Nightly download on the theme of “Karma”

I did not intend to deal with karma more intensively, because the whole concept is still foreign to me. I read articles and papers about it again and again, or listened to lectures, but it had never really convinced me. At some point I was sure that the whole karma thing would have to be done with the awakened Kundalini, since her energy, the prana, burns everything that stands in her way.

Then came the night of 06.06. to 07.06.21 (see Kundalini Diary) and there I was given a very complex lecture about karma while bathing in white light and later in golden light. I took it upon myself not to forget the information, but it was so complex that there is not much left except the certainty that everything I have heard so far about karma does not match what I was told that night. I bring here what I remember.

A night lecture on karma
Karma is something that can be called a dynamic contract with the soul. It builds up and down, so it is a dynamic contract that is always being renewed. When a soul incarnates, it may still have karma from the life before, or even THE life before, that it needs to resolve. I say consciously “dissolve”, because the classical “work off” does not have to be at all. Karma can best be resolved through forgiveness.

What is the difference between resolving karma, working off karma?
Karma is always bidirectional. That is, there is an experience that connects one’s soul to another soul. This can be in a positive sense (love, friendship, kinship), but it can also be in a negative sense (hatred, inflicted pain, murder). Whether positive karma, or negative, it will always result in the souls with whom one is karmically connected being part of one’s life experience in future incarnations as well, until the connections are severed. However, this can only happen by dissolving or working through the karmic connection.

For example, if I hurt someone very much during my lifetime and the soul of my victim suffers from that pain beyond my death, that pain forms a karmic link to my soul that I cannot simply sever. I can either incarnate again together with this person and sever this karmic connection from the previous life – I can then, for example, do something very good to this person that heals (works off) the experienced pain that his soul still unconsciously carries with it. Or I can ask the damaged soul for forgiveness in the non-incarnated state. If the incarnated soul forgives me, the karmic connection is half dissolved.

Why only half?
The other half of the karma is dissolved only if I forgive also myself. It must forgive therefore both the damaged soul me, and I myself! If the damaged one does not forgive me, the connection can be separated only by working off (common incarnation), even if I have forgiven myself.

The consequence of this dependence is not to be underestimated. If I harm a soul, I force it to incarnate again. Therefore it is important that one forgives AT LIFETIME! If my soul is damaged and I do not forgive the other soul, which has done this damage to me, during my lifetime and thus separate the karmic connection, then I must incarnate again with this soul, in order to loosen the karmic connection. From the non-incarnated, astral, position it is much more difficult. I can forgive the other soul, but it must also forgive itself. But for this it needs a direct communication of both souls.

The burdened soul must know that the victim has forgiven him, otherwise he cannot forgive himself. But this is very difficult to communicate to it from the astral position, unless the incarnated soul is clairvoyant (or takes ayahuasca 🙂 ).

The karmic connection is a psychic one, not an energetic one!

Thus, neither ayahuasca nor kundalini awakening is of any use to dissolve karma directly, nor is it of any use to play the holy Samaritan and do good to the whole world. If it does not reach the damaged soul to whom I have the karmic connection, so my actions do not dissolve the pain inflicted on it, then I can become Jesus personally – it would be of no use unless the damaged soul forgives me. But it can do that without me becoming an enlightened prophet.

And this brings us to the next point – enlightenment.
Enlightenment is only possible when I am free of any karma. The rise of Kundalini in its highest form, that is, the state of enlightenment, is only possible if I am free of karma. If I have dissolved all my karma over all lives, then I attain enlightenment and do not have to incarnate again. But I can! Risk then, however, that I load myself by misfortune or clumsiness new karma. Then I can attain the enlightenment only again if I have dissolved this karma.

Karma connects souls whether they want it or not

It becomes interesting when you add the other dimensions.
Karma exists in all dimensions in which a soul can manifest. If the soul has manifested itself in one of the astral dimensions, then it can burden itself with karma there. Even in the astral dimensions I can harm and cause pain to other souls. The probability is very small, because the astral light planes are places of pure love. But it is still possible.

Because there are also souls who have made contracts with satanic forces and they also stay in the astral world, although not in the light plane.

So it can be that a non-incarnated soul is in positive connection with an incarnated soul, for example, loves it very much. If the loved soul is damaged by a satanically contaminated soul, then the non-incarnated soul experiences great pain and a karmic connection with the satanically contaminated soul is created. At the same time, the incarnated soul also enters into karmic connection with the satanically contaminated soul. So, the satanically contaminated soul has charged itself with karma even though it is not incarnated at all?

For the satanically contaminated souls it is literally a vicious circle, which they can leave only if they are forgiven by the soul karmically connected with them. Thus, those who get involved with satanic forces during their lifetime risk damage to their own souls not only during their lifetime, but also beyond their earthly life and possibly for all eternity.

Such souls are not only lost, they may dissolve completely at some point, because the satanic contracts are always based on the cession of life energy. At some point, such a soul no longer has enough life energy to incarnate, then it becomes a demon. Many demons suffer from this and want to go into the light, but they have too much karma charged. At the same time, they do not have the energy to incarnate to work off or dissolve the karma.

The more a demon drains off its life energy, the more it dissipates

If a demon does not manage to dissolve karma and, at the same time, keeps ceding life energy to the satanic side because he made a contract with Satan in one of his incarnations, then he will eventually dissolve and become universal background noise.

Demons can only work off karma on the astral plane. I can well imagine that the helper demons at the Ayahusaca ceremonies do just that – work off karma by helping the participants with their processes. Unfortunately, not all demons are helper demons. But that is another topic.

That’s all I remember. There was more. There was so much that I couldn’t remember it all. But it is still not little and I begin to understand much better. The passages about demons and how they are created were also very interesting to me.

I also think I know now what the light arms were that went out from my soul light like tentacles of an octopus (during an Ayahuasca ceremony in October 2016). They were not connections to parallel incarnations, as i thought, they were the karmic connections to other souls.