Kundalini Diary 2021

I have decided to keep a public Kundalini diary. Kundalini awakens in more and more people and I feel so connected to them that I want to share my experiences and adventures with them.

Since I am not a native English speaker, I had the texts translated by Deepl.


I wake up at 6:30 after a dreamy night and still feel the strong energy that had already taken over my entire body during the night and had given me some very beautiful moments in the violet-silver light of my soul. I get up, feed my cats and lie down again – on my back, palms facing up, sleep mask over my eyes. The energy is very quickly back to the peak of the night and although I have covered my eyes well, a bright orange light sets in. I increasingly feel my ego fading and my soul entering my consciousness.

After a short time I am completely connected with my soul. I feel its love for me, but also for humanity as a whole. Soul consciousness is the consciousness of the meta-level, which is a level beyond this 3rd dimension. I am now my soul consciousness and perceive how it makes important decisions and how it refines and differentiates the decisions more and more. They are profound decisions that I will not divulge as they are too personal, but they spring from pure love for all that is. The energy takes another step up as the choices are released into manifestation, there is no other way I can put it.

The soul manifests apparently by making choices and then releasing them for manifestation. It is interesting to observe in retrospect how the soul knows, 100 percent knows(!), that it will also come to pass, that is, the manifestations will happen. How did a voice say to me at this retreat?

„For a vision to become something lasting, a material creation, you must anchor it in the material plane. To do that, you have to KNOW that it exists. Not sometime in your future, but in your here and now. It has always existed and you know that with full conviction. No doubts, no only believing in it! Belief is not knowledge, only with knowledge you manifest.“

I thought Ayahuasca had taught me this lesson, but it must have been my soul.

At some point I have to get up, because I have to be at work at 10 o’clock. I take the deep inner peace with me and still on the way to work I feel the wonderful energy rising in my neck. The workday is intense, but things seem to take care of themselves. I keep this energy until the evening and finally into the night.

The night was characterized by deep, dreamy sleep, even more dreamy than the night before. There was also a lucid dream in which I first flew over dense rainforest and then over my birth city. It’s 6:30 again, which seems to be my new wake-up time, and again the body is at a high energy level. The morning kundalini is „softer“ this time, though, than the day before. Like a feather it caresses my whole body, from the outside as well as from the inside. I feel complete inner peace. I am connected to my soul again this morning, but not as intensely as the day before. The ego is clearly present and is already going through the coming day. Typical ego, the soul does not do such things. It is pure being and pure love.

I sing softly to myself. Deep inhalation and long, quiet exhalation while sounding, in all pitches. It does so much good, especially the deep inhaling. The tones also do me good and so I lie on my side, the Kundalini energy very present and tones softly to myself. Two seconds of deep inhalation and 20 seconds of slow exhalation through the vocal cords. This happens automatically, I did not set out to do it. The Kundalini wants this, it obviously knows that it is good for me. After 10 minutes I am completely awake and at full presence, get up and start the day.

I decide to keep a Kundalini diary and as I write this down, I feel the energy moving through my whole body and rising up the back of my neck.

Energy present when waking up, but not high. During the day again and again small Kundalini „flames“, but nothing worth mentioning.

A typical Kundalini morning. Waking up around 8 a.m. from a dreamy night, including two short lucid dreams, I bathe in silky energy and look with closed eyes into the warm light of two candles. Unfortunately, a natural need forces me to leave the bed. When I lie down again, the energy is hardly noticeable. To get back into my kundalini flow, I use a purely visualization-based technique that I learned in one of my first Ayahuasca sessions five years ago. It works right away and has the advantage that you can dose the energy very well. Piece by piece you can approach the level you want to have, although exceptionally strong states as known from Ayahuasca are not possible. The neurotransmitter DMT is missing, which gives the energy of Kundalini, the Prana, the turbo mode.

As the silky energy reaches my head, the facial muscles contract. I relax them again. In all further visualizations they do so again and again I relax until at some point I let it go – why not exercise the facial muscles 🙂 Then I stand up. The kundalini has put me in an even better mood than I was already in. It’s raining, but inside me the sun is shining.

Strong kundalini, after a dreamy night. Although the energy is very present, it still has something soft and silky. The whole body is filled with it and puts me in a state of bliss and resting contentment. It is Sunday and I can enjoy this wonderful gift for a long time. Even after a bath in salt water, which I allow myself at some point, it is still strong and only weakens in the course of the late day. When I practice yoga nidra for 40 minutes around 2 p.m., the inner field of vision is filled with blue-violet light, even though I am wearing a tight eye mask.

A dreamy, unfortunately too short night, I have behind me. In the last dream I walked on thin sticks through a tropical resort and admired the colorful birds in the treetops. I also walked through the sea with them. I then looked at the beach from the water side, from above, from the elevated perspective. Then I woke up and what I noticed immediately was the vibration state. The whole body was vibrating finely. You have to think of it as a high frequency pulsation of every cell of the body, a very pleasant feeling. In addition, a gentle kundalini. I stayed like this for a while and enjoyed it, but then I had to get up and start the day.

I get into the vibration mode more and more often and faster and faster. It is a prerequisite for astral travel, so I assume that I will be able to do it soon, that is, bring it about consciously. I have already had astral journeys, also a few deliberately induced ones, but to induce them completely consciously, as William Buhlmann or Jürgen Ziewe have been doing it for decades and also documenting it, I only succeed in special cases, for example when I wake up in sleep paralysis. Then I roll out of my physical body and go for a walk in my apartment. Sometimes I scare away demons in the process 🙂 You wouldn’t believe what’s lurking around in your own apartment – whoever forgot to do that to me then.

Today it did not work, I was already too awake. But so I could enjoy the vibration state for a while and study again exactly how it feels.

A „normal“ Kundalini morning. Present, pulsating energy after several intense and extraordinarily realistic dreams, including a late lucid dream. As always, first the cats are taken care of and then I lie down once again to go into myself. No planning and nervously throwing thoughts around ego today, ideal for some exercise.

I lie down on my back with my hands on the sacral chakra, fingers pointed at the root chakra. I usually do this in the morning hours during Ayahuasa to feel the full power of Kundalini once again, today I try it without. As a tingling begins in the root chakra, I tap the root chakra with my index finger in a slow rhythm. It responds with gentle waves of energy. I reinforce the exercise by adding another finger, which causes a significant increase. Encouraged in this way, I now use the whole hand. Like a drum roll, I tap the root chakra with both hands in rapid succession. The energy rushes through my body like a surge and this time also reaches the brow chakra. It lights up violet and then dims back down to normal brightness.

I give the body a breather.

After five minutes I choose another technique, the Imaginary Energy Shovel. Since the Kundalini is already awake, this morning, the effect is quite strong, but still not strong enough for me. I would like to manage to get the Kundalini flowing maximally without any means, like Ayahuasca, Cannabis or Tumbleweed. If I don’t make it today, then some other time – I’m not in a hurry. The last months I couldn’t practice because my nervous system had to get used to the new energy level I got in my January update. In the meantime, I hardly have this all-burning Kundalini anymore, but find it pleasant even during strong surges.

Again I allow myself a breather.

As a last exercise I choose the one that Ayahuasca had shown me in November, when I should have drunk it, but could not, because I was in the midst of accompanying a very difficult process. The aya spirit told me then how to do it without additional Ayahuasca.

I start with the exercise that consists of first tensing a certain muscle in the neck and then the muscle around the root chakra. I do this several times and the energy increases by a factor of two to three. The energy waves are sometimes so strong that individual muscles begin to twitch and my facial muscles contract. At the same time I feel a pressing and tapping of the forehead chakra. This exercise is very strenuous because it takes great concentration and effort to tense the relevant muscles, since both are muscles that one does not actually tense consciously, i.e. arbitrarily. When at some point I am exhausted, I stay lying for a while and enjoy the very nice energy that by now floods my whole body. A slight flicker of light tells me that the Third Eye is not open, but very active.

I think that in the future I will be able to do without one of the first two exercises. When sitting, the imaginary energy shovel is a good choice, and when lying down, tapping with the fingers (drum roll, „Bang the Drum“). The neck PC muscle exercise, however, is my absolute favorite. It is very effective and can catapult the kundalini to real heights, though not yet to the level it experiences through Ayahuasca or cannabis. These are the ultimate kundalini boosters, especially Ayahuasca.

Yesterday, on 18.03. I repeated the neck PC muscle exercise during the day, whenever there was quiet in my job. As a result, I came into my energy very quickly during my evening Kundalini meditation. At night this continued, but it only affected the dream intensity, not the sleep itself, because the energy waves are still gentle and yet full of power. By gentle I mean that they no longer cause extreme heat or cold. Kundalini can be felt as both heat and cold, depending on whether it is rising or falling. When it is in flow (rising and falling) it is perceived neutrally, neither hot nor cold, but only as clearly present energy.

This morning it was felt as a high frequency, fine pulsation in the spine, which was also very pleasant. When I concentrated on it, it went up to the head and down again via the forehead chakra, which again resulted in the already described effect on my facial muscles (see entry of 18.03.). But I ended it quickly and started the day motivated and in a good mood. In a good mood also because of the very funny dreams I had, I had to laugh heartily several times in two dreams. In retrospect, these were situations that would make me smile more in waking life, but in the dream world, different rules apply.

My Kundalini training continues, that much is clear.

In the evening I watched this video. It is so interesting that I will transcribe it for my blog. It is about the view of the Gnostics on the phenomenon of Kundalini. For the Gnostics, the enrgy can be used both positively (creative, divine) and negatively (destructive, demonic). This coincides with my experience. I have resolved to always use my energy positively. Destructive energies we already have enough on earth, there is an urgent need for positive energies and everyone can contribute his part.

In another video, I can’t remember which one, it was suggested that Adolf Hitler had used his Kundalini destructively – I believe that too. That he had such a paralyzing effect on the masses is a typical phenomenon for demonically used Kundalini. Whether he was aware of it is another question. In any case, it is known that he was interested in mystical subjects and even had scientists working on them. Yes, Kundalini, this goddess, can be used against life.

Duality. There she is again.

