Lady Kundalini – a brief view on an unusual relationship

The kundalini is said to be the life-force energy in our body. This is not hundred percent correct. The kundaini is the potential of life-force energy whilst the life-force energy itself is called prana. To make it short:

If the kundalini is active the prana flows.

Before the kundalini gets active she has to be „awaken“ – its like opening the cage so that the tiger can jump out. Sorry – the snake. The kundalini is associated with a snake which winds herself up the spine through all the chakras to activate them until she reaches the crown chakra. From the crown she runs down to the 2nd chakra where she has started. The kundalini is the potential of the sexual energy, the strongest energy in our body. If she used for energizing the body instead of feeting orgasms she can heal our energy body by flooding the cells with the prana (tantra technique). In our brain the kundalini prana causes electric currents up to 2.0 volts, which is four times more than usual.

Everyone has kundalini everytime but that doesn’t mean that she is awaken. An awakened kundalini flows on its own without any activities (sex, sport, drugs, …). The moment after an orgasm is the moment the kundalini prana has flooded our body, thats how kundalini feels. In a non-awakened state the energy disappears after a while. With an awakened kundalini it can last for hours., Klartraum, Klarträumen, Astralreisen, Ayahuasca, Kundalini, Polit-Blog, Corona-News, Kritisches

My own kundalini awakening started long ago. In 2015 she reached the throat chakra. That was the day when I realized that something not normal happens in my body. The years before I had many problems with the awakening of the kundalini but I had no idea why this things happened. I’ve heard the word kundalini the first time in 2015 when I asked for help for what I experienced.

Interestingly at the same time my lucid dreams started (summer 2015). Since the throat chakra was opened by the prana of the kundalini my brain get’s more energy and that helps to become lucid while dreaming. After the throat chakra the kundalini worked for many months on my left and right amygdalae, two small parts in the center of the brain which are very important for emotional awareness and -memory. Since my 2nd last ayahuasca experience in August 2018 the kundalini is working on my ajna chakra, the so called 3rd eye – I feel it by a strong pressure in the mid of the forehead, lightful dreams and hypnagogic states before falling asleep or between dreams. (Das Lichtrad)

The amount of lucid dreams also growed from that weekend on – kundalini and ayahuasca are best friends and they work perfect together! First I thought that the DMT of the ayahuasca is the kundalini booster but after experimenting for many month with syrian rue, which has the same ingredients as the banisteriopsis caapi liane, I’m sure that the betacarbolines harmin and harmalin of the caapi are doing the kundalini boost as they are both stimulating the central nervous system (CNS). The DMT on the other side seems to clean the pineal gland from calcium and toxic waste, so that the kundalini can activate the 3rd eye.

This is what I watched, this is no official science!

Another kundalini booster is marihuana. Only a small dosage is neccessary, especially when taking it together with syrian rue. As soon as the energy starts to flow it is important to stop smoking/vaporizing the weed to keep clarity and awareness (Stephen Gray method). Better take an opening rapé afterwards to give the kundalini the final kick. Also rapé is helping the kundalini by opening the upper chakras.

Sometimes the kundalini is a harsh lady, then she doesn’t let you sleep or causes headaches. But the more open the chakras are and the stronger the energybody gets over the months, the less you have any unpleasant symptoms.

I wouldn’t recommend to force the kundalini awakening. But as soon as the kundalini is active, yoga, dancing or ayahuasca help the kundalini on its way up. Also kundalini meditation is a good helper – but do it gentle! Problems appear when the energy stucks on its way up. Then she can causes serious problems up to inflamations or temporary heard problems.

The kundalini is our friend. She heales our energy body and a strong energy body keeps us healthy. The moment she is satiny flooding our nervous system and cells is divine – no other word fits. God bless lady kundalini 🙂

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