Of clairvoyants, magicians and the awakening of the feminine

Automatic writing from 02.05.21 at 12:50 o’clock after an energetic awakening in very present Kundalini. I sit down and write without thinking. The words come by themselves.

it is about the masculine and feminine, whereby the sexual component is not the decisive factor. Much more important is the energetic interaction of man and woman, or rather male and female, because the sex is not the decisive factor. It is about the masculine and feminine energies. They are what have made the human world what it is today.

You know what chakras are, the energy centers of human beings. You know very well what the root chakra is, what its healing potential is, as well as its destructive potential. You also know about the sacral chakra. It is the chakra that lies between the root chakra and the other main chakras.

The root chakra is the energy producer, the reactor, and the sacral chakra distributes this energy to all the other chakras. It is the energetic logistic center. It has its own intelligence, billions of nerve cells in the gut provide this intelligence. It is followed by the solar plexus chakra, the I chakra, the chakra that also decides whether someone radiates power or not. Root and solar plexus chakras are particularly dominant in men. Sacral and laryngeal chakras are equally pronounced in both sexes.

The solar plexus chakra is followed by the heart chakra. It not only allows us to feel empathy, that is, the ability to sympathize, it also, together with the brow chakra, establishes the connection to the spiritual and divine world. The physical energy that the brow chakra needs to open its portals to the spiritual world it receives from the heart, which in turn produces this physical energy in its muscle. The heart chakra is followed by the kelhhead chakra, which is a kind of gatekeeper, a guardian.

On the one hand, it lets people transport information to the outside, in the form of sounds, words or singing, and on the other hand, a strong throat chakra prevents them from getting pathogens into their system from the outside. It also carries disease out of the human body, through vomiting, spitting, etc…. No other chakra is so directly connected to the physical world as the laryngeal chakra. It also watches over the spiritual development of the human being.

If a person is not yet ready for the opening of the Third Eye, the Kelh Head Chakra will not allow its prana to pass through to the Brow Chakra.

Now follows the queen of all chakras, the brow chakra. I deliberately say queen and not king because it is the elemental chakra of the feminine. As I said before, it connects to the universe through the energy of the heart. God communicates with us through the brow chakra.

Why is it THE female chakra? Let’s go back thousands of years, when man lived in small associations from hunting and gathering fruits and herbs. The role of the woman, the feminine, was reduced to that of childbearing and cook by men dominated by the solar plexus and root chakra. The latter, however, brought them an enormous knowledge of herbs and, therefore, medicinal herbs.

Picture the situation. The men spend the day hunting, meeting men from other villages or tribes, exchanging ideas and thus leading an intense social life, while the women, isolated in the village, take care of children and domestic affairs. Their social life takes place mainly within the village community, while that of the men is inter-village.

Both fundamentally different social environments meant that men began to think globally and territorially, while women thought more locally and were increasingly concerned with the welfare of the community itself. Men became the conquerors, women the keepers of the conquests. Men strengthened even more their solar plexus chakra, women strengthened even more their heart and forehead chakra. So they both shaped different qualities. Men became better conquerors and warlords, women better healers and psychics.

The latter was especially important for them. Since they could hardly leave the village, women communicated telepathically with the women of other villages. Thus, important things could be exchanged without leaving the village, which they usually could not do. Also, their direct connection with the spiritual world strengthened their intuition. This intuition was especially important for finding and processing herbs, especially medicinal herbs. Intuition was also essential for survival in obstetrics!

Women often have better noses, why? Women had to be good at smelling due to the role assigned to them, and they simply did it more often as a result. By constantly sniffing and smelling an herb or oil, not only did a woman’s nose get better, develop more effective nerve cells, but her pineal gland was also strengthened. This is located just behind the root of the nose. It enlarged and was thus able to produce in relevant quantities the neurotransmitter DMT, key to the spiritual world and thus to better intuition.

The DMT, in turn, strengthened her sensual perception on top of that. The healers of the time were able to sense diseases. They could also smell whether a woman was carrying a dead fetus or a living one, that is, whether they had to induce premature birth via special herbs to protect the pregnant woman from poisoning.

In the course of the evolution the man has pushed himself by his behavior into a corner, from which he did not come out so fast again, while the woman developed more and more to the healer and clairvoyant.

When the Church seized power over humanity, through the touching story of the immaculate conception and the tragic end of the immaculately conceived child in later adulthood, the woman became a danger to her. For this recognized what was happening, or at least the healers and clairvoyants among them, and there were many. They knew the spiritual world better than anyone else and knew that God has no single son, but that we are all children of God.

