Everything is God. Deities are aspects of God. All astral and light beings, whether high vibrational or low vibrational, are aspects of God. Angels are aspects of God – even Lucifer, since he is an angel. The Jesus energy is also an aspect of God. If we take a thin magnifying glass, we see only God. The thicker the magnifying glass becomes, the more we can see the details of the divine universe. Then suddenly we see deities, super souls, souls, demons, and so on.

Ayahuasca alone at home IV

The universe is part of a fractal. There are infinitely many fractals and therefore infinitely many universes. As in the small, so in the big, as in the inside, so in the outside. Each fractal contains the information of all preceding fractals, thus each universe is a hologram. If you consider a fractal, it becomes clear that the highest dimensions are the innermost fractals. They contain all the information of the outer fractals that grow out of them. The primordial fractal is God.

Duality – all one and yet contradictory

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In fact everything is an energy, only it oscillates in different frequencies. So instead of speaking of negative and positive energies, it is better to speak of low vibrating and high vibrating energies. So our emotional world is also subject to the dualistic principle, through a mixture of high and low vibrating energies.