Early to bed, the evening before and in the night, exactly at 03:30, beautiful black and white geometries and a clearly flowing Kundalini. I know that Kundalini causes the brain to paint colorful pictures, and other Kundalini activists also report this, but black and white, even more so artistically pixelated, like old photos, that is new. I already had that with DMT (Ayahuasca), but in the home bed, without anything, I did not have that yet. I have long suspected that the Kundalni presses the body’s own DMT, which has been proven in the spinal fluid and in the ventricles of the nerve tracts in humans and animals, into the brain during its ascension process via the CSF, where it triggers visions.

The morning then energetically great. I cannot find a German word that does justice to the English word Bliss and therefore describe it as a mixture of euphoria, happiness and being high. This is exactly what Kundalini does to you when it gently fills your whole body, and with „whole body“ of course also the head is meant. But then I had to get up, because I work today. And now, hours after waking up, it still feels very good. Lady K. you goddess!

Slept through and woke up with present, pleasant energy. I can enjoy them not long, because I’m late. The day calls. When I look into my eyes while brushing my teeth, they are such a brilliant blue that I haven’t seen them in a long time. I’ve been told this by friends at retreats that my eye color is different after Ayahausca – ice blue instead of gray-blue. Probably the Kundalini is to blame. Then in the late afternoon 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra. Kundalini slowly creeps up and finds its way into every single cell of my body. This time I can enjoy it. Normally I then „bathe“ in this energy for 1-2 hours, but a natural need forces me to get up.

It announced itself already in the evening, „guilt“ was probably the Yoga Nidra carried out in the late afternoon, that unexpectedly fast and strongly had lured the Kundalini snake from its hiding place. Although only 30 minutes, I still felt the bioelectric energy in every cell hours later.

When I go to sleep already at 9:20 pm, it is immediately back, even stronger than in the afternoon. It is an energy peak like I would compare it to the 1st ceremony of a 3-day Ayahuasca retreat. So, not this exreme power of the 2nd and 3rd night, which gives you the feeling of having so much energy that you could create universes, but still of such strength that sleep is unthinkable. After 15 minutes of lying down, I already feel as if I had taken a full dose of Ayahuasca. My body vibrates energetically and I look into a sea of lights, like stars in the sky. Surrounding the scene is a circle of light. It is dark in the room and I have a sleep mask on top of it.

Body-generated DMT? Quite possible, because after I finally managed to fall asleep and into an unremembered dream, I soon wake up again, and am surprised by very beautiful and artistic images (hypnagogia). My Third Eye is wide open, which I can tell by the fact that my eyes are aligned with the center of my forehead, involuntarily, without controlling it. At the same time, I feel a distinct energy above my head, that is, where the crown chakra is located. After a „slideshow“ of images from nature, the visions changed to artistic representations. I am shown beautiful pen and ink drawings, the likes of which I have not seen before. Also what they represent, tells me nothing, they are simply impressively beautiful and designed from fine, deep black lines.

At some point I fall asleep again and dream that I create these images with a quill and ink.

Further short waking phases follow, but without visions. Also the Kundalini is not so strong anymore, so that I can fall asleep quickly each time. In the morning then the well-known waking up in a sea of silky, bioelectric energy – a bath in all sins awakening life force. I feed my cats and lie down again – it is still very early. I fall into a dream, but I don’t remember it either. Only the positive feeling that the dream leaves behind when I wake up, I remember well. The Kundalini – unchanged present.

I have the need to sound, my soul seems to need it. I lie on my side and sing long tones in the vowels a, i, and u. Then I stretch and stretch, finally standing up and grabbing my shruti box, an Indian table harmonium. After the very soothing OMs, I quietly begin this mantra.

The voice becomes clearer and clearer and the chant louder and louder. When I have sung the mantra through 1x at some point, I feel refreshed and cleansed. The day can begin.

Falling asleep is again greatly delayed. As soon as I lie down, the snake becomes active and rushes through my body up to the forehead chakra. There it „turns on the light“ – despite the sleep mask it is colorful and bright. In addition, the Kundalini has changed this night, from cool to hot (page 7) and the hot Kundalini is much more energetic and therefore unfortunately more exhausting. Although the unheated bedroom should only have 14-16 degrees, I get rid of all clothes, because I seem to be boiling inside. The heat has by far not the level of this experience here, but it is enough to not let me sleep. As the heat sensation subsides thanks to the cooling measures, I finally fall asleep.

At 04:30 o’clock I wake up and remove also the wool blanket, which I use additionally against the cold winter nights and try to fall asleep again. Unfortunately I can’t – the snake has other plans. Then I sit down upright, cover myself with a light blanket and start meditating. This has been the right decision. Sitting down, the Kundalini is hardly active and so I can cool down on the one hand and relax on the other. Unlike a few nights before, where I had received a complete lesson about demons in a similar, meditative state, this time the thoughts are completely incoherent and without any statement. But since I am only an observer, I let them pass by and don’t worry about their sense or nonsense. After about 30 minutes I dare to lie down again and immediately fall asleep. Two intense dreams follow.

At 07:30 the night is over. The Kundalini of the night has left a pleasant, silky energy that has flooded my entire body. It feels like after an orgasm, only I didn’t have sex or an orgasm. Also, this state lasts much longer than after an orgasm. I loll around and twist my body, which does a lot of good. Then I get up. The cats are hungry.

Too much heat when falling asleep. I reduce my sleeping clothes to a T-shirt and leave it also with the summer blanket. Around 04:30 I wake up. Still too warm. I get up and think about taking a rapé. Some cool the system down, others do the opposite. I rather inform myself again. Then I decide on the Cumaru. I have good ones there, but it was always too grounding for me – now, however, it would be just right. I dose generously and apply vigorously. Immediately my system shuts down energetically. That feels very good.

Around 5 o’clock I go back to sleep. Even as I fall asleep, I am surprised again and again by crystal-clear images that pop up briefly, a reliable sign that intense dreams are on the horizon. I have them then, too. In between I wake up again briefly, look into symetric patterns and immediately fall asleep again.

All dreams since the Rapé were special. There were animals that do not exist like that and in one dream an old man pressed his index finger on my third eye, which triggered visions in the dream. In the last dream I fell over the sumptuous breakfast buffet in a palm resort under a bright blue sky. A small consolation, if one cannot travel already because of the Plandemie.

At 08:30 the night is over. The Kundalini is very gentle and pleasant. No burning, no stinging, no heat.

Although I don’t want to take a rapé right before bed anymore because it pushes the energy too much, I do it because I want to get into exactly that energy today. I chose one of my own Rapé’s, one I created exactly for the case (with Muricie ash from Brazil) that I want to get into my Kundalini at a high level. I had a few successful distance Reiki sessions last year and now want to try again for the current occasion. I have no Reiki training and the successes of the energetic distance addressing sessions may have been coincidence, yet I feel I know exactly what I am doing. On the energetic level there is neither space nor time.

For me it feels good at that moment and if the receiver should experience an improvement, then the Kundalini has fulfilled its purpose. Since the recipient does not know anything about what I am doing and therefore he cannot open himself to the energy, I ask the spirit world for help. „Send healing kundalini to the sick friend. Whether mine, or yours.“

As I lay down to sleep naked because of the great heat, I enjoy the coolness of the blanket in my unheated bedroom. I can more or less sleep through it. During the night, the kundalini changes from hot to cold, then grills me again in the morning, although not as strongly as in the evening. The cool phase during the night is extremely soothing and accompanied by beautiful inner images. Now I sit here and enjoy the gentle, high-frequency pulsation of the morning kundalini.

Kundalini is a bitch. Moody, bitchy and yet irresistible 🙂


Since Saturday was Ayahuasca day (day ceremony) and I had taken a potent dose that entailed a long, very energetic process, the kundalini is particularly strong this Sunday. Ayahuasca pushes the life energy like no other remedy.

Slept through and awakened by the alarm clock at 06:30. Like every morning a very present Kundalini. The whole body vibrates finely. Enjoying is not, early shift.

Early to bed again, but sleeping is not possible for the time being. The Kundalini comes in small spurts, it really sneaks in, but it doesn’t stop. It increases so much that I start to get the typical DMT-tinitus. First a very high-pitched sound and then a crash, accompanied by hypnagogic noises, voice fragments and light visuals. Then, when my heartbeat goes up as well, I feel like I’m starting an Ayahuasca process, but a pretty strong one. I turn to the side, which brings relief, also the energy subsides. Then I fall asleep.

When I wake up after the first dream, which was quite weird, she is very present again, the kundalini, and I look into a room of subtle patterns. They move slowly, disappear, give rise to new ones and are predominantly in shades of red, orange and yellow. I have to get up because the bladder is calling. Back in bed, I immediately fall asleep again.

The morning is the same as the day before. The alarm clock snaps me out of a dream and my whole body vibrates at a very high frequency.

Strong energy, both when going to sleep and when waking up. I decide to refrain from everything that drives the energy, because my nervous system has to come to rest. So, for now, no more Ayahuasca retreats and rapé only grounding varieties. Reduce sugar even more and lots of exercise in the fresh air.


The night was very quiet. Already when going to bed the Kundalini was simply silent and when waking up she shows her gentle side. Very pleasant. No heat, no burning, just silky, soothing energy and a fine vibration. I get the impulse to write something on the subject of „Kundalini warriors“. I don’t know the term and write away. The words come by themselves, I write without thinking. When I finish writing the article, I search the Internet for the term. It exists. It’s rarely used and when it is, it’s in a yoga context. Fits so far with my post about it.

The whole night the Kundalini was on the blink, more would have gone only with Ayahuasca. But I am completely at a distance from everything that stimulates the Kundalini. I only let her decide how far she wants to go with me. No driving by plants or yoga.

I have nevertheless slept deeply – between the short waking phases of strong energy surges. I use these phases to transfer positive thoughts into the world. The Kundalini as a medium of heart wishes, affirmations and positive intentions. I had intense dreams between these phases. Then in the morning a short lucid dream where I watched myself, from the outside, doing my dream actione. I saw myself, dressed in white, with my eyes closed, walking like a sleepwalker through a beautiful garden.

When I awake from this dream, the energy is very strong, even stronger than during the night. But it does not burn, on the contrary. The cool Kundalini has moved into me again, after weeks of heat and burning. Again I use this energy to send benevolent affirmations into the universe. As I point my palms upward, I feel the energy flowing from them. I am sure someone will receive these affirmations. And someone of those who receive them will feel addressed by them.

