From Everything I’ve Learned About Manifesting …

… I have created a guide.

I have learned a lot about manifesting in the last few months. My spirit guides have taught me some things and I have sat down and meditated on them. The result is the following guide. It is very simple, because manifesting is very simple – technically speaking. The difficult part of manifesting is your own sensitivities, your self-imposed limitations.

If I manifest something, then I manifest it exclusively on the energetic level!

The energetic level, the astral level, always comes first! It is then followed by the manifestation on the material plane. But about that, and that makes it so simple, you don’t have to care. Your task is to generate for the idea of what you want to manifest an appropriate vibration, vibration, energy. The universe does the rest.

How does that work?

I’ll take as an example the state of peace. Let’s manifest peace!

Not the term „peace“, but the state, that is, the presence of peace. All manifestation happens through feeling. The universe „understands“ only feelings. And strictly speaking, it does not understand feelings, hence the quotation marks, but it resonates with them and resonance means amplification.

So what do I have to do to manifest peace?

I have to feel the feeling of peace. Really feel it, with all my passion, with all my heart! How you do it is up to you. Whether you remember a situation that you associate with deep peace, or whether you choose a symbol that makes you experience the feeling of peace – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you feel peace. Inner, deep and pure peace.

Your heart, more precisely your heart chakra, is the center of any manifestation!

Everything you feel, you feel with the heart. The heart chakra is a powerful transmitter and the universe „listens“. Why quotation marks again? Because it’s not listening, of course, but resonating. It resonates with your heart energy, your heart vibration, your emotions, which are transported out through the heart chakra.

Use symbols to help

Once you are in the emotional state of deep inner peace, visualize a symbol that you associate with peace. Whatever it is. As long as it works for you, it is the right symbol. Now that you feel this deep inner peace, visualize your symbol.

By doing this, you associate the feeling of peace with that symbol.

And that’s it.

Now release yourself from the meditation, or trance, or inward rest, and above all release yourself from the feeling of inner peace. This is important, because everything else is done for you by the universe and therefore it is important that you disconnect in the state of the perfect feeling of peace!

It is like soap bubbles. If you keep blowing, they will burst. Stop when the bubble is perfect. It is the same with manifesting.

Create the resonance and then leave everything else to the universe. Give thanks and let it work in peace.

This is how you do it every time. With each manifestation you let the universe resonate with the feeling of peace and with each time the vibration gets stronger, because you have cut the connection in time and sent a nice, peaceful soap base into the universe.

If you visualized a symbol the first time you manifested, this time you can use that symbol right at the beginning of the meditation.

So you start the peace meditation by visualizing the symbol that represents the feeling of deep, inner peace, and that makes the feeling manifest more quickly. Once you are fully in the vibration, that is, the feeling of peace, you give thanks and let it go.

So you start the peace meditation with the visualization of the symbol that stands for the feeling of deep, inner peace and this makes the feeling appear faster. Once you are fully in the vibration, that is, the feeling of peace, you give thanks and let it go.

The act of giving thanks is important! It signals the end of the assignment, the message to the universe.

The manifestation is the tightening of the bow and with the thanksgiving ritual you let go of the arrow. It will find its target. But only if you let it go in time!

I summarize:

We manifest about our heart, our feelings. Everything – positive, like negative! Every emotion encounters resonance and this resonance creates a correspondence on the astral, thus purely energetic level. This energetic level forms the basis for everything material. Matter is solidified energy (the philosopher and quantum physicist Hans-Peter Dürr called matter „crust“ of the spiritual). We manifest by creating on the astral plane an energetic equivalent of what we want to manifest. We send off this „order“ by performing a closing ritual, which is realized through thanksgiving. The energetic correspondence created with our manifestation power we can further strengthen and enlarge with further manifestations, we add, so to speak, even more feeling (energy) each time.

That works with everything. With love, with success, with prosperity. But unfortunately also with fear, as we see right now. And so I come to another very important point:

Letting go of symbols of fear!

Let them go, let them go, they don’t belong to you, the symbols of fear.

You know them well, the mass media create them every day anew. Only for you, so that you always stay in fear! They show you a hundred times a day the picture of a virus, they show you a hundred times a day people on ventilators, they show you every day anew tables with supposedly frightening numbers. Let them go, they don’t belong to you!

They are THEIR fears, not yours!

If you don’t let them go and resonate with them, in other words, if you let their symbols scare you, then you manifest … that’s right, fear! You generate in your heart the feeling of fear and with this feeling of fear you generate an energetic equivalent on the astral plane. And every time you let the mediums trigger you in your fear, you reinforce that energetic correspondence on the astral plane.

My Tip:

Stop watching TV!

You don’t have to throw the TV out of the window, although that would be the maximum liberation from hate and fear. It is enough to leave it off. The same goes for the radio. The radio also transports symbols, symbols of an acoustic nature. Words like, „infected“, „incidence“, or covid are the corresponding acoustic symbols.

Stop adopting the symbols of the fear mongers!

It is either their fear (journalists), or it is wanted, because one can direct and incapacitate humans with fear wonderfully (fear symbols spreading politicians like Lauterbach and Söder). The church already knew how to use this for itself in the Middle Ages. If they can reach you no more with their fear symbols, then that was it – for them!

And that does not mean that you should bury your head in the sand like an ostrich or live according to the Pipi Langstrumpf principle „I make the world as I like it“.

Simply do not take over their symbols!

In the moment where you inform yourself CONSCIOUSLY, you cannot be manipulated.

The manipulation happens when you inform yourself UNCONSCIOUSLY, i.e. the TV or the radio is running on the side and all optical and acoustic symbols move directly into your subconscious, without you having the chance to defend yourself against it, or even to question things.


No one needs radio and television. It is pure poison!

Remember: Even better at manifesting than your conscious mind is your subconscious mind, because it works without filters. It is pure manifestation power and therefore keep it as pure as possible.

Everything is energy. Consciousness is structured energy. This structured energy is the architect of your life and also of the world you live in. However, you do not live alone in this world. Seven billion other consciousnesses manifest together with you. And therefore it is important that we do not leave manifesting to the fear-obsessed and life-weary. We must fight back against this controlled madness that has been going on worldwide for 1 ½ years!

Fight back by consciously informing ourselves and consciously manifesting against an.

I have witnessed what manifestation looks like in many Ayhahusca sessions. I have seen participants manifest their own demons, but also light beings. I have also been able to see this in myself.

Everything is energy and energy follows the law of resonance.

The material, which we experience here and of which one wants to make us know that THAT is the only reality, is only the result of that what goes on in the inconceivably big world of the energy and energy beings. The real life takes place there, on the astral and energetic levels.

These planes are the great wide ocean, we are only the reflections on the waves. But therefore we are not unimportant. We make the ocean visible!

Positive manifestation!