Kundalini Warriors

What is a Kundalini warrior, a Kundalini warrior? To do this, we must first clarify what a warrior is.

Goddess Athena – According to legend, she helped the Greeks to victory over Troy. Her energy stands for death, change and new beginnings.

A warrior is not per se a weapon bearer, a militant. Warriors, warriors, whatever they are called, are people who fight with all devotion for a cause, idea or ideology. There are those who fight AGAINST something and those who fight FOR something. Within these different positions, there are again those who use weapons for their fight and those who do not use weapons. The first fight by inflicting damage to the opposing side, the others fight by averting damage to their own side (protective actions).

The defensive strategy, i.e. not using weapons, can also be successful, as it prevents one’s own position from being weakened. The opponent is then forced to expend energy again and again to fight against the protection and thus wears himself out in the long run.

Kundalini warriors work with both methods. On the one hand they use their energy, which may well have the power and force of a weapon, and on the other hand they protect themselves against the destructive energies of the opponent. Unlike in classical combat, Kundalini warriors are invisible to the opponent and their energy cannot be localized either, since neither space nor time exist in the dimension of Kundalini. Kundalini warriors are in a weak position in a material world because the energy that holds matter together is one of the strongest energies in the universe. Kundalini warriors cannot oppose this energy, so their struggle can only take place on the non-material plane. This plane is the dimension of emotions, thoughts and dreams. So a Kundalini warrior will never bring down a wall, but his energy can motivate other people to tear down that wall.

A Kundalini warrior never makes use of dark energies, because they weaken his own energy in the long run, up to the total loss of the Kundalini.

Mata Kali – Goddess of change. She destroys so that new things can arise.

He works (fights) always oriented to the light. His “sword” is the light, not the gun. His action is not attacking, but manifesting – Kundalini warriors fight by manifesting. For this manifesting they use their Kundalini.

If they join with other Kundalini warriors, so they synchronize their energies with each other, they strengthen the total energy and thus the light and thus their success!

It is not that manifestations on the energetic level do little, they can even do much more than manifestations on the material level. But, how to use your Kundalini for a better world – how to become a Kundalini warrior?

For every negative there is a positive alternative.

Example 1:
You want the world elite to discard their psychopathic plans? Their pathological idea of totalitarian transhumanism, which is the opposite of humanism? Then manifest to them nothing bad, but good. Synchronize best with other Kundalini warriors and manifest that Kundalini awakens with them. It will turn their complete consciousness to the left. They will look at themselves like a god looks at his creation and see that some essential adjusting screws have been misaligned at some point. Probably by emotional abuse during their childhood, the most common cause for empathylessness. With the new awareness through Kundalini, the newly awakened person will immediately try to bring the misaligned screws back to their original position.

Example 2:
You want the politicians to stop lying? Then manifest that they can no longer lie. A politician who doesn’t lie – that would be a real revolution, wouldn’t it? And have pity on these poor people.

They didn’t become psychopaths because their profession forced them to, but they chose this profession because they are psychopaths (and often narcissists to boot).

Digression (not channeled, own thoughts):

To get to a position where an Ursula von der Leyen is now, or an Angela Merkel, you have to have become largely immune to any kind of emotion in the course of your socialization. Even the small step from normal party member to party chairman requires an extensive denial of one’s own humanity; otherwise, one does not manage to bite one’s way up within a party’s pecking order dominated by envy and ill will.

The best examples of such purely power-oriented socialization are Gerhard Schröder and Joschka Fischer. As normal party members they were still pacifists and fought for peace and as party leaders they then voted for the bombing of Yugoslavia. The fact that old people, women and children died or were bombed to cripples during these bombings obviously did not affect them, because they probably did not even notice it? Psychopaths are completely free of empathy. Now, however, they had the majority support of other psychopaths in their parties, which is why I have never voted for SPD or Greens since. You simply don’t vote for traitors.

These people are sick, they need help. Manifest that they are able to have feelings again. Manifest that their heart chakra opens, or whatever makes these remote controlled zombies human again, but don’t ally yourself with dark forces, because then you are no better than a Klaus Schwab, Eric Schmidt or an Ursula von der Leyen. They have allied themselves with dark forces, exchanged their light for power and success. Send love especially to these people!
(end digression)

How can I send love to a person I despise?

Sending love does not mean that you have to love those people. In this regard, say goodbye to what is socially understood as love. Love in the universal sense is the highest vibration possible, the brightest light known to creation. Send these unfortunate people all the light you are able to activate through your kundalini. You waste nothing in the process.

Creative manifestation, dear Kundalini warriors!

This wonderful energy is not awakened in so many, so that it is wasted on dark powers, only to have a temporary material advantage of it. The universe entrusts it to them, so to speak, and their task is to responsibly handle this trust and make sure that it awakens in more and more people. Advise your friends and acquaintances to meditate, do kundalini yoga and refrain from alcohol and cannabis abuse (small amounts of cannabis serve kundalini, large amounts, even more so regularly, harm it).

Ayahuasca is also possible, but it pushes the kundalini very strongly!

I do not recommend to lure the Kundalini too hastily and too quickly out of its “hiding place”. If one’s energy system is not yet prepared for this (e.g. through yoga and renunciation of industrial food), a too quickly awakened Kundalini can cause serious problems. Those who have such problems should then consult an experienced Kundalini teacher. The medicinal snuff Rapé also helps with such ascension problems, as it releases energetic blockages.

During the day I listen to a passage from the audiobook “Warriors of Light”, by Paulo Coelho. I realize that warriors of light and kundalini warriors follow the same goal. Their dimension is that of light, their spirit guides are the beings of light, their power is love and their weapon is kundalini. They do not kill and they do not destroy.

Lilith – goddess of transformation and rebirth. According to mythology, as a demon she can also walk on earth.

Kundalini warriors initiate transformation and help others awaken. Their patron goddesses are Kali, Athena and Lilith.