Yesterday I was guided by an inner voice to write a post about Kundalini Warriors. I wrote in auto mode, without plan, concept or thought. Only during the final sifting I corrected awkwardly formulated sentences and shortened the text to essentials. Only the digression in the middle was not written in auto mode, I inserted it later.

Both days (morning) a gentle, very pleasant energy, slight vibration and the urge to meditate. The next before the dreams were intense – on 03.04. I remembered four dreams, down to the smallest detail. Today there are only two, but one of them was special. I was watching an old man in the forest being visited by ghosts and animal spirits. They appeared out of nowhere and disappeared back into nothingness. An oversized tiger let him pet it and then dissolved into white mist. The Kundalini is neither hot nor cold at this time. She is also no longer so aggressive. She has a tender, very loving presence. I bathe in her and write this text.

Quiet night. Light morning kundalini that lasts long and remains as a mild presence during the day.

Waking up at 02:20 with colors and patterns. Colors blue and violet/pink. The patterns have the character of objects studded with crystals or diamonds – they shimmer out of themselves. As I lie still, eyes closed, the kundalini begins to gently rise. I get up because I want to finish this, have to get up early. After 30 minutes I go back to sleep.

In the morning again the usual gentle Kundalini energy accompanied by fine vibrations of the back. It feels very good, a bit like after a night of Ayahuasca.

What a Kundalini night! About 2 o’clock I wake up. I keep my eyes closed and the only thing I feel is my Kundalini. The whole body is pure energy, but very pleasant energy.

Then the patterns begin. Objects of all kinds, covered with shining, small crystals in the most different colors. The objects are in constant movement. Then snakes form – typical Ayahuasca beats, covered with the typical Ayahuasca patterns. Intertwined and covered with predominantly red, orange and gold patterns and fractals. The background is light blue, interspersed with objects that shine silver, some gold.

As beautiful as it is, I urgently need to go to the bathroom. I get up, which is not so easy, because I have to feel my legs again. On the toilet the head cinema continues. I stagger back to bed and watch how slowly everything comes to rest and fall asleep.

At 06:30 I am awakened by a light. Blue light. I rejoice, yay, the sun is shining. I take off my sleep mask, but it is dark and cloudy. I feed the cats and lie down again. The dream that follows is weird, but fun. Many beautiful women 🙂

When I wake up, I bathe in silky energy – beautiful, soothing energy. A gentle vibration of every single cell of my body. I would love to lie like this for hours and enjoy this divine energy, but I have to be at work at 10 o’clock. A glance at the clock – 07:45. I still have 15 minutes. I focus on the Ayahuasca spirit, again imagining myself drinking it and then going to meditate to receive Ayahuasca. Then I ask questions and get answers.

As I type this, gentle kundalini waves run through me. It just won’t stop 🙂

Intense energy upon waking, but quickly subsides until it is almost gone. Still a feeling of peace and inner balance. A short crystal meditation, but I can’t really enjoy it because the bladder is pressing. The dreams during the night were again very vivid and realistic. In the last dream I saw myself from above, walking along a street. At the same time, through the eyes of my dream body, I saw the street from the first person perspective. A woman came towards me on a bicycle, looked me in the eyes and shouted „Oh, my God!“. Then she got off the bike and looked after me. In this dream I felt a deep inner peace, I must have radiated that.

Two exceptionally intense experiences! On both days the morning Kundalini is very strong, but without any discomfort, like burning, heat or cold. It is just there, enveloping me in a high frequency energy cocoon that I don’t want to leave.

Pure Bliss! Incredibly beautiful!

I remember that just 1 year ago I also had these states, although less regularly and much more gently, but that they were often accompanied by pressure in the temples, sometimes even headaches. I don’t have all that anymore. Instead, I now feel the energy in my head, especially in my forehead. It can now flow freely and thus also into the Ajna chakra, which is connected to the pituitary gland and the pineal gland.

The feeling of happiness comes from endogenous brain chemistry that these glands produce, stimulated by the bioelectric energy of Kundalini.

Others have to take drugs to get into such a state, I just have to go to sleep.

I did wake up briefly both nights because I woke up in vibration mode, meaning the body was vibrating at high frequency, at about 100 Hz and weak amplitude, but since I had no patterns or visions, I decided both times to just keep sleeping.

On the one hand it is very nice to be gifted by the universe in such a way, on the other hand I have to think of all those masked zombis who after 12 months of permanent brainwashing have exchanged their own minds for anxiety neuroses and have fallen into a kind of corona dementia. They have completely forgotten what they are and what they were created to be by the highest, divine authority. Like lemmings, they plunge down the cliffs instead, like an eagle that cannot remember that it can fly and is the most powerful being in the bird world. But as ayahuasca told me in my January ceremony? It’s their process, not yours.

Especially in the morning states of high mental energy, it becomes clear to me again what has been going on in the earthly world for 1 year. So also today.

A laboratory virus was released to decimate, on the one hand, those who, according to the economy, are no longer useful, the old and the weak, and, on the other hand, to bring about an unprecedented redistribution of goods, land and soil (through hundreds of millions of insolvencies of small and medium-sized enterprises) and to drive the entire human race into eternal dependence on the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical mafia does not have to worry about the virus continuing to mutate; coronaviruses do that on their own. And if people continue to be re-educated with restrictive measures in such a way that they are vaccinated against new mutations every six months, instead of simply letting their immune system take care of it, which it would easily be able to do, then the pharmaceutical syndicates are guaranteed unimaginable profits for the next 50-100 years.

Not only by the vaccinations. Also the secondary diseases of the vaccinations will have such severe health consequences for billions of people that they will of course also earn from it. At the same time, humanity will be severely decimated because their immune systems will be massively weakened and the heavy metals and nanoparticles in the regularly applied vaccines will give them autoimmune diseases that will cause them to die an early death.

The head of this mass crime against humanity is Bill Gates. He choreographs the now initiated global euthanasia, supported by other billionaires and big banks, like FED, EZEB and the IMF, but also by corrupt politicians and journalists. Each of them will get his share of the promised profit, that is out of question.

By the way, yesterday morning I had another interesting lesson. I asked only 1 question and got a very detailed answer that quickly went beyond the actual answer (to the question asked). I do not know what I can believe from it, since it happened again about induced thoughts (downloads) and there I still do not know the source (I suspect my higher self). But I found and find it at least interesting.

Pleasant, energetic calm while falling asleep, only a very fine, hardly noticeable vibration of the spine.

Around 2 o’clock then the light flash. A dream ends and I look into bright, golden light. I would describe my mental state as a trance. I am not able to move, I feel light and powerless at the same time. It is very pleasant, this lightness.

The light into which I look is very bright and animated by moving objects, which keep changing and cannot be assigned to any objects, or objects known to me. They also shine out of themselves. Golden, golden yellow or orange. Then the color gray changes from golden yellow to silver blue. The objects become finer, crisper. It reminds of the last time (07.04.) where the room was full of objects that had a patina of crystals. This night the crystals have no different colors, they shine either silver or ice blue. Once again the color space changes. Now it changes to dark reds and browns. The objects appear only like shadows. There is still some movement in the space, but nowhere near as intense as in the golden phase. Then everything fades and I become awake, also feeling the weight of my body again.

During the trance a light kundalini flows through me, the heart chakra was burning. Maybe it was the heart chakra that had sent me the golden-yellow light? My third eye was open up to the silver-blue crystals. As always, it felt like the physical eyes were open, but they were closed behind a sleep mask. Then with the auburn, the Third Eye slowly closed. It was most wide open at the beginning, during the golden yellow light.

In the morning a pleasant energy and light vibration. Even now, as I write this down, I feel my spine vibrating finely and Kundalini weaving around my crown chakra. No burning, no coolness. Just blissful, subtle energy.

Interestingly, following the trance, I had again asked questions of the universe. This time I got no answers, total silence. It is probably not only the Kundalini that establishes contact with higher, spiritual instances.

In the afternoon of 11.04. an extensive meditation. I practiced Yoga Nidra. In YN, one lies flat on one’s back, arms slightly outstretched, playing dead man/woman. Nothing is moved, not the eyelids, nor is the swallowing reflex indulged. Because my sofa is too narrow, I put my hands on my body rather than next to me. One hand was on my heart and the other on my stomach. This hand position activated the Kundalini first in the root chakra and then in the heart chakra, the rest was done by the Kundalini itself. She shot through the body in several bursts and activated the rest of the chakras. Each time she reached the brow chakra, the Third Eye, my inner field of vision brightened and at the same time left me in an even deeper, meditative state than before. After 1 ½ hours, I release myself from the meditation, the trance.

My spine vibrates, the whole body is one ball of energy.

I give myself a grounding rapé and walk barefoot out into the sun. The terrace tiles ground me additionally.

In the evening I go to bed early. Already when falling asleep almost the same as in the afternoon. As soon as I lie on my back, the Kundalini awakens. It increases in several waves until my whole body vibrates with high frequency. This time the arms are at the side of the body, so that the heart chakra becomes normally warm and does not „boil“ as in the afternoon. I try to relax, since I can’t do anything about it anyway. Except getting up, which makes little sense if you want to sleep. Although the energy is very present and the hands are so hot that the thumbnails start to sting, I manage to relax and fall asleep. Two intense dreams follow, the last one in a very beautiful, northern German landscape.

Around 2 o’clock the dream ends and I look into indigo blue light. Such a beautiful blue, intense and radiating out of itself. The Kundalini is strong and has once again formed a ball of energy out of me. If someone would ask me now to lift an arm, or a leg, I couldn’t, because I don’t feel separate body parts. I only feel energy, everything is energy. The dark blue changes to lighter blue and the lighter blue changes to silver blue after a while. Again and again objects come and go slowly rotating around themselves, also faces can be seen for a short time – but I don’t know these persons. Then yellow dots form in the silver-blue space. There are more and more. Circular, yellow spots. Then the yellow spots begin to connect with each other, with blue lines. The result is a self-contained object of hundreds of yellow dots of the same size connected by blue lines. The object resembles a body cell. It is interesting that the yellow dots do not glow. They have an intense yellow color, but they do not glow like the room they are in. It still glows silver-blue.