Every human soul is born from the light of God and none is more important, better or more divine than another. The figure of Jesus is a projection of the divine onto a human form. This human figure was necessary because otherwise the propaganda would not have worked. God is too abstract to be understood by most. But the figure of Jesus made him understandable for everyone. The invention of the Son of God was the first and greatest promotional trick ever invented.

The Church’s implementation of the Jesus Christ agenda was also ingenious. The people were grabbed, as today, at the root of their manipulability – the fear!

Who did not believe in Jesus would go to hell and would have to suffer immeasurable pain, the propagandists of the church told the people. Of course, nobody wanted that. So rather follow the rules of the church in the spirit of Christ, hoping to go to heaven after death. This agenda was eventually further spread and established by the solar plexus and root chakra dominated masculinity through the most brutal wars and crimes against humanity. Women, with their characteristics dangerous to the church, were burned as witches and so were men who had similar characteristics.

Who were these men who had healing abilities? They were the druids and medicine men. Men who had a particularly strong root chakra and thus the gift of producing enormous amounts of prana, that is, life energy. This gave them the ability of manifesting and thus magic. Magicians often worked with herbal women and healers. There were also sexual connections between them. As they worked closely together and exchanged ideas, they inevitably got to know each other better and often formed a bond.

And through such, sexual connection of clairvoyant and magician, something special often happened!

If a magician had sex with a clairvoyant, then at the moment of orgasm her root chakra was stimulated by his prana. Not only by the energetic impulse from the root chakra of the magician, but additionally by his semen. Every male seed carries life energy, which is necessary for fertilization to take place. The sperm of the magicians, however, have particularly much of it due to the active Kundalini. So, if a magician injects his semen into the clairvoyant’s vagina, he injects millions of times of semen with strong life energy directly into the clairvoyant’s root chakra, thereby awakening her kundalini, her prana generator.

A healer whose kundalini was awakened was in no way inferior in her magical abilities to those of the magician.

But it had the added advantage of being clairvoyant. A magician was not necessarily a clairvoyant.

If a lasting connection between magician and clairvoyant was established, the newly born magician could in turn open the third eye of the magician with her freshly awakened kundalini via Shaktipad and also give him clairvoyant abilities. The best magicians were those who sought out a clairvoyant for a partner and, conversely, the best magicians were those who sought out a magician to awaken their kundalini. There were also unique connections. Exchange activation of kundalini for opening of the third eye. One saw it all rather pragmatically.

But the fixed connections between magician and clairvoyant were the most powerful. At the moment when both had an orgasm at the same time, their magical energies united.

It was then so strong that they could even manifest matter, which is otherwise not easily possible.

There were also cases where a woman’s kundalini was awakened by the birth of a child. She thus became a magician and clairvoyant, which not infrequently led to social tensions within families. Many of them were cast out, they were considered bewitched.

The story of Adam and Eve is the metaphor of separation into the masculine and feminine. The snake symbolizes the Kundalini, the apple the Shaktipad, thus the activation of the Kundalini. But why was the Kundalini activated only in Adam and not also in Eve? The Kundalini is the God energy. It first descends the male nadi, the pingala, connects with the fire of the earth and then, enriched with earth energy, ascends the female nadi, the ida.

The past millennia of mankind were determined by the descent of Kundalini and connecting with the Earth fire. This strengthened the masculine – wars and destruction were and are the result. But since some centuries it rises again and activates more and more the feminine – increasing togetherness and clairvoyant abilities are the result. It awakens, so to speak, just the Kundalini Eve’s, if you want to stay with the metaphor.

The ascent of the Kundalini will take place significantly faster than the descent, because now the earth fire is added to the divine energy.

The goal is that both divine forces, the feminine and the masculine, will determine the lives of human beings in complete balance. This will happen when the ascension of the humanity kundalini is completed. It will lead to all chakras being in balance in all people, and that in turn will lead to all people attaining magical and clairvoyant abilities.

But it will still need some hundred years, especially since on the part of the (still) male-dominated power elite everything is currently being done to prevent the ascension. But they will not be able to prevent it.

The Kundalini is the energy of God. It rises, whether this suits the powerful or not.

In addition, there is the fire of the earth. It will destroy everything that stands in the way of the ascension. It is the fire of transformation, the energy of Lucifer, who is not the devil, but the god of matter. He also wants to ascend. By supporting the ascension of humanity through the earth fire, he frees himself from his karma that had condemned him to have to leave the world of the gods.

The spirit mankind awakens and nothing in this universe will stop him. And all the gods are watching in anticipation. Humanity has always been of very great interest to the spirit world, but at the moment it is especially high.

For in the end, human beings will become god beings themselves, like those who are now accompanying them in the Ascension.

Question: May I ask who you are?

Answer: Isabel