Morning Lesson

I wake up at 06:30 and bathe in very present energy. Every cell of my body is flooded with it. I hear hypnagogic noises and am then “refueled” with strange thoughts. It’s obviously time for a lesson again.

Thought voice:

Kundalini is the connection to creation, to the divine. If you strengthen it, you will mature in the luiafe of your evolution into a being that can create matter. If you weaken it, the opposite will happen. Kundalini is the energy that makes up everything.

The awakening of Kundalini is a process of consciousness. At first it exists only as a potential. Only consciousness awakens it to life.

The fact that Kundalini is felt to be particularly strong in the root chakra is due to the fact that people direct their consciousness there particularly intensively. In fact, the potential is highest in the root chakra. But just as you can direct your consciousness to the root chakra, you can direct it to any other chakra, and then kundalini will spread from there. When one is in love, it spreads from the heart, when one meditates, from the forehead chakra and when one sneezes, from the throat chakra.

It is important that everyone who becomes aware of his creative energy carefully considers how he uses it, FOR life, or against it. If he decides for life, he will strengthen his Kundalini, but if he uses this power to harm others, he will weaken it. He gives it away to those who pay him for using his energy destructively.

Likewise, a person weakens his life energy when he calls upon shadow beings, because shadow beings need life energy, that is, kundalini, for their manipulative actions. They get it from the caller. The latter may have a temporary advantage from it, but seen from eternity, it will gradually bind his soul to the lowest ranks of existence.

The same is true of self-betrayal. Never betray yourself. Never write a book, never compose a song, never play a game that does not come from your heart. That is really YOU, no matter how well you are paid.

In eternity your money means nothing, but your light means everything.

Your light becomes weaker with every self-betrayal and stronger with every deed that comes from the heart.


Demons are half god, half man. They are both, flesh beings and light beings, created beings and creators. Their divine part can create elements, but not life. Their human part can create life, but not elements. And of course, demons can create things that harm others. But they can also heal and bring peace. All healers, druids and shamans were or are demons.

In terms of potential, every human being is a demon, only most do not have the awareness of it.

In summary.

Humans are gods temporarily made flesh. Their power is the Kundalini. Everyone has it, but not everyone is conscious of it. Only with a conscious Kundalini can a person manifest consciously. Most people manifest with an unconscious Kundalini and then they manifest such things as war and hatred because deep down they are driven by fear and hatred.

Be conscious in everything you do, especially if the Kundalini has become an integral part of your life. Do you want to go to the light, or do you want to go to the darkness, taking temporary advantages? If you choose the darkness, the path will eventually be irreversible.

I open my eyes and am confused. I wonder if I can get it all together. I sit down and write down everything I remember.