Ayahuasca alone at home III

If there are problems, it is ALWAYS wrong set or setting, worst case both. The only thing that medicine does is to activate the Kundalini and open the chakras. But if the energetic hygiene in the ceremony room is neglected, then the participants become victims not only of their own negative energies, their own „demons“, but also those of others. They then have access to the energy body of the participants through the opened chakras. Some people leave a bad setting energetically „dirtier“ than they went in.

Ayahuasca alone at home II

When I woke up again after about 1 hour of deep trance, I was no longer myself. So, I knew who I am, what my name is, what my job is, who my family is and so on, but I didn’t feel it anymore. Complete dissociation! I only felt my soul anymore. The ego was just enough to realize that it was barely there. Again I fell into a trance, but this time a not so deep one. That let me enjoy this state consciously for a long time. I did the test and tried to think of everyday things, which I did not succeed in doing. I left it at that and gave myself completely to the peace of my soul, which enjoyed just being. Just being – that’s all the soul wants.

Conversations with Ayahuasca

Now the Kundalini begins to become much stronger and I suddenly taste Yagé. This bitter-sour taste has burned itself into my memory, one does not forget so easily. I feel strongly connected to the medicine and try to have a conversation with her.

Ayahuasca Report, Ceremony 37-39 (November 2020)

The helper spirit is a female spirit and I feel what he (she) feels and it feels incredibly beautiful. He is full of love for people and gives me his instructions by intuition. Often I find myself wanting to do something, but then I do something completely different and it always seems to be just right. My ego is still present as a delicate shell, but quiet and in awe of the work of the spirit. Then the Spirit shows itself to me. It has no form. It is pure energy and appears to me as beautiful blue geometry.