Kundalini Diary 2021

After a short time I am completely connected with my soul. I feel its love for me, but also for humanity as a whole. Soul consciousness is the consciousness of the meta-level, which is a level beyond this 3rd dimension. I am now my soul consciousness and perceive how it makes important decisions and how it refines and differentiates the decisions more and more. They are profound decisions that I will not divulge as they are too personal, but they spring from pure love for all that is. The energy takes another step up as the choices are released into manifestation, there is no other way I can put it.

Kundalini Update II

No matter how I lay down, it hurt and the pain grew stronger. I soon had the feeling that my back was on fire. In the meantime it was 4 o’clock in the morning and sleep was out of the question. I got rid of all my clothes in my unheated bedroom and still didn’t freeze. When I put my hands on my chest, I quickly withdrew them, they seemed to burn my chest. Then I put them on my thighs – again the same thing. My hands had become little ray guns. I lay down on the cool laminate floor, which felt very good. As soon as I lay on my back, the burning subsided and a strong, yet soothing Kundalini wave shot through my body. It found its way directly into the Ajna chakra, which immediately triggered visions. Patterns, spirals, golden rain, very beautiful!

The imaginary energy shovel …

When you do this exercise regularly, you will find that it becomes more and more effective. Soon the energy will flow through your energy pathways and chakras almost by itself. When you reach this level, you can start the exercise at any level.