Helper- and Guardian Demons

For a long time I have been studying the role of demon beings in healing ceremonies. They are always present, not only in ayahuasca ceremonies, but there you can perceive them very clearly.

For a long time they scared me, they kept preventing me from going deep into a process and giving up control. Because I was always sure that I had to keep control so that these shadow beings would not gain control over me. Only very late did I realize that they meant me no harm and in my last ceremony I witnessed their true purpose. I realized that they are helper demons.

Helper Demons

In that ceremony, I watched a giant crab demon sucking dark energy into itself while its little helpers, in this case insect beings, poked holes in my energy body, causing me discomfort and colicky pain. They didn’t do this to pester me, but to free my energy body from negative energies. The crab demon in turn then had the task of the „energy vacuum“ cleaner. In order to release negative energies during an ayahuasca ceremony, several steps are necessary.

Step #1: a sufficiently large amount of Ayahuasca

Step #2: the willingness to surrender and surrender to the process of purification

Step #3: full trust in everything that happens then, including the work of the helper demons

So far, step #2 was always the end for me. I could always throw up, but I never trusted the demons, they always seemed threatening to me. Their colors alone, poisonous green, bright red, bright yellow, black and violet, do not create an atmosphere of trust and their appearance is always associated with physical exertion. In fact, it is they who cause these strains, because that is their job. They get the negative energies out of our energy body by making us suffer from colic and/or vomiting.

In many ceremonies I have experienced how these demons literally bathed in my vomit afterwards and I had never understood the process. It went so far that I got myself a bucket with a lid so that they could not crawl out again.

Shadow beings, demons, whatever we want to call them, „feed“ on bad energy. They are the opposite of the light beings. Welcome divine duality!

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Shadow creatures can have different kinds of expressions

Helper demons are the vanguard of the healing process, the ones who do the dirty work. They clear all the garbage out of us so that we can enter the plane of light purified afterwards. But before that, there is a hurdle to overcome, the Guardian Demons.

Guardian Demons

I have long thought about why, after the purification process and the encounter with demons, there always, ALWAYS, comes a phase where I encounter clowns, goblins, crazy grimaces and bug-eyed comic creatures. And they always put me telepathically before the decision:

Follow us, or suffer.

Since I was uncomfortable with these beings, which seemed anything but trustworthy, I never went with them, which led to me throwing up again and again. I had never understood this game until that ceremony in August 2020, when they came to me again, but this time I just ignored them. When they turned aside with a grin and opened a space of divine light for me, I realized the meaning of their words:

„Are you ready for the final step of healing. Do you have complete faith in medicine?“

The clowns, Aztec-faces and goblins are guardian demons. Their task is to keep everyone away from the Light Plane who is not yet ready for them. They deliberately scare you, because only without fear the light-healing process can be accomplished. If they manage to make you afraid, if you are not yet ready for them, then the energetic healing must continue to be carried out via the gastrointestinal tract. If, on the other hand, they do not succeed in making you afraid, you are ready.

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Guardian demons of the great palace in Bangkok

In the light healing process the remaining negative residual energies are transformed into light – everything becomes light, the complete energy body. Afterwards one is free of negative energies. The light-healing process can take a long time and is extremely beautiful! It is the reward phase – reward for all the suffering in advance.

In addition to the helper and guardian demons, there are the many individual helpers, such as guardian angels, deceased family members and friends. Or the army of guest helpers called by the shaman or other participants who watch over the room. After a retreat, one participant told me about a male figure she had never seen before and who in both ceremonies watched lovingly smiling next to her seat. Participants also experience again and again that light beings or angel-like figures give them exact instructions on what to do, up to the advice to take some more of the medicine, since the amount taken is not sufficient for healing. Also praising words are expressed again and again by these heavenly helpers after the process. Quote from a participant: „The being said that I did it well“.

If you want to see these helpers invisible to the physical eye, you have to close your eyes, because they can only be seen through the third eye. The third eye opens through the DMT in medicine.