Then everything fades, even the kundalini subsides. I fall asleep again.

In the morning I wake up in the vibration mode, which has become routine. The Kundalini is very present but at the same time gentle and befogging. I lie there for a long time and have to be careful not to fall asleep again, because I have an interview with a dream researcher from Glasgow University this morning. I enjoy the meditative state induced by Kundalini for a while and eventually release myself from my energy cloud. The cats thank me. Feeding time is already exceeded by 1 hour 🙂

The night was short because I have to get up early today. But it was dreamy and special in its own way again. After 3 hours of sleep I awoke, as I do every night by now, in a meditative state. In contrast to the previous times, where I gained consciousness of the state relatively quickly, last night I had a long phase of nothingness.

This nothingness is characterized by the fact that it is neither dream, nor waking state. I am simply aware, without thinking, or judging the state, as if in deep meditation. This was certainly related to my very great fatigue. Three hours of sleep is simply very little when you desperately need it. Then the waking consciousness came forward and I became aware of the entire situation, including my body and the fact that my hands, feet and calves were burning as if I had a sunburn. At the same time the Kundalini was pleasantly calm when I fell asleep. But now it is grilling me again.

I can enjoy the state even with switched on waking consciousness and my third eye is wide open. Not only do my physical eyes behind the sleep mask feel like they are wide open (they were closed), this time it feels like I have a third eye open on my forehead itself. There is nothing to see, except that my inner field of vision is brightened and expanded upward, beyond the forehead, despite the sleep mask. But nothing takes place, no head cinema, no colors or patterns. Still, I don’t miss anything, the overall state is just beautiful.

I get up at some point, looking at the clock says 01:17. Also interesting: 117, 1117 and 1711 are my lucky numbers. I have christened my two guardian angels, which I always perceive very clearly, especially during ayahuasca, 17 and 11.

Two hours later the same, exactly the same state. First meditative trance and then deep calm and inner peace with the third eye open. This time I perceive colors. Olive green, dark blue, silver gray. I can only hold the state for a relatively short time, maybe five minutes, then I wake up.

In the morning then the big surprise. I free my legs from the blanket because my calves and feet are burning again and keep my eyes closed. Still my forehead feels as if there is another physical eye there that is open. However, I do not have an expanded perception beyond my head this time. I feel deeply connected to my soul, as I did during the last ayahuasca peaks. This time completely without DMT – at most produced by the body itself. At 5:30 a.m. I get up.

Already when falling asleep, a restless night was indicated. Again and again waves of energy surged through my body. At some point I fall asleep. I had only 1 dream when I wake up. The energy is so high, as I know it only from the Ayahuasca peaks. My inner field of vision is a firework of colors and movement. I rush out of bed to cool down. The whole body is on fire. I cool down quickly and also the Kundalini withdraws again. A glance at the smartphone: 1 o’clock.

I quickly fall asleep again, have two very beautiful dreams, with wonderful people, when I am again awakened by such strong energy that I get up and get rid of the clothes. I also put aside the light wool blanket, which I still use in addition because of the cold April nights. I cool down again and again the Kundalini withdraws completely. It is 2:30 in the morning. This time I am able to sleep through until 7am.

I wake up in a gentle cloud of energy and go over the previous night in my mind. What a kundalini! Bitch, I love you and I fear you. Then I go inside myself and start this conversation.

Extreme kundalini while falling asleep. Especially when I lay on my stomach, my heart chakra seems to burst with energy. It gets very warm and feels like a big ball of energy. I then have to lie down on my back again. When the energy is still too strong for me, I position myself bent over, with my upper body slightly erect. This keeps the energy at a tolerable level. Before each Kundalini surge, a brief brightening of the inner field of vision, which again confirms to me that it is the Ajna chakra that triggers the energy surges. The Third Eye is inviting the Kundalini, so to speak. First the impulse comes in the head, then in the root chakra.

The first dream is typical of an active kundalini. I dream of three dragons. The left dragon is white and the others dark blue. All three have long, snake-like necks and scaly skin. While the white dragon is dull, the blue dragons have a metallic shimmer. The blue dragons are younger than the white one, they have a childlike expression and seem uncertain. All three look at me from golden eyes. They belong together. A dragon family?

When I wake up, my body is on fire, every square inch. I get up and undress. The unheated apartment and the cool April night are a relief. So I lie down again thinly dressed, the same game as in the evening. Again I position myself slightly bent. Then I sleep through until 7 o’clock.

In the morning I go through all my dreams again. Again it was big cinema. In one dream I was meditating. I had closed my eyes and looked into endless, bright nothingness. No thoughts, complete peace. Then a dream where a low-flying helicopter disturbed my birthday party. Dictatorship paranoia catches up with you in dreams now. In the next dream I had a broom that could also be used as a computer. At least simple games were running on it 😀 In the last dream there were jazz musicians in my apartment. The trumpet player was very good!

I feed my cats and lay down again. Not to sleep, but to enjoy the very pleasant energy, this divine body feeling. After half an hour of Yoga Nidra, I get up.

I still have to think about the dragons. What impressive creatures! And I was so close to them!

A relatively mild Kundalini night with intense and very detailed dreams. An optic, as I know it otherwise only from lucid dreaming. In the morning a much more present Kundalini than during the night and exceptionally strong vibrations, although I am lying on my side. Normally these only occur in this intensity in the supine position and also only immediately before out-of-body experiences. I decide to end it and go barefoot on the terrace for 3 minutes. It’s 5:30 a.m. and the morning coolness does me good, as my hands and feet are glowing again. Then I lie down again for half an hour and go through all the dreams. There were two moments when I would have become lucid at lucid dream times. But I don’t practice that anymore, lucid dreaming doesn’t mean that much to me right now. I can get more out of my non-lucid dreams at the moment and their entertainment value is definitely high. I only say dragons and demons 🙂

Mild kundalini when going to sleep, mild at night and mild kundalini when waking up. What did I do differently? I didn’t spend the night at my place, in my apartment and I drank alcohol before going to bed. I know that my Berlin apartment is highly charged energetically due to my energy work there, which was also noticed by the indigenous shaman who visited me in December and January. A friend who visited me in February had visions at night.

Alcohol, in turn, weakens the kundalini. Those who drink alcohol regularly will rather seldom enjoy this wonderful energy. Alcoholics will most likely not awaken it at all. I will continue to observe. Also tonight I will not spend the night in my Berlin Kundalini Palace.

Everything within normal limits. Been awake briefly at night, with somewhat stronger vibration in the back and burning in the feet, calves and hands. Then in the morning a mild, very pleasant energy. Dreams, as always, intense.

A strong kundalini while falling asleep, including clear auditory hypnagogia (imaginary sounds). The night was quiet and in the morning a gentle, very pleasant energy woke me up. Dreams were intense but are in bad memory.

Moderate energy when falling asleep, strong at night, incl. awakening in red-violet light. Very present and long lasting energy in the morning! The energy is of silky quality. It envelops me, like a mantle of sparkling crystals and makes me write this down.

Very weak energy when falling asleep, despite lying on my back, but strong at night and in the morning. Around 2 o’clock I wake up. I have an intense kundalini, plus visions. Geometries, spinning objects, complete animation scenes, mostly in silver and black and white. I wake up twice more in the course of the night, and both times I look into a bright blue room, despite a tight sleep mask. It is empty, but pixelated. Then in the morning, a very present energy and a light vibration mode again. I use the soothing energy to ask questions.

On the evening of the 21st I perform a guided meditation. During this 1-hour meditation, which I perform lying on my back, I am flooded by such strong Kundalini thrusts that I have to breathe deeply each time to calm down again. The inner field of vision brightens considerably with each push and soon the whole body is one vibrating ball of energy. The cat next to me eventually seeks the distance and lies down again in safe proximity to me. While she was lying next to me, her body also began to twitch strongly.

When I lay down to sleep, however, it is energetically pleasantly quiet and I quickly fall asleep. Around 2 o’clock (I looked at the clock afterwards) I am awakened with similar strong energy waves as I had during the meditation. In addition, a bright yellow-orange field of vision, despite tightly fitting sleep mask. The light changes to first gold, then to violet and finally to deep black. It’s as black as I ever get with my eyes closed, there’s always something glowing – not this time. The black is so deep that I open my eyes to check if I can still see. At the Gelegenheot I look at the clock. I was wide awake as soon as I woke up, so strong was the energy. No trance this time, no meditation.

In the morning then a rather mild Kundalini, very pleasant. I take my notebook and start to write.

When falling asleep, a very mild, barely perceptible kundalini. At night, on the other hand, I wake up with very strong energy, accompanied by the, by now well known to me, state of meditative trance. I think of nothing, feel complete peace and look into golden light. The state lasts for quite a long time and I can’t even name an exact end in terms of time, because I went straight back to sleep and experienced some vivid dreams.

In the morning I wake up in an incredibly beautiful energy. The whole body vibrates finely and it feels almost magical. I stay lying like this for a long time because it is so beautiful. I feel immediately connected to my soul. Then I get the impulse to write.

24.04./25.04.21 Ayahuasca

During the night intense dreams, including a successful WILD (lucid dream technique):

I wake up from a hazy dream and look at a razor sharp image of a chest with drawers and a thick, black book on top. For some reason, the contents of the drawers interest me more than the contents of the book. I wait a bit and when I think I can dare, I reach for the handle of the top drawer with my right hand. It is too early. Instead of my dream arm, my physical arm moves. Fortunately, the image of the chest remains and I wait. After an estimated 1 minute, I try again, this time successfully. I direct my dream arm into the image and my dream hand opens the drawer. I clearly feel the wooden knob and also hear the scraping sound of the drawer opening. Unfortunately it is empty. When I close it again and reach for the book, the lucid dream ends.

What follows is a longer phase of dream images and scenes of all kinds. Probably after-effects of the Ayahuasca weekend.

