The ways separate (part 4)

The consciousness itself is uninfluenced, it already vibrates in the highest of its individually possible vibration, that of the soul. But the brains of the people who channel this soul consciousness, so to speak, can only receive what their frequency spectrum makes possible. Some can receive more, thus also the higher frequencies and the information coded in it, others can only channel, decode the lower frequencies. Only enlightened ones are able to receive and decode the soul consciousness completely.

Of clairvoyants and magicians and the awakening of the feminine

If a lasting connection between magician and clairvoyant was established, the newly born magician could in turn open the magician’s third eye with her freshly awakened kundalini via shaktipad and also give him clairvoyant abilities. The best magicians were those who sought out a clairvoyant for a partner and, conversely, the best magicians were those who sought out a magician to awaken their kundalini. There were also unique connections. Exchange activation of kundalini for opening of the third eye. One saw all this rather pragmatically.

Christian Fundis and the Kundalini

Dear Christian fundies, get out of your fear. Everything has its correctness in the divine universe. God is everything that is and therefore he is the good, as well as the “evil”. I put it in quotation marks because good and evil exist only in the minds and concepts of people. The universe itself does not know good and evil, that knows only energies and frequencies and these distribute themselves over the whole spectrum of what we call duality. Strictly speaking, there is not even that.

The Gods Forge

The problem is that man has declared science to be God and thus lost sight of his own divinity. Science is a tool, nothing more. It must never become an end in itself, for it is too small in its importance for man to have ever allowed that. Has science found out what the soul is? No. And it will never find out with its present ignorance towards the spiritual world. It has set itself limits, that is highly unscientific.

The ways separate (part 3)

Evil is the other pole of duality. Where there is light, there is also shadow. Hold a glass over a brightly shining candle and it will be blackened by soot. Evil is the anchor so that creation does not float away unchecked. The young creation of mankind is not yet ready for the great ocean, there are dangers lurking that it could not yet overcome. But one lets it swim out piece by piece further. Just now the buoys are being readjusted. Many will now swim further out, others will stay behind on the beach. They still have to learn to swim.

The ways separate (part 2)

There will be a reality where population growth will come to a complete standstill, and this problem will be met by test-tube human beings. In these artificially created people, the ability to reproduce will be completely removed, because the ability to reproduce will be a danger, because there can still be offspring that are able to reproduce. However, it is easier if one will not let the people reproduce at all in natural way any more. Since no more mixing of the genes takes place, as at the moment still, the intelligence of the people of said realities will degenerate so strongly that one will insert brain implants to them.

The ways separate (part 1)

The dark side is dying, there is no other way to put it. It has no chance against the light. Those who go the way of light strengthen the light. But those who go the way of darkness weaken the dark, because they do not bring light into the marriage. When hungry people join other hungry people, they only become more hungry people.

Kundalini-Teacher – Morning lesson

Humanity must completely rethink, it must integrate the feminine again. The feminine embodies the potential, that is God, the masculine the impulse, that is consciousness. The impulse activates the process of manifestation, the potential accomplishes this by transformation. Manifestation is first only informed (thought-) energy. So that from this energy lasting becomes, for example matter, it requires the transformation of the information contained in it into atoms and molecules by the energy of the love. This is what the feminine does.

Kundalini Warriors

Warriors of light and kundalini warriors follow the same goal. Their dimension is that of light, their spirit guides are the beings of light, their power is love and their weapon is kundalini. They do not kill and they do not destroy. They initiate transformation and help others to awaken. Their patron goddesses are Kali, Athena and Lilith.

Morning Lesson

It is important that everyone who becomes aware of his creative energy, carefully considers how he uses it. FOR life, or against it. If he decides for life, he will strengthen his energy, on the other hand, if he uses this power to harm others, he weakens it. He gives it to those who pay him for using his energy destructively. Likewise, a person weakens his life energy when he calls upon shadow beings, because shadow beings need life energy, that is, kundalini, for their manipulative actions. They get it from the caller. The latter may have a temporary advantage of it, but seen from eternity, it will gradually bind his soul to the lowest ranks of existence.