being, which connects him with the earth.

These beings love these high vibrations, that is why they are here. They have come a very long way because the emotions of human beings shine to the farthest corners of the universe. At least on the astral planes. These beings are beings of the 4th dimension and cannot take possession of the human body. Instead, they paralyze the souls of people and let them be occupied by other beings of the 4th dimension, with whom they in turn have a special agreement.

They can do that only with mentally weakened people. A healthy, strong soul can resist very well the beings of the 4th dimension. They do not occupy the body of their victim souls themselves, because even the vibration of the weakened souls, is still too high for them. Instead, they make use of low vibrating astral beings, what is known as demons. Demons can withstand the energy of weak souls. However, they cannot withstand the vibrations of healthy, strong souls either. The deal with the external beings that have come to you from another world is this:

The external beings paralyze the souls of their victims so that demons can take over the bodies. Demons love to be in human bodies, but they have problems with the high energies of emotions. It is the opposite with external beings. They don’t like to be in the human body because it vibrates too high for them, but they love the beguiling energy of the emotions. So the demons get the body of the victim at their disposal and they in turn “mine” the emotions for the external beings. The externals are addicted to this energy and behave like junkies.

Me: I don’t understand what the demons get out of the deal. What is so attractive to them about the human body?

?: Most of them once had a body themselves. But during their lifetime they got involved with powers that took so much life energy from them that it was not possible for them to ascend to the higher dimensions after death. These demons are also within the astral hierarchy on the lowest level. They are slaves. The misery at the feet of those who oppress them.

Me: Who are these foreign beings?

?: Beings from another galaxy. They have no emotional body. In general, they have only four bodies, which is why they can travel only to the 4th dimension. Traveling means to move there with their consciousness. Humans, on the other hand, can travel to the highest dimensions, which is why they have 13 bodies. They have several emotional bodies, divided into different vibrational areas.

Me: What kind of beings are they, reptiloids?

?: We avoided the term because they are different non-terrestrial life forms. Reptiloids, spider beings, insect beings, shell beings. They are all beings that have a carapace in their natural environment, whether it is made of scales or bones. That’s why they can’t form an emotional body, only beings that have a soft, calcium-free shell can do that. But the reptiloids are the leading species because of their very high intelligence. Only the master demons are above them. But they are subordinate to the archangels.

Me: And now? What can we do about them?

?: After all, there are not only these energy vampires who make use of human emotions, but also beings benevolent to humans. They are beings of higher dimensions and they irradiate the earth with very high vibrating waves, bioelectric waves, as you know them from the Kundalini. This will rid people of their parasites in the near future, because they cannot stand this high vibration. This process is known as ascension.

The foreign beings will then no longer be able to stay on earth. And this means that the demons who are in their service will have to leave the human body, because they will no longer have anyone to take the high emotion energy from them. In addition to this, the Kundalini is increasingly awakening in humans, which makes their emotions even stronger. The demons will seek the distance, because this energy would burn them otherwise.

So both, the foreign beings of the 4th dimension and the earthly demons of the 4th dimension cannot approach humans in the future. Consequently, they will also no longer be able to abuse humans for their purposes.

Me: Does the current situation have anything to do with this?

?: Absolutely. It is an attempt to prevent humanity from ascending. One wants to continue to harvest them parasitically, but this is only possible as long as they are anchored in the third dimension. Already in the Fourth it becomes difficult for the beings of the 4th dimension, because then they can no longer hide from humans.

Me: What role does the genetic modification play via the vaccines?

?: Which are none, as you know yourself. They serve two different purposes. One is a shrinking of the earth’s population to a minimum. And the second purpose is that of psychic control through injected superconductors, which are contained in the so-called vaccines. Through these superconductors, they can then control the survivors of genocide.

Me: How is that supposed to work?

?: If you expose these superconductors to electromagnetic oscillations, they start to form compounds. Depending on the frequency of the vibration, they form a different structure, a different compound. Take water and expose it to different frequencies – it will form patterns on the surface. Superconductors react in the same way, except that they do not react to acoustic vibrations, but to electromagnetic ones. Through these connections of superconductors, people can be remotely controlled in many ways.

