„Supersouls.“ I wake up with this term. What are supersouls, I ask myself?

My kundalini is very strong, this morning, so strong that any unexpected noise becomes a trigger for energy, as does any movement of the bedspread by the cats, anxiously hoping for their food and trying to wake me. As one of them carefully scans the space between my lower legs, the pressure of her paws triggers a powerful kundalini wave. I see a pattern. Miniature green pyramids arranged in a circle with the tips pointing upward. The circular pattern spins.

When she changes her mind and lies down on her chest, I can scan her body energetically. I stroke her back with slow motion and can see how active her chakras are by the colors that appear. The heart chakra is particularly active, glowing orange-purple. I still have the sleep mask on and see not only the colors, but also the silhouette of my hand.

What are supersouls, I ask again, I hear the term today for the first time?

I receive the answer this time as an inner voice, so that I assume that it also comes out of me and not from a channeled being. Is it my Kundalini? She is a very wise spirit and quite willing to communicate. I also feel this morning the feminine Spirit that had always accompanied and guided me in my last Ayahuasca ceremonies. Gentle, loving and peaceful – I had so wished to meet him again!

Supersouls I get for the answer, are souls, which unite to a larger soul – thus their energies. This is only possible when they harmonize with each other to the maximum, both in terms of their soul plans and their frequencies. People’s lives are geared to discovering such soul allies and forming a supersoul with them.

Can supersouls merge already during their incarnations (i.e. during their lifetime), or only after they have ended their physical life and returned to the soul pool?

Supersouls can join together while they are still alive. Any relationship or friendship does that, but energetically they can merge only after they have left the physical plane. They don’t do it autonomously either, it has to be approved by the soul guides of both souls. Supersouls are powerful lumps of energy, to call it that, their light is very strong and influences the Spirits around them. That is why there is a close look at who is joining. The harmony of the whole must always be maintained.

What purpose do they serve, or in other words, what do the Supersouls get out of it?

Manifestation. The manifestation powers of the united souls add up. Supersouls can manifest much more easily. Depending on the energy potential, also matter.

Then wisdom and knowledge. The wisdom and knowledge of the united souls add up. Supersouls often act as spirit guides or ascended masters.

Can supersouls also unite so that a mega supersoul is created?

Yes, and this has also been happening since Daseins-Gedenken. They are very strong energies, full of wisdom and manifestation power. And these mega-supersouls can also unite, provided all the conditions are met and the soul guides have agreed. In this way, deities are created. In other words, energy beings that have all the qualities that deities must fulfill.

What about the karma, they take that with them then, don’t they? So these mega supersouls then have the karma of all the souls that unite in them?

And something like a super karma, or mega super karma, would arise. That is why a spiritual director will never agree to a soul merging if one of the souls is still karmically contaminated.

Take humanity. It is basically a hyper-mega-supersoul, to stay with this descriptive model. But it has not been able to unite into one big whole until today, because there are karmic burdens in almost every human being. Together these burdens form the karma of mankind.

Individual souls, however, can leave the loose human union through the path of enlightenment, even physically if they want to, and unite with other enlightened ones to supersouls, whereby being enlightened alone is not sufficient as a prerequisite. The frequencies of both enlightened ones must also harmonize with each other. The highest law in the universe is harmony!

So this is how deities come into being. What tasks do they have? Why does the universe need deities? There is God, isn’t that enough?

Everything is summed up God, thus the universe, the „All-What-Is“. Deities are, so to speak, parts of God, which are assigned to certain manifestation tasks. For example, they create matter and there are specialists for every kind of matter.

If specialists for rocks and minerals have joined together again and again, in the end a deity will emerge who is particularly good at manifesting rocks. If souls who were particularly connected to water during their lifetime have united to form deities, that deity will be able to create oceans with a flash of inspiration.

Take yourself. You have different qualities. Sometimes you are a musician, sometimes a mystic, sometimes a programmer and sometimes a researcher. Whenever you are intensively occupied with one of these fields, you are at that moment exclusively the specialist for exactly this field.

The divine creator potential has also split up into specialists. There is a specialist for every material form and quality, a deity, arisen from like-minded souls who have united. Manifesting is a very complex process, so it makes sense to specialize and focus your energies.

