Poor Propaganda-Animation by Tony Nickonchuk

A complete cynical animation goes viral these days that suggests that covid-19 is the most dangerous disease in the world.

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Tony Nickonchuk, the author of the animation, is a clinical pharmacist from Canada and it is unclear whether he did the animation on his own or in order of the Johns Hopkins University which published it first.

The Johns Hopkins University is founded with 60 Million dollars annually by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who want to vaccinate 7 Billions against corona (Gates literally in an interview on German TV. At 4:28: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=083VjebhzgI&t=8s)

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The animation is highly manipulative. It downplays really dangerous diseases like Dementia, with 3-6 million deaths per year, Alcoholism, with 2-4 million deaths p.y. or Influenca with up to 650.000 deaths p.y..

The psychological trick is to show only the first 5 months of the year 2020 including the 3 months of the corona outbreak. At the end of the year there might be around 600.000 corona deaths worldwide but 1.5 million deaths by Hepatitis and 15 million (!) deaths by heart diseases. Well, heart diseases are not in the animation – the author knows why – it would weaken his goal.

And his goal seems not to show a true ranging but to spread fear!

Very poor propaganda – please don’t share it!