Emotions can be generated, which until then had been accomplished through wars, rampages, terrorist attacks and brought about catastrophes, but which became too expensive in the long run. Also the earth comes increasingly to the limit of its metallic resources. Desires can be generated, which boost the consumption, or feelings of happiness, so that they do not wonder about anything and let everything do uncritically with them. Even further injections sold to them as boosters. The term “booster” suggests something good, positive. In fact, however, in this case it is something bad, even something very bad! These “boosters” are necessary because the superconductors have only a limited half-life.

Up to now the mass media had the task of manipulation and brainwashing. But with these superconducting structures it is much easier. You expose these people to certain electromagnetic frequencies and turn on and off certain areas in their brains just the way you want.

Me: That’s diabolical.

?: But tried and tested. Earth is not the first planet where they have done it this way.

Me: What is the role of the elite, the most powerful of the powerful?

?: They are completely replaced, so their souls. They act this way because they were and are programmed to do so. All important positions in economy and politics have been exchanged and replaced by demons. However, they will not be able to cope with the high frequency at some point, so some of them are already panicking. Some of them will wake up and get rid of their demons, others will simply fall down. There will be great chaos, with much suffering, but also cries of liberation, like a birth. Because something completely new will be born. A truly free humanity!

Me: How many people will die because of the genetic manipulation?

?: All those who have received more than 1 dose will by far not reach the age they would have reached without the spikes. Those who get boosters on top of that will die very soon. That’s why people are pushing. Once millions start dropping like flies, no one will let themselves be injected with the poison. But if not enough victims let themselves be injected with the poison, the aliens will completely lose control over mankind. They will lose it soon anyway, but they try to delay it as long as possible.

Me: Why did the beings of the higher dimensions, i.e. those who are well-disposed towards mankind, let it come this far in the first place?

?: The bodies of the people, more exactly the nervous system, was not yet so far developed that it could have endured the high vibrations and energies. About 2000 years ago it was developed far enough, but at that time the foreign beings had already allied themselves with the beings of the earthly 4th dimension in such a way that they could do little, especially since the light beings cannot have direct contact with humans, because they would burn them thereby.

Consequently, they possessed a very high vibration, but could not exert a saving influence on humans. They had to watch, so to speak, how mankind became visibly victims of these foreign beings. They contacted possible allies throughout the universe to see if they could come to their aid, and indeed, at some point, highly evolved beings from the center of your galaxy responded to their call. These beings possess techniques that can move the earth, and thus humans, into a higher vibrational state. They have been doing this for about 400 Earth years. And now the breaking point, as one would say, has been reached, or almost reached.

Me: What do these higher beings get out of it?

?: The foreign beings who subjugate the earth subjugate other planets. All planets where beings live who are able to have emotions. And more and more high vibrating beings of different galaxies are cleaning up with the low vibrating parasite beings. Nobody wants them. They are a plague.

Me: What can we do?

?: Don’t let them inject you, under any circumstances! And keep yourselves as healthy as possible. Because the injected ones secrete the poison to their environment. They generate so much of it that they practically throw it out of themselves. Protect yourselves from the sprayed ones and wait. Unfortunately, this is the only advice we can give. There will be a huge cleansing chaos. So stay strong. Don’t let the unsplashed fall down too!

Me: I would like to ask also this time who gave me this information?

?: Your constant companions.

My constant companions are my guardian angels. I named them 17 and 11 after my birthday.

Automatic writing is a technique that can be compared to channeling. Information is written down immediately without checking it or subjecting it to a context. At best, it is visually transformed into the best possible form. I put the things here in my blog, on the one hand, because this blog represents a kind of public notebook for me and on the other hand, because information could be present, which the one or other finds interesting, or possibly in its Channelings, or AWs, similarly received. I have a rather distant relationship to this information, also because some information contradicts my beliefs. But it is not my task to judge this, or even to exercise censorship. The words flow and I let them flow.