So the ancient Greeks were right, or the indigenous people, in the rainforest? There is a water god, a rock god, a weather god, etc.?

Deity, not God. But basically, that’s true. Hardly anyone sees it that way today, because hardly anyone is aware of the inconceivably complex, non-material world that the material world is based on. They think, boom, big bang and then everything happened according to physical laws.

True. But who created the physical laws? There must have been at least one all controlling consciousness that has fixed these laws. The basis of matter is always something spiritual.

The big bang and the resulting expansion of matter is manifestation in slow motion. Only in this way these regularities can be grasped and passed on by the slow human brains. The human perception of the expansion is adapted to the inertia of the human mind. This knowledge learned by the human mind passes sometime into the supersouls and therefore into later deities who can then create new worlds on the basis of these laws.

Who manifests life?

Deities as well. There are compositions of biologically active matter that can become what is called life. They need a starting energy, an impulse. As soon as they have received this, they live independently from the impulse, i.e. the energy they have received. The impulse is supplied by the deities, i.e. hyper-mega-supersouls.

Not God?

Yes and No. Everything is God. Deities are aspects of God. All astral and light beings, whether high vibrational, or low vibrational, are aspects of God. Angels are aspects of God – even Lucifer, since he is an angel. The Jesus energy is also an aspect of God. If we take a thin magnifying glass, we see only God. The thicker the magnifying glass becomes, the more we can see the details of the divine universe. Then suddenly we see deities, supersouls, souls, demons, and so on.

Can low vibrating astral beings, we call them demons, also manifest?

Provided they are given the necessary energy to do so, yes. But they cannot create life, only matter. The components that make life possible cannot be manifested by them. So, with the biology it is an end for them.

Where do they get the energy from?

From people. They take life energy from people who are willing to give them life energy. In return, these people get the circumstances manifested that they desire. People are usually not aware of this deal. They think, oh that would be nice if I had this and that, or this and that would happen in my life. But instead of manifesting it themselves, which they could, they send it out into the universe as a wish.

The lower astral plane is the closest to the material plane. There these beings exist and they fulfill your wishes and take for it from your life energy. Gladly also a little bit more, because they also want to exist.

Thoughts are energy and wishes are especially strong energy. Be careful with what you wish for, the universe is always listening to you. Even the so-called demons are only there to serve people. They are energetically very close to them, they are neither good nor bad. They manifest matter, or circumstances that have to do with matter, that is their task.

WHAT is to be manifested, that determines the human being. A demon is always only as good or bad as the human who feeds it. They are pure resonance beings.

Can demons be used to harm other people?

No. Demons may harm very much, but never a soul, therefore they will never follow a harmful wish. No one in the universe will!

You then generate this bad energy, the bad wish, but you don’t find a buyer for it. It remains therefore with you and will then harm YOU, instead of the person for whom you had intended it. Everything bad that you send out falls back on you in this way.

Experienced manifester therefore does not say „I want this one or that one to lose his post“. He says „I want an even better one to take over the post!“ The result would be identical.

Can supersouls incarnate?

Yes, but not on earth. Their energy would be too strong, they would destroy all life around them. There are extra planets for mega-supersouls and deities.

What kind of planets are they?

Preferably ice planets.

Why ice planets?

The carapace of frozen water acts like a giant crystal. There their energy can incarnate optimally.

And then, what do they get out of it? A life in the ice?

They do not live in the ice, they are the ice. These ice planets have consciousness. And this consciousness works in the complete material and non-material universe.

Are there also deities incarnating on fire planets?

Yes, the oldest of all souls, the souls of the dragon beings. So, that they are called so, is an invention of the people. They are not serpent beings, nor do they have wings, nor do they breathe fire. They are pure energy. But of an enormous power. They are the creators of many universes.

Also ours?

Not alone. Yours is of cold and warm light, their universes are exclusively of warm and hot light. A very old dragon universe overlaps with yours, so you can feel its energy. The earth’s core, for example, is pure dragon energy.

The Kundalini?

