Kundalini Diary 2021

After a short time I am completely connected with my soul. I feel its love for me, but also for humanity as a whole. Soul consciousness is the consciousness of the meta-level, which is a level beyond this 3rd dimension. I am now my soul consciousness and perceive how it makes important decisions and how it refines and differentiates the decisions more and more. They are profound decisions that I will not divulge as they are too personal, but they spring from pure love for all that is. The energy takes another step up as the choices are released into manifestation, there is no other way I can put it.

Ayahuasca alone at home IV

Ayahuasca, Kundalini, Klarträumen

The universe is part of a fractal. There are infinitely many fractals and therefore infinitely many universes. As in the small, so in the big, as in the inside, so in the outside. Each fractal contains the information of all preceding fractals, thus each universe is a hologram. If you consider a fractal, it becomes clear that the highest dimensions are the innermost fractals. They contain all the information of the outer fractals that grow out of them. The primordial fractal is God.

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