Kundalini-Teacher – Morning lesson

On 09.04.21, during a kundalini high, which is a state of high bioelectric energy induced by the body itself, I again received some things explained. I do not request this information, nor do I channel it. They just come, like a flood of knowledge, they wash into my consciousness. The trigger was a simple question.

Question: Who is the ayahuasca spirit. Is it the spirit of the liana, or that of the DMT plant?

Answer: It is the Spirit of the vine. The Chakruna plant enables the Spirit of the Vine to integrate the higher dimensions 8 and 9. With Chaliponga, because of the 5-Meo DMT it contains, it is even possible for it to receive information from dimensions 10-12. The Ayahuasca Spirit itself, like the Spirit of Peganum Harmala, can receive information up to and including the 9th dimension. But this also includes the 1st dimension, the most important of all dimensions, as it is the God dimension.

(a very detailed lecture about God and duality follows).

Most people look for God somewhere in the higher dimensions.

There he is also, but only in the form of his manifestations there, the higher spirit beings. God himself is the absolute singularity, pure potential. The 1st dimension is an infinitely small point. This infinitely small point contains the potential of all universes. They all sprang and spring from the nothingness that is God. The God-consciousness is pulsating energy, vibration. With each pulse, a new universe is created, with galaxies, solar systems and the living beings within them. You can think of it as breathing out. God creates a new universe with every breath. Technically, however, it is an energetic pulse.

Nothingness is always present, God is always present. Black matter is God, it is part of nothingness. Every momentum of black matter contains the potential of a complete universe. God is everywhere because black matter is everywhere. God Himself is the pure potential. God consciousness is the collective consciousness of all that exists. This collective consciousness manifests from the infinite, divine potential all that is presently known to man as matter and antimatter, and all that they do not yet know. Those impulses that create universes are generated by this same collective, all-encompassing consciousness. It is therefore the God-consciousness.

Consciousness is modulated energy. Like the carrier signal of a radio station, only multidimensional.

Consciousnesses pulsate, they are vibration – also the human consciousness. Therefore, human consciousness can also manifest. Humanity once possessed this knowledge, but they have forgotten it over time because they have convinced themselves that they are ONLY human. They have wasted their intelligence to create things exclusively with their hands or with machines, while they could do it from their genetic resources just as well via their consciousness. But they have forgotten the ability to do this thousands of years ago, the corresponding genes were switched off in the course of evolution.

What has remained with all people is manifesting on an energetic level, even if most people are also not aware of it. The human being is an energetic being and every movement, every frequency change in his energy body has effects on his environment. I had already said something about this in my remarks about the Kundalini warrior.

(I got last week in a comparable condition a lecture about Kundalini warrior).

Mankind must completely rethink, it must reintegrate the feminine. The feminine embodies the potential, that is, God. The masculine embodies the impulse, that is, consciousness. The impulse (the masculine) activates the process of manifestation and the potential (the feminine) accomplishes it, through transformation. Manifestation is at first only informed (thought) energy. In order for this energy to become permanent, for example matter, it requires the transformation of the information it contains into atoms and molecules, through the energy of love. This is what the feminine does.

The human being is both, female and male. Social constraints and norms, however, have separated this unity over the centuries. Many women deny their male part (the impulse) and many men deny their female part (the potential). Man, however, is both, since he is an image of God.

Potential becomes reality, triggered by the energetic impulse of consciousness. A female ovum is the potential, the male seed the impulse, the information. The uterus of the woman carries out the transformation of the information human being into the being human being. The terms female and male serve here only the illustration, meant are potential and impulse. They are the basis of all being.

God is the potential (female), and the God-consciousness is the impulse (male).

The question is, which came first, the consciousness, or the potential? They have both always been there. They are being itself.

There is much philosophizing about the abolition of duality. Without duality, however, nothing would exist.

The feminine, divine potential and the masculine impulse, ARE duality. How can it be dissolved without everything ceasing to exist?

When people enter the state of non-duality, by whatever methods or means, they are actually experiencing pure potential. Their consciousness in this state of inner vision merely perceives and does not send any impulses. If it were to send an impulse, a thought, in the meditative state of non-duality, then it would manifest that thought.

So which state should one strive for as a human being? The one of non-duality? The one of enlightenment?

Strive for the state that puts your soul in the vibration it seeks. It is like a child on a swing. Some children don’t want to be swung so high, others high, and still others would prefer to have so much momentum that they can complete the rollover. Each soul has a different soul plan, needs a different swing. Some want to be enlightened, others don’t. There is no difference in quality between being enlightened and not being enlightened. If it is the right state for the particular soul, then it is perfect.

So where should one look for God?

Find the infinitely small point within you. Search in silence and send no impulses, no thoughts. Then you will find it.

Kundalini lesson from 15.04.21

I revel in blissful Kundalini and go into myself. I ask some question without knowing if I will get an answer. But the answers come quickly, in the form of induced thoughts.

Question: What is the state of affairs, will humanity win the battle against the demonic?

Answer: Demonic would not really be a threat. Demons have no agenda, they act out of the moment, like children. The adversary is evil itself, the deepest and darkest of vibrations – it IS the agenda that governments are currently following. But everything is being raised in its vibration, time is passing faster. The dark is also being raised in its vibration. It is experiencing the same ascension symptoms as humanity. It is purifying and cleansing itself, just as humanity is. What mankind is experiencing now is the last uprising of evil. It feels that it is dying. And with it, the foreign-controlled politicians and corporate bosses will also experience a transformation. The fundamental frequency will become so high that low, ego-based vibrations will not be able to hold on.

Question: What will happen to its dark energy?

Answer: It will be transformed to a higher frequency. All information that was coded to the old frequency will dissolve. The program good against evil is terminated. It was important, but now has no meaning. Next, people must learn to live with each other, not against each other.

Question: Will humankind learn to love unconditionally?

Answer: Yes, but only much later. Now they must first learn to respect and respect the other unconditionally. First of all, every human being has to get out of his ego prison. But the ego will become less “ego”-istic anyway because of the higher basic vibration. It will take the role of the companion, no longer of the leader.

Question: How long will this take?

Answer: From the universal point of view it has already happened, from the human point of view in the course of the next hundred years. Whereas very many people will attain this collectively oriented consciousness much earlier. They will have to take on most of the responsibility in the early days, but they will be happy to do so.

Question: What will be the future of ayahuasca?

Answer: Ayahuasca will return to where it came from, the jungle. It belongs there and will continue to play an essential role for the peoples there. The people of the industrial world will no longer allow vast amounts of plants to be killed for it and will use other ways. The Ayahuasca principle in itself will revolutionize psychology. The mass medicine Ayahuasca will be pharmahuasca, no plant will have to die for it. The psychologists of the future will also be shamans.

Question: Who are you?

Answer: Akasha