In the morning, a strong, all-consuming kundalini. I lie down for a long time to enjoy it. Then I am rung out of my energy cocoon by the letter carrier. In the evening I decide to celebrate a LUCAS session, the last one was long ago. I start at 8pm and use the time until 10pm to play music. Not loud, because of course I take into account my neighbors. You can also play soft drums, or guitar – but singing softly, that’s hard for me. But there are also only a few songs 🙂

The combination of 10ml of tumbleweed extract, Tagetes Lucida and a pea-sized amount of Sativa has a very energetic effect. The kundalini is at a high level, almost like Saturday night during my second ayahuasca session. When I take my Rapé at 11pm, the energy literally shoots through the roof. The forehead chakra was already noticeably active before due to the Sativa, the pressure between the eyebrows sometimes extreme. But now pure light shoots through my body and out of my skull. As I turn my palms upward, with my eyes closed, I see white light streaming out of them. It doesn’t just shine, it flows, like water, only this water is light – liquid light.

As it passes to the left and right of my temples, they begin to tingle and eventually squeeze. Then the entire skull begins to tingle and squeeze. I hurl vast amounts of astral light into orbit and wish for healing – healing for the all people. After 30 minutes my state is back to „normal“, where normal in a LUCAS session means vibrating with light visions or dream images, surrendering to meditation or yoga nidra. Around 3 o’clock I go to sleep. At 5:30 I get up again, sleeping does not work, too much energy. Still, I had a nice time with wonderful meditative dream journeys, but no sleep, or what you might call it.

After writing this down, I lay down again and at least I can sleep until 10 o’clock. When I wake up, the energy is present, but pleasant. In general, it was also very pleasant the night before, even at its peak, which was quite strong. It did not burn and behaved lovingly and healing.

Went to bed at 11pm on the evening of the 27th, but didn’t really fall asleep until about 2am. The energy was very high. In addition there was the full moon, full moon always makes me sleep very badly. After months I even had a nightmare where a bossy queen from the future wanted to nuke me with a dematerialization weapon. When she pulled the trigger, I felt a very strong energy. I was startled out of sleep and was in the middle of a strong kundalini flash, the room brightly lit by the full moon (curtains in the wash). Then again sleep mask on and continued to sleep. The following dreams were all positive.

In the morning at 6:30 fed cats and then once again to bed, slept until 9 o’clock and dreamed super realistic. In the last dream there was something very tasty to eat. Kundalini was omnipresent, in every cell of my body – which was vibrating on top of it. This fine vibration, as if in the apartment next door or below me the washing machine was spinning. But there was nothing spinning. Acoustically it was totally silent and I have this vibration also at night. At 10 o’clock I got up, full of good energy. When I looked in the mirror, these ice-blue eyes lit up again. My Kundalini glow 🙂

The night was energetically quiet, but extremely dreamy. I spent the whole night with friends in Manhattan and the state of New York. What did we do. Trips, hikes, clubbing, going to concerts and there was a brief exchange of words with one who didn’t like my German accent. When I pointed out to him that his Portuguese accent wasn’t the bomb either, the exchange ended and the guy left the club.

Yes, it was all just a dream. But so realistic, so extremely ealistic, as my dreams are by now! The memory of my dreams become more and more memories of actual events. This is certainly due to the fact that all my senses are involved in the dream events. I hear every little sound, feel every subtle breeze, smell every subtle scent. And the visuals in my dreams have been particularly good for years, at least since my excessive lucid dream years. Better than in „real“ life, I prefer to call it „material“ life.

In the morning, as most mornings, a strong, very present energy that keeps me in a state of deep trance. I am awake, I am aware of everything around me, and yet I am far away. I linger,a floating, flooded with blissful energy, somewhere between dimensions. Complete silence in my head, deep meditation. At some point, the stomach speaks up. Already in the last dream was feasting and eating. I get up, make myself something to eat, drink almost a liter of water, such a thirst I have, and prepare a salt water bath. Outside it is raining. An energetic cleansing salt bath is the best option to start this day wisely.

Wow. Neither when falling asleep, nor at night, nor in the morning a Kundalini worth mentioning – a weak enrgetic „buzzing“ nothing more. However, also only 1 remembered dream.


Mild kundalini in the evening, none at night and mild energy in the morning. Only 1 remembered dream.

Strong kundalini in the evening, a gentle, blissful one at night with some fleeting patterns and a very present energy in the morning. I sit up and begin to write.

Mild kundalini when falling asleep, medium at night and strong in the morning. Three remembered dreams, one of them a lucid dream where I spent the whole dream in a warm pool, swimming and diving. This is one way to get around the current popular neurosis (also called pandemic) 🙂 It felt so incredibly real! Always fascinating how realistic lucid dreams are. In another dream, I again encountered the giant dog that often appears in my dreams. This time he had a companion, a young tiger, with whom I then cuddled and played extensively. He was quite wild and had sharp teeth, but I did not mind.

Interestingly, my girlfriend recently told me that she was in a dream in my apartment and there met a very large dog and a tiger. I have already met the dog astrally in my apartment, but where does the tiger suddenly come from? Anyway, I found him very beautiful and he also liked me 🙂

After the first dream I woke up in the light again. Bright, almost white light and a state of being completely introverted and absolute peace. In times of collective going crazy pure healing!

In the evening I took 10ml of my Syrian-Rue-Zaccatechichi extract and enjoyed the gentle energy of this herbal elixir. It reminds me a bit of Ayahuasca, and has almost the same active ingredients, except for DMT, which is not in it. When I fell asleep, I already noticed a strengthening of the energy, which I concluded was due to the supine position. I turned on my side and fell asleep. At some point, I woke up from a very vivid dream to follow a natural need.

When I got back from the bathroom and was just lying down, a Kundalini so strong runs through me that it almost takes my breath away. I remember the Aya ceremonies and try to hold out the energy. It is in no way inferior to that of an ayahuasca peak. I succeed for a while, but in the meantime I start to be grilled inside. My hands are glowing, as well as my shins and heart chakra. I stand up and earth myself. Feet on the bathroom tiles and hands under running water. This calms my overheated system.

I go back to bed, but do not lie down right away, but first check the situation in a relaxed sitting position. Several Kundalini waves travel through my body with great force, but they don’t intensify the burning sensation, they soothe it. It seems as if the Kundalini released blockages that had probably caused the burning. Everything calms down and I fall asleep sitting up.

In the morning I wake up lying down and feel clear vibrations and a strong Kundalini. It is pleasant and without burning or stinging, as so often. I enjoy the state for a while, then get up, feed the cats.

The night was energetically gentle and dreamy, including a lucid dream in which I was traveling in the lower astral planes. There was also a demon there, a white dog. White demons are rare. I knew the way out of that dimension and back on the normal dream plane, I laughed at a hand flying in space. I shook it in greeting, got into an elevator and went up, out of the dream. More normal dreams followed.

In the morning I wake up with clearly active kundalini and vibrations in my spine. I sit down and write.

Mild energy when falling asleep, nothing noticeable during the night and very strong kundalini when waking up. I get up, take care of the cats and lie down again, as I am still totally befuddled from the energy flash. I feel like I woke up from a night of ayahuasca, but I definitely didn’t take anything, not even a tiny sip of tumbleweed. It’s probably because I fell asleep lying on my back and woke up lying on my back. Lying on my back triggers the kundalini very strongly.

I get up, but the energy doesn’t want to leave. Normally it does so as soon as I move, but not today. Even after showering it is still clearly present and also after breakfast. At the latest then it usually has withdrawn completely. Today it is different. It is everywhere, especially in the back, at the level of the heart chakra. But also the feet are clearly energetic, will go for a walk in a minute. I can now live well with her presence at night, but during the day I find her a bit spooky. I feel like I’m standing next to a transformer house, with an overdose of coffee in my system.

A very mild kundalini when falling asleep and very strong in the morning. Slept through(!) from 23:20 – 08:42 and dreamed intensely, incl. a longer lucid phase. I enjoy the very present kundalini in the morning. She is strong, but not threatening. She asks me questions:

Kundalini: How do you feel?
Answer: Good.
Kundalini: What do you feel?
Answer: Strength, very great strength.
Kundalini: What about or in you is strong?
Answer: My willpower, my ego, myself.
Kundalini: Remember this strength. It is always there, even if you don’t feel it. This strength is YOU!

I get up, feed the cats and lie on my back again for Yoga Nidra. I decide to start lucid dreaming again. Then an inner voice speaks up.

Extraordinary. I had absolutely no Kundalini when falling asleep, zero, despite lying on my back! Different then, when I woke up briefly in the night, the energy was very strong, similar to the morning of 07.05. But it was still pleasant, it neither burned, nor chased cold shivers through my body – I then also quickly fell asleep again. The dreams again of the extremely realistic at, incl. a short lucid phase, where I took a nap on the green shoulder of a small road and got the following explained:

Dark energy affects the subjective perception of time. It weakens the manifestation power of the afflicted and their soul plan can be accomplished only very slowly. In the center of the dark, time seems to stand still, that’s where the image of eternal damnation comes from. The more luminous a person is, the faster time progresses for him, because he has the full power of manifestation. He can manifest very quickly, effectively implement his soul plan. For higher light beings there is no more time, everything is immediate, now. Light beings are far superior to shadow beings because they are light years faster than them in their manifestation speed. The light is the goal of the people, the dark is of no importance for them. It serves only the maintenance of the duality. It fulfills only the function of the zero potential.

Then I am awakened. A woman around 50, very attractive, with a beautiful smile, wakes me up and asks for a street. She is riding her bike down the street with her two children.

Then in the morning a mild energy and gentle vibrations. The feeling of peace and happiness. Writing it down, about 1 hour later, a distinct but pleasant feeling of silky energy flowing through my cells.

When falling asleep a very strong Kundalini, during the night a medium one and in the morning only hot hands and feet testify that there was something energetically cooking in the past hours. The dreams were intense, including a short lucid phase.

In this short lucid dream I was in the apartment of an acquaintance and was looking out of his window. I asked the acquaintance the name of the street I see below me, and then compared the dream street with the real one. I found that the dream had rearranged some things, also it had teleported a prominent building from Berlin-Moabit to Berlin-Kreuzberg, but it was doing quite well where it now stood.

I get up and don’t treat myself to Yoga Nidra today, as usual. Early duty, no time.

Mild kundalini when falling asleep, strong at night, mild again in the morning. Meditated 1 hour at night to „come down“ energetically, which worked. Deep meditation with important insights and a sea of yellow flowers. In between, red eyes grinned at me. Then again yellow flowers.

