Microdosing Ayahuasca

Since 2016, I regularly participate in ayahuasca ceremonies, both shamanically guided and, forced by the lockdowns, independently performed. The other day I had my 50th ceremony.

For me, group work is still new territory. I still aspire to shamanically guided ceremonies, but they don’t exist at the moment and who knows when they will again? I strive for shamanic guided ceremonies not because of the supposed higher security, which is often unfortunately only felt higher, I have already experienced a lot of chaos and carelessness, but because I can then completely let go and surrender to my process.

I can’t do that in independent ceremonies, or only when everyone else is through with their processes. In self-reliant ceremonies, I have a duty of care to myself as well as to others. Although we always share this responsibility within the group – everyone is there for everyone else – I am one of the more experienced in the group and so I also have a higher responsibility, but one that I am happy to take on. I also have the exclusive opportunity to contribute positively to the energetic hygiene in the ceremony space through my active Kundalini.

But one does not always want the full dose of Ayahuasca. Not always do you want the hyperspace, not always even any kind of psychedelic effect, but just to connect with the spirit, just to feel the energy of the medicine. And you don’t need large amounts – 1 drop is enough!

1 drop and you are connected with the spirit of the plant, immediately feel its energy, can immediately enter into communication with him.

It was by chance that I discovered this. I had spilled some drops while decanting the medicine and then wiped them up with my finger and licked it afterwards. Immediately I felt a change in me. My kundalini became active, but there was something else.

I felt the spirit of the plant, just as I always feel it during the ceremonies!

The ayahuasca spirit has a distinctive energy. It is very similar to Kundalini, but silkier and of a higher frequency. The aya spirit is very strong! It immediately goes into one of the chakras and manifests there. At the first microdosing it was the heart chakra, at the next it was the throat/neck chakra and now as I write this it is the brow chakra.

A very clear and present energy – from only 1 drop!!!

Thus, if you want to connect with the Ayahuasca Spirit, you don’t need a full ceremony, not even a mini dose of 10-20 ml – 1 DROP is enough!!! I now have a 10 ml vial filled with ayahuasca and always carry it with me. When I want to feel the energy of the aya spirit, I take one drop on my tongue. The effect is immediate – there is no safer way to take ayahuasca. And 1 drop should contain zero to almost no DMT. In any case, less than our body produces on its own.