Kundalini is both. Fire energy, which is dragon energy, and water energy, which is the energy of the octopus. Octopuses are energetically the counterparts of the dragons. Whereby I speak here of pure symbolism. They are both forms of energy, not living beings in the biological sense. When Kundalini rises from the earth’s core, it is perceived as dragon energy, as heat that burns. When it descends, it is felt as cold, which is the purifying Kundalini. They always alternate.

The hot dragon kundalini burns energies that do not serve and the cold kundalini flushes the dross of this process out of the body. The hot kundalini represents the masculine, burning and the cold kundalini represents the feminine, purifying.

Do supersouls have kundalini?

They ARE Kundalini. Incarnate beings HAVE kundalini, because they cannot tap into the energetic universe as easily as light beings can, so they store this energy in the form of kundalini.

Is the kundalini of the supersouls and gods hot, or cold?

Neither. They do not have to burn anything, nor do they have to purify anything. They can only use this energy to manifest.

May I ask who told me all this?

What have you been microdosing for 10 days?

Ayahuasca (is that where the feeling of being accompanied by a female spirit comes from?)

Update 08.05.22

I have to ask something. I have learned that it is not possible to harm others by thought. But then why do curses work?

Curses are pronounced toward the cursed. Thus, there is a receiver. If the receiver is open to curses, that is, he believes it is possible to be cursed, he will manifest the curse. HE HIMSELF then manifests the curse, not some demon! You cannot curse anyone secretly, you only curse yourself.

The same is true for voodoo. Do voodoo secretly and it will not work. Tell the voodoo victim that he is the target of a voodoo attack, for example by putting a dead animal in front of his door, or a voodoo doll, then you create a recipient and he basically judges himself – if he believes in it. If you want to protect yourself from curses and the like, you simply have to stop believing in them.

Energy always needs a receiver one who goes into resonance with it. If it finds no receiver, it remains with the transmitter. If the alleged voodoo victim does not believe in voodoo, the destructive energy remains with the voodoo magician – who is not a magician, but a charlatan. Many an inexperienced would-be magician has killed himself in this way. Experienced voodoo magicians, on the other hand, do not do this nonsense – that is, black magic, which is nothing more than mental manipulation and therefore not magic. Real voodoo works exclusively with positive intention, thus white-magic.

What about the consciousnesses of the souls when they unite into a supersoul?

There are no singular consciousnesses outside the physical plane. Everything is ONE consciousness. Akasha. Every Spirit can access Akasha at any time. When you move from the physical plane to the non-physical, i.e. biological death, all information goes into Akasha, including the ME information, i.e. the character information about the person you were when you were alive.

If you decide to incarnate again, you can choose any personality. You can be Napoleon in the next life – at least in terms of personality. This does not mean that you will live his life. You may not be a French emperor, but a British civil servant, but with Napoleon’s personality.

It is the same with the consciousness. You are then assigned, through your ego, the consciousness information that you choose, although you can never accept consciousness information that you have not already experienced in one of your incarnations. So, if you have always been a rather unconscious person for many lifetimes, then you cannot choose the consciousness structure of an enlightened one.

It would not work either. Every consciousness has its own frequency and the higher it is developed, the higher its frequency. Likewise, each spirit, each soul, has its own frequency. The frequency of the soul must at least match that of the consciousness. It must not be lower, but it can be higher. So, a human being can reincarnate as a mosquito, but a mosquito cannot reincarnate as a human being.

Why can only enlightened ones unite to supersouls?

And there preferentially those with the same frequency. If two vibrations of different frequency merge with each other, they add up to their mean value. So the lower vibration slows down the higher vibration. However, if all the souls involved and their soul guides agree, souls of different frequencies can merge to form supersouls.

How can enlightened ones have different frequencies?

Enlightened ones have a higher frequency vibration than non-enlightened ones, yet there are differences among enlightened ones as well. If an enlightened person has worked his way to enlightenment over decades of meditation, he will have a very high vibration. If enlightenment has come to him virtually overnight, or through the regular use of psychedelic substances, then he will be enlightened, that is, free of karma, but not of as high a vibration as the meditator. Nevertheless, they can unite into a supersoul by mutual consent, provided their soul guides, who also supervise their soul plans, agree.

The exception is the union of lovers. On top of that, if two enlightened souls are united in love, no one can contradict their fusion. Love is the highest authority in the universe; it is God.

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