In the morning I can enjoy the very pleasant energy unfortunately only briefly, because I have to get up early.

Strong kundalini when falling asleep, strong at night, during a short waking phase, and very mild in the morning. However, this morning the vibrations were much more present than in the evening or at night.

Very mild energy in the evening, night and morning. Do I know so yes no longer.

Very strong energy in the evening, including a light-filled ascension process lasting about 2 hours. In the night colorful dreams, among others of dragons that looked very artistic, with lots of gold and brozen arches above their heads. In the morning, still very strong energy and a burning of the shins! Well, they had never burned before. Otherwise, everything normal.

Mild Kundalini when falling asleep, strong at night and long lasting, very present in the morning.

When I woke up briefly in the night, the energy was very strong and had completely enveloped me. I looked with closed eyes into a room consisting of different violet tones through which again dark violet objects floated. A bright light was shining in the upper left corner.

If I hadn’t had to go to the bathroom, I could have enjoyed this even longer. Back in bed, the energy was gone as well as the visions.

In the morning, I wake up the first time at 6 am, with similarly strong and all-filling kundalini. I still get up, feed the cats, but immediately lie down again. The energy quickly returns to the level of before. I have two not very well remembered dreams and wake up again around 8 o’clock. Now the Kundalini has a different quality. It is less „electric“, more like warm champagne flowing through the veins. It doesn’t stop anymore. The whole body also vibrates gently.

Like in the fading phase of Ayahuasca, I bathe in it and am filled with inner peace and tranquility. I direct the energy through my body by thought, everywhere it should go and unfold its healing effect. A vision arises. I sit on the ledge of a house and look at other houses. It is not my house, my penthouse, no idea where that is. The vision also lasts for a long time and becomes clearer and more detailed. Then I have to loll. It is time to get up.

In the evening yoga nidra on the sofa, with very strong energy. I fell asleep and dreamed that I was lying on my sofa with a bright light shining on me. I saw myself from above. A friend who had died 8 years ago came to me in the dream and told me to wake up now. Then I woke up. When I fell asleep the energy was softer, but still very present. Been awake briefly during the night, again in violet light and with moving object-like visions. In the morning a very mild kundalini, but again the 40-50Hz vibrations.

Both days were very similar. Very mild, barely perceptible energy at bedtime, a mild, pleasant kundalini at night and an equally mild one in the morning. However, distinct vibrations on both mornings. Dreams poorly remembered on both days.

In the afternoon of the previous day, 1 hour of Yoga Nidra, with very present Kundalini. It crept in slowly and then persisted at a fairly high level, strong enough that I could barely feel my body. When I went to bed, around 10 pm, the energy was immediately back and very quickly at the level of the afternoon, except that this time there were auditory hypnagogies added to it, crashing, ringing, electronic-like sounds, unintelligible voices. I quickly fell asleep and had a mystical dream.

I am in Moscow with my girlfriend and some others. We are just coming back from the sea with our diving goggles and sleeping mats and want to continue our journey. We get lost in the Moscow metro. My girlfriend and I look for the others on both platform levels, but we can’t find them anywhere. We go back to the top level, where we listen to street musicians for a while. Then we see a white blonde woman who was also part of the tour group. We walk towards her, glad to see someone from the group again, but she runs away from us. We follow her.

We follow her up stairs and escalators, down to the lowest level, but it seems to go even lower. A slide takes us to a third level. On the third level, the blonde woman runs right in front of an incoming subway train. My girlfriend and I are shocked. When the train leaves the station again, the woman is gone and everything is clean, no blood. We try to get back upstairs but we can’t, we can’t find the slide and there are no stairs. I begin to despair and start swearing at God in Italian. I don’t speak Italian, but in the dream I knew it well. Then the dream ends.

For me, a clear message. The blond woman was a spirit to lure me to the lowest, astral plane. There I met my despair. Now I can answer and analyze what this despair is and meet it, look it in the eye and thus dissolve it. My next Ayahuasca topic will be despair.

Then in the morning another well remembered dream where I wake up from sleep in the dream and realize that time has stopped. I felt it, I didn’t look at the clock. When I look out my (dream) window, the night sky is covered with dark clouds, but in the middle a red light shines through the clouds. Then it thunders very loudly. But it is not a thunderstorm, it sounds more like the beat of a huge kettledrum. The drumbeats become more and more regular, until at some point they abruptly cease. Then I wake up.

I was not afraid, I found it all rather exciting. I asked myself in the dream why the time stops, what is the reason?

In the morning, after a thoroughly positive dream, I wake up with strong kundalini and strong vibratioen. Both are very stable. I don’t move and can’t see the energy or vibrations weakening. I enjoy this for a long time as it feels fantastic. It’s hard to describe, I don’t know any „drug“ that produces such a state, except endogenous drugs. Ayahuasca also feels different. I don’t have these vibrations during, or after ayahuasca, just this kind of energy.

The vibrations I have increasingly in the morning are like a living being. A liquid being that shares my body with me and that has a very high vibration. The feeling is pure bliss, pure happiness!

At some point I get up and write this down, still feeling the vibrations. But now only in the back.

Strong kundalini energy while falling asleep. Unlike usual, I sleep near the ground in a house in the countryside. The energy of the earth is felt very strongly. So strong that patterns and auditory hypnagogies come up quickly – all very light-filled to boot. I fall asleep quickly and dream intensely, but unfortunately can only remember the last dream.

In the morning mild energy, but again strong vibrations. I enjoy them for a while, then I get up.

All quiet. In the morning mild vibrations and four remembered dreams.

Same as the day before. Very mild kundalini and intense, well remembered dreams. No vibrations in the morning.

Mild energy when falling asleep, strong at night and in the morning.

Already while falling asleep a more turbulent night was announced. When I reached the hypnagogic phase, I looked into the sun. It was surrounded by thin clouds, but kept peeking out clear and bright, sometimes blindingly bright. My inner light was shining, my soul light! In the night I woke up briefly and bathed in violet light, through which shimmering objects moved. None that could be named in any way, just object-like structures. I remained motionless and without thinking of anything, watching the action with maximum inattention so as not to disturb the spectacle.

At some point the light changed to indigo, the objects to dark blue. I fell asleep again.

In the morning I wake up in very strong energy and immediately after becoming conscious I am in a meditative state. I can enjoy this for a very long time because the kundalini makes no signs of retreating. Every cell of my body is filled with bioelectric pulsating energy, which I perceive as vibrations. Everything is accompanied by orange light, despite the sleep mask. It feels very nice, peaceful and deep. Typical for the soul level.

I get up at 6:30, feed the cats, and then lie down again for. yoga nidra. The planned 30 minutes of YN turns into 2 hours! The energy quickly reaches the strength of the night, but this time without flying objects. Instead, auditory hypnagogies, i.e. any noises, voice scraps, or Klingon grunts.I love the ingenuity of my subconscious 🙂 At the end of the yoga nidra, I sit up and let the energy travel up and down my body several times. Although it is very strong, it does not burn, even at night. My nerves seem to have adjusted. Next level can come!

Energetic rest in the evening, slept through the night, light pleasant vibrations in the morning. In the day 1 hour Yoga Nidra with strong Kundalini!

Due to work I went to sleep late. Kundalini was very present at night and made me sleep badly on top of that. But the patterns that came up when I fell asleep were at least nice.

In the morning a mild kundalini and mild vibrations. In the day 1 hour of Yoga Nidra with quite strong Kundalini.

Complete rest while falling asleep around 10 pm. At 2 o’clock an energetically very present waking phase with some informative downlods about auras (let’s see if I write them down). The kundaini was strong but pleasant. Then slept through until 8:00.

In the morning still a strong energy accompanied by distinct vibrations. After being pleasantly neutral or cool the last few days, the kundalini is burning again this morning.

This diary entry is not comparable to the others in that yesterday I tested 20ml of a new ayahuasca cooking. A good cook tastes his creations 😉

The amount can be called microdosing, yet it had a clear, energetic effect. As I have described in various posts and ceremony protocols, ayahuasca and kundalini are two close allies and there very small amounts of sacred medicine are enough. Already after the first 10ml a clear energetic increase was felt.

At night the energy increased so much that I was literally grilled. I thought of Wim Hoff and his fire breathing. I also became so hot that I could have imagined being able to go ice bathing now without any problems. Kundalini heat cannot be compared to fever or heat waves, it does not come from the burning of glucose.

It is electromagnetic energy. The energy of life, the prana, which shifts every cell of the body to a higher energetic level. The heat comes from a faster movement of molecules in all cells. Their frequency is increased.

In the morning nothing, complete silence. Not the hint of kundalinni , or vibrations.

I dedicated a separate post to the experience that morning (and night), but it exists only in German. Here are the most important excerpts, translated into English (via deepl.com):

The night was a single lesson, and at that I don’t even remember every detail, even though every time I woke up from a dream I thought, „important information, I’ll remember it and write it down tomorrow right away.“ Not possible. Nevertheless, there is the felt knowledge and that indeed remembers everything it has ever experienced, be it through dreams, through meditations, or through Ayahuasca.

When I woke up again around 9 o’clock, I was high. High! High from the Kundalini, which enveloped my entire body and coolly and pleasantly fed it again and again with the finest energy impulses, which I perceived as vibrations, with new Prana, new life energy. I lay on my back with my hands spread on my chest, which caused an energy loop to form, between the heart chakra and the forehead chakra. And it was the cold Kundalini this time.

The cold kundalini has a completely different quality than the hot kundalini. The cold kundalini connects one directly with the soul, with the divine in us, through the Nadi Ida. It lets us understand the world from the meta-level, from the level of love and forgiveness. What a difference to the hot Kundalini!

The hot Kundalini connects us via the Nadi Pingala with the earthly, the dragon in us.

The kundalini dragon, the hot kundalini, dissolves old, deep-seated, burdensome energies – including karmic ones from previous lives. This deep cleansing is in turn necessary so that the life energy, the prana, the shakti, whatever you want to call it, can connect with the divine, with the soul and thus with the all-being universe, i.e. God.

As soon as I fell asleep, the night before, I noticed that something was different than usual. My Third Eye was open very quickly and presented me with beautiful landscapes at a 45 degree angle above my head and, as it does every time it opens, a sea of yellow flowers (Solar Plexus Chakra). Patterns and kaleidoscope-like formations also kept popping up briefly. When I woke up from my 1st dream, I was again looking into a violet space through which objects moved slowly and sublimely – a typical indication of endogenous DMT.

And then just this morning, where either an angel stood next to my bed and transmitted his divine energy to me, or my soul itself was this angel, awakened to life by the divine Kundalini. I still feel it very clearly in every quantum of my being.

Mild Kundalini when falling asleep, mild at night, strong in the morning. Clear and long lasting vibrations. Hardly any dream memory.

Participated in ayahuasca ceremony until early night, 2/3 dose. Kundalini very strong at sleep, but almost non-existent in the morning! 1 remembered dream.

Second Ayahuasca ceremony. Dose was the same as the night before, but since the medicine is always stronger on the 2nd night, because the system already contains MAO inhibitors, the effect was much stronger, incl. a phase with pronounced visions. Kundalini really grilled me at times during the ceremony, so at some point I went to the bathroom and held my hands under cold water for a few minutes and then rubbed myself with a cold cloth.

When I went to bed at 2 o’clock I felt clear vibrations and hot Kundalini, especially in the heart chakra, which I am sure was also due to the Bobinsana tea that was served as a support and which stimulates the heart chakra. When I woke up again, there was almost nothing noticeable. No dream memory.

In the afternoon and evening strong Kundalini, especially in the root chakra.

Went to sleep at 10 pm and woke up at 3:30 am and slept in. Mild kundalini, no dream recall. Very active heart chakra, but pleasant. Mild visions upon waking. After effects of the Ayahuasca?


Mild kundalini in the evening, strong in the morning, incl. strong vibrations in the back. Slept through the night and dreamed very intensely.

Mild kundalini while falling asleep, strong during the night and very strong in the morning.

During the night I was briefly awake and my body was flooded with bioelectric energy. I looked into a bright purple room with dark red objects moving slowly through it. I would describe the mental state as trance.

From a dream-intensive night I wake up again in a flood of bioelectric energy, this time stronger than during the night. So strong that this time my whole body vibrates at a high frequency. It is not a physical vibration, it never is. It is an energetic vibration, like astral travelers experience just before they leave their bodies. I get up at some point, feed the cats, and feel myself drawn directly to my yoga mat. The exercises do very well. Afterwards I take my shruti box and sound long vowels and nat. my beloved OM, which massages me completely. The day can begin.

Went to sleep at 9:30pm, with no noticeable energy, and woke up at 2:40am and was literally grilled, by my kundalini. I went out on the tiled patio and cooled down. Then I tried to go back to sleep, but the heat came right back. Then I gave up, especially since I felt rested and meditated.

After yesterday I was still grilled by the Kundalini, also during the day I had again and again moments where individual body parts seemed to „burn“, today it is totally calm. Already in the evening the Kundalini showed itself very gently, despite 1 hour of Yoga Nidra. The night I slept through, 9 hours, that was necessary after the extreme Kundalini night to 03.06..

This morning nothing. Or say very, very gentle and pleasant energy. Mentally I am extremely relaxed and in such a good mood that I would almost call it „high“. Without anything. No microdosed ayahuasca (yet), no tumbleweed in the evening, no Rapé, for days – nothing. All natural brain chemistry.

Yesterday, during a very early meditation (as a result of Kundalini-conditioned insomnia), I wrote a text about love in auto-mode (automatic writing). This morning I remembered this love. Of the high, all-consuming vibration of divine, unconditional love. I think this is the reason for my current state. One must make oneself aware of the love of God again and again. It is the direct connection to the soul!

What will the day bring? Let’s see. The ego is ready to start the fight for life and I let it. I do not belong to the ego enemies, to those who demonize the ego. It has its task and as long as one observes it in its actions and reflects on its decisions, it can never end in disaster. The soul needs the ego, its low vibration. Also the soul, which vibrates as Spirit in the very high vibration of all other Spirits, is overwhelmed with the low vibration of the 3D plane (like all light beings). The ego is the interpreter of the soul, so to speak. Ideally.

We all know that the ego has long since displaced the soul in many people and has completely taken over the helm (politicians, power people, satanically dominated money elite).

With Ayahuasca this can be reversed. My ship has two captains, the ego and the soul. And both have their tasks. For all who are struggling with their ego: Give it fixed tasks! There are things that the ego can do better than the soul and vice versa. The soul must remain the boss, the ego the head of department, in order to break it down on earthly Termina.

A quiet night with intense dreams and a peaceful morning with gentle vibrations.

Also a quiet, dreamy night, but in the morning strong vibrations despite a mild kundalini. The feeling of deep connection with the spiritual world and one’s own soul. Peace.

No kundalini when falling asleep, very strong at night and strong in the morning. Reason for the very strong kundalini at night might have been the 15ml of tumbleweed extract. Although this is a rather small dose and usually leads to more intense dreams at best, this time was different.

I woke up around 2 am in very strong energy, similar to the ayahuasca. I looked into bright white light that slowly turned into golden light. At the same time I received non-reproducible downloads, that is, information from the spiritual world. It was about the subject of karma. At first I could follow, but when the multidimensional meaning of karma was explained to me, I got out. I fell into a dream where I wrote down all the information. At some point I realized the dream and thought, what nonsense. You lie here in bed and sleep, writing it down is of no use at all. All the time the white light, even in the dream, which was probably more like a trance. At some point the light became weaker and when it finally changed to the usual purple light, I fell asleep.

In the morning I wake up in very strong vibrations. The state is intoxicating. I remember the night and some of the information. It’s really complicated, with the karma and different than I had imagined. I’ll have to write it down sometime. Just this:

Karma can only be actively worked off, not „burned“ or thrown up. It is not negative energy, it is actually a debt owed to the soul, but it can also be dissolved through mutual forgiveness. We cannot dissolve karma of others. This, „I dissolve the karma of my ancestors“ does not work.

It is just that everything is different from what I was taught. Who should I believe? I believe my spirit helpers more than the books, even if they are good.

Strong kundalini when falling asleep, strong at night, mild in the morning. The good thing: it does not burn!

No Kundalini when falling asleep, mild in the morning. Slept through – despite 10ml of tumbleweed. Someone understands.

Very active kundalini when falling asleep, therefore fell asleep very late. Been awake briefly during the night, in mild energy with violet light, but no patterns or objects. Quickly fell asleep again and dreamed intensely.

In the morning I wake up with strong vibrations. Kundalini energy, on the other hand, is rather weak and silky pleasant. I would describe my mental state as very relaxed, almost high. The brain chemistry was generous again. 🙂

No kundalini when falling asleep, none at night, a mild energy in the morning, with gentle vibrations. After taking care of the cats, I did 1 hour of Yoga Nidra. Then the Kundalini came back silky and pleasant.

Mild Kundalini while falling asleep, with auditory hypnagogia (snatches of voices, rumbling noises) and present energy in the night, accompanied by bright violet light through which slowly moved indefinable objects. Before going to bed I had done 1 hour of Yoga Nidra, meanwhile the energy was very gentle. The dreams that night were intense and I also remember some.

In the morning, a burning kundalini and intense vibrations. As I realize them, I realize that my hands are resting on the heart chakra. This seems to trigger the kundalini strongly.

No special events, neither the night before, nor this morning. Two remembered dreams.

It started already in the afternoon. I took my favorite rapé, which I made myself. Immediately before taking the rapé, my table speaker turned on with a loud crash, which cannot be controlled remotely and can only be turned on manually. My girlfriend was a witness and wondered as much as I did. Yes, my poltergeist, now and then he reports 🙂 I think he / she wanted me to turn on music.

After this rapé, I was no longer able to go into meditation relaxed like I usually ALWAYS do. It pushed me into the reclining position and then the lightshow started. With closed eyes I looked into a circle of light, the center formed a sparkling star. The whole thing went on for about 1 hour, with changing colors, gold and red dominating.

At some point I was torn out of the trance by cries for help. I went out onto the terrace and saw the surreal image of a naked young man hanging upside down from the 4th floor, held only by his feet by another young man who was blindfolded. I did a reality check and when the scene turned out to be real, I called the police, but they were already on their way. The police arrived very quickly, placed a self-inflating strung mat under the window, broke down the door of the apartment across the street and rescued the young man.

Thank you Berlin police!!

I could see all this because I live on the 5th floor and can look into the apartment opposite. Completely crazy the whole thing, as in a nightmare!

Unpleasantly catapulted into 3D reality, I turned on healing music of the Yawanawa and Huni Kuin and then went to bed around 23:30. I wasn’t lying down five minutes when the 1st Kundalini wave shot through my body. Then shortly after a second, third, fourth…. I stopped counting at some point. My body was soon pure vibration and patterns and moving objects began to appear. Still I fell asleep, but woke up again after about 1 hour.

Again, the same as when I fell asleep. Although I was no longer lying on my back, which normally triggers my kundalini, one wave of energy after another shot through my body. The visions that came up now reminded me of ayahuasca. They were dominated by the color green and were stronger and more distinct than the last time I had taken ayahuasca, where I had taken 2/3 of a potent, or maximum, dose. For hours the third eye was open, the forehead was pulsating and pressing, and I had direct contact with the spirit world. Towards morning I got some downloads about plant spirits, especially those of psychedelic plants. I’ll write that down again separately.

Sleep was out of the question most of the night, not only because of the strong vibrations and artful DMT fractals. Also, the auditory hypnagogies were sometimes so loud that I was startled, which in turn triggered my kundalini. I didn’t fall asleep until it was light in the morning, had two normal, well-remembered dreams, and woke up again around 08:30 with strong kundalini and vibrations, surrounded by violet light.

I have no idea what this was. I think I additionally charged my already strongly active system with the energy of my friend who also has an active kundalini, with sometimes very similar experiences as me (or other kundalini awakened).

Interestingly, despite the few hours of sleep, I feel energetically cleared and rested. With an active kundalini, you often can’t sleep, but you don’t need as much sleep either.

My hope that the following night would be easier was dashed with a blow when I lay down. I always have to lie on my back first, only in this way can my body relax properly. The supine position, on the other hand, triggers the Kundalini the strongest of all body positions and so it took less than two minutes and the 1st wave of energy rushed through my body. Then the 2nd, the 3rd and so on… just like the night before. Also came partly very loud auditory hypnagogies in addition, from Klingon-appearing language scraps, over rumbling to crashing.

Several times parts of my astral body „sheared off“. It felt as if my physical body was making spastic movements, but to the left and right of my feet were my cats, and they didn’t get anything from the kicking feet – it wasn’t the physical ones. Likewise, my hands were flapping and my astral head was doing a 180 degree movement and back again in a split second, while the physical body was lying there calmly. Visually there was hardly anything going on, a slight blue glow under the sleep mask, that was all.

I fell asleep very late, but the sleep, like the night before, was short-lived. It had become chilly and I put on something that immediately caused burning on my skin. My kundalini nerves are extremely sensitive, so I took the shirt off again and the thin summer blanket up to my neck. This way I slept through until morning.

This morning energetically everything was relaxed. Noticeable was the feeling of being magnetic, I often have that when the Kundalini is active. Not only do you feel paralyzed (although you could move at any time), but you also have the feeling of being stuck to the mattress, as if your body were magnetic and the mattress was made of metal. Also, the facial muscles kept contracting, which caused a definite tension, especially in the jaw muscles. Around 8 o’clock I got up. Rested, but not slept in.

Medium energy when falling asleep, complete calm at night, and medium energy when waking up, with clear, long-lasting vibrations. I use the morning kundalini to study.

Mild energy in the evening, slept through the night dreaming. In the morning very strong Kundalini, which took over the entire body and left me in a state of peace and bliss. Got up anyway, took care of the cats and then lay down again. Once again the energy filled me completely from toes to crown. It was strong, but not burning or pressing. It was just there.

Energetically complete rest, both in the evening (despite rapé), and in the morning. Slept through the night and dreamed intensely.

19.06. – 20.06.21
Ayahuasca Weekend.

Strong kundaini in the evening – aftershocks of the Ayahuasca weekend and strong energy in the morning. I reactivate the information I had received during the 1st Ayahuasca night

22. – 25.06.21
Kundalini has been very friendly the last few days. No burning, no extreme energy in the nights – last night I even had a shallow „flooding“ of the body with the cool Kundalini for 1 hour, which is very pleasant in the current temperatures.

My Kundalini diary will continue only sporadically in the future.

After it was quiet the last days, with the exception of the morning vibrations, which I consider rather a gift, I was grilled by the Kundalini again last night. Sports drive the kundalini, especially jogging and swimming. I went swimming all day yesterday.

As soon as I lay in bed, my body seemed to heat up to 60 degrees. Of course it didn’t actually do that, but hands and feet were burning like fire and heart chakra was boiling too. I got up and cooled my hands under cold water and then ground myself barefoot on the patio. This brought significant relief. No sooner was I in bed than I noticed the kundalini rising again and the heat coming back as well. I remembered that it is possible to negotiate with Lady-K, or at least offer her a compromise.

I began to recite an affirmation. „Hot Kundalini, become cold Kundalini“. Over and over I said this to myself in my mind and soon the heat subsided. There was a point where the state actually changed, from hot to cold Kundalini. I was no longer boiling inside, but now began to freeze and that with nightly outside temperatures of 27 degrees and 25 degrees in my attic apartment! But I found this very pleasant after the inner barbecue before. I eventually got so cold that I even had to put some clothes on.

I quickly fell asleep. True, waves of energy kept rushing through my body, but they cooled it instead of roasting it. Lady-K let me talk to her, I thank her!

In the morning I wake up with the hot Kundalini, but it is only weakly present. All the more present are the vibrations again, which put me in a state that I can only describe as high. Unfortunately, I can’t enjoy this for long because I had to get up early today. But since I slept for 8 hours, I feel fit and rested.


In the evening the Kundalini was very active, the hot Kundalinni. Again I tried via the affirmation „the hot Kundalini becomes the cold Kundalini“ to soften the burning and it worked right away! Only a few minutes later I can fall asleep relaxed, surrounded by a cool energetic mantle.

The dreams that night are intense and extremely real. When I become „lucid“ in one of the dreams and switch to the lucid state, I cannot see any difference from before. If I usually had a distinct change in quality between normal dream and lucid dream, this time I can’t tell any difference. When I become lucid and aware of the dream state, it feels as if I have known all along that I was dreaming and am now merely getting confirmation. When I wake up from the lucid dream, I wake up in a dimly lit room with objects moving slowly through it.

In the morning I wake up with strong energetic vibrations that put me back into the familiar „high“ state. I enjoy it for a while and then get up.

An incredible morning, pure bliss! I don’t know what triggered it, but I haven’t had such an intense feeling of well-being in a long time.

The evening started with very strong Kundalini, which I got well under control thanks to affirmation. I fell asleep quickly, woke up briefly around 2 and looked into my familiar Light-Space, through which objects meandered as usual, and then fell asleep again.

I slept for eight hours straight and yet I didn’t want to get up because the body sensation was so nice. The crass thing: I suddenly remembered that I often didn’t want to get up for exactly the same reason even as a schoolchild. Even then, it wasn’t because I was still tired, but because I had this morning „high“. With puberty this stopped and now it seems to come back. You can’t describe it. It’s pure bliss, coupled with a silky, all-consuming energy, from the top of my head to my feet.

Even now, hours after getting up, I can still feel a slight vibration inside me. But the „high“ is largely gone. That’s good, too, because I have to work today.

Mild kundalini when falling asleep, mild when waking up. But there was one dream that was so extremely energetic that I wrote it down.

The energy while falling asleep was present, but pleasant. A slight burning sensation, but I was able to push it out of consciousness by affirmation.

In the morning the Kundalini is very present and without burning. I get up at 6:10, feed the cats and lie down on my back for Yoga Nidra. The planned 1 hour of YN turns into 2 hours. Two hours of bathing in strong but pleasant Kundalini energy, accompanied by gentle vibrations along the spine. Fresh energy for the day.

Weak kundalini when falling asleep, very strong at night and strong in the morning. At night it was so strong that it made me a little nauseous and I had to get up and ground myself – afterwards I continued to sleep sitting up. Before falling asleep tons of downloads, which I will write down again separately. Woke up in the morning lying on my back with strong kundalini and very clear vibrations. Both at night and in the morning it was the cold kundalini!

Mild kundalini when falling asleep, very strong at night and mild again in the morning.

Although the kundalini was very strong at night, it was pleasant. No burning, no freezing, but instead the feeling of being pressed onto the mattress by a large magnet. I have this magnetic feeling more and more often in connection with the Kundalini. Since this dream. Did I get an update that night? The cats apparently found the energy very pleasant. One slept mega-relaxed on her back – totally out of character for her, at least at night – and the other gave a nocturnal purring concert while lying on my legs. I just lay there quietly, so there was nothing to look forward to.

I will call the new kind of kundalini magnetic kundalini. It has a different quality.

It happened to me twice now that during my magnetic kundalini electrical devices turned on, just like that. Yesterday morning I was sitting on the terrace, a friend was chilling in the living room. I heard her ask something, but didn’t understand her clearly. I asked her to repeat the question again. She replied, surprised, that she hadn’t said anything. I said that I had heard her clearly say something and it had sounded like a question. She had indeed asked me a question, she replied, but only mentally. Does magnetic kundalini give one telepathic powers? I will continue to observe this.

While falling asleep, first energy waves accompanied by light effects and photorealistic images. Nevertheless, fell asleep well. Then woke up in the night and flooded with strong heat. At the same time the typical electric Kundalini buzzing in the whole body. Then got up, grounded myself on the terrace and then quickly fell asleep again. This morning the Kundalini grilled me extremely! The vibrations were also very strong and in addition there was a felt paralysis of my entire body. It was not paralyzed, but the strong electrical energy keeps all the muscles in a slight tension, so it feels similar to sleep paralysis. After a salt water bath, the energy finally went down. Still feel it quite clearly though. I am obviously not through with it for today.

Addendum: What struck me again was that the impulse for the Kundalini waves, the „rising“ of the prana energy, comes from the head, probably from the pineal gland. It is always so, with me at least, that first a mental event takes place, such as light flash(es), auditory events, or spontaneous opening of the third eye, and then the energy shoots from the pelvic floor into the entire body, including the head. The head „requests“ the energy, so to speak. But once it is awakened in this way, no further impulses from the head are needed, then the Kundalini also rises autonomously.


An extreme Kundalini night! It actually started already in the afternoon. I took the train from my construction trailer project in northern Germany back to Berlin and dozed off for a short while. Immediately my Kundalini jumped on and opened my third eye. With my eyes closed, I saw the entire train car from an elevated perspective. I was not asleep, I was fully conscious!

In the evening it continued. The Kundalini was clearly felt, its fine vibrations, and my mood was amazingly good, although someone had crashed my expensive bicycle during my absence – total loss. Berlin’s main train station, the largest and most expensive in Germany, does not have adequate parking for bicycles, so the bikes are hooked up to the surrounding poles and lanterns. The Berlin government had completely failed to sign appropriate contracts with the railroad for this project as well. The small town of Uelzen, where I always change trains, has a bicycle parking garage!

When I fell asleep, several energy waves shot through my body, up to the third eye. This time it also opened, even if only slightly. I saw patterns and blue glowing bubbles of light.

In the morning, after sleeping through the night, I wake up with strong vibrations and very comfortable energy. There are also patterns and moving shapes again. I am completely enveloped in this energy and feel very good. The dreams during the night were intense and rich in images, there was also a lucid dream. All the dreams took place in Italy. A small substitute for the currently virtually impossible vacations of our criminal, European governments who are pushing through the IMF’s Great Reset agenda, with no regard for human life.

What is special about Kundalini at this time is her spiritual quality. Not only does it neither burn nor cool, it also opens the third eye very quickly, for which I otherwise needed Ayahuasca or Cannabis with Syrian Rue. In general, this morning feels as if I had an Ayahuasca night behind me. Fine vibrations throughout the body and a slight pressure between the eyebrows.

A strong kundalini at night, with patterns and bright colors, plus intense vibrations. I also sweated so much that I had to change my shirt 1 x in the night. And that was sweaty again in the morning. But I feel healthy and alert. Probably last night my natural DMT level was a bit high.