The Gods Forge

It’s 8:40 and it’s hard for me to get up, despite 10 hours of sleep. Not because I am still tired, but because I am flooded with unspeakably beautiful energy that urges me to write this down. I am directly connected with my soul, my true self.

The human being is a god being, even if the human science sees him rather as an intelligent animal. Now animals are also higher beings, even if man sees them rather as farm animals. Everything what lives has a soul, comes from God, is God, part of his manifold way to represent himself.

How can there be god beings if there is already God, you may ask?

God beings are Gods and God is the highest of all God beings. Only the creator energy God, or whatever name you give it, can create god beings, because only this energy has the potential to do so. God beings in turn can create universes, angels, demons – everything that is needed. But not souls. Souls can only be created by the source of all being, which is called God by many. It needs god beings, because it is also the goal of creation to multiply. Multiplication is creation, is God, is the goal of all being. To fill infinity, with infinite creations.

To become a god being, it needs a school. As a creator being, which you then are as a god being, you have very, very great responsibility. A creator being can only become who has experienced everything that can be experienced. A safe bridge can also only be built by someone who has a lot of experience in building bridges. Mankind goes to this school, it is called life. The schoolhouse of mankind is the earth. There are countless schools of the gods in the universe and the day will come when they will also exchange with human beings.

Mankind is not yet ripe for it, first it must understand that they are becoming god beings.

That they are creative beings, however, can be recognized already now, one must only look at the wonderful arts which mankind has produced so far. Who makes art, is with God, it is said. Well, all living beings are with God. But he who makes art recognizes him in it.

Creating, creating, whatever you want to call it, via the non-material plane is very similar to creating via the material plane, which people are very good at. Creating over the non-material plane requires a very good imagination. Visions are energy. Whether it is an optical vision, an ideal or a material one, is irrelevant. One can also feel visions, one does not have to see them with the inner eye. Some people feel their visions, others see them in dream images before them.

This generated energy is like an ignition spark. This spark creates the vision on the energetic level, which belongs to the astral levels. If the vision is not fed with further creative energy, it fades away again until it has completely disappeared. The art of creation consists in feeding and strengthening the vision, the idea, the wish, with energy, with further sparks, until it is also a tangible or experienceable reality in the material world.

From the astral level to the material one it requires very high energy, because matter is nothing else, than condensed energy.

If a god being wants to create a tree, then his consciousness visualizes a tree. And the tree is ready. How does the god being know how a tree is composed, up to the molecular level? He learned that in the course of his god-being evolution. As a human being, he found out at some point what a tree is like. He can fall back on this knowledge later, as a god being. There is a reason why man is so obsessed with science.

The problem is that man has declared science to be a god and thus lost sight of his own divinity. Science is a tool, nothing more. It must never become an end in itself, for it is too small in its importance for man to have ever allowed that to happen. Has science found out what the soul is? No. And it will never find out with its present ignorance towards the spiritual world. It has set limits for itself, which is highly unscientific.

There are schools of gods in the universe, not only in this one, that have not set themselves these limits. They have developed in the same period much faster than the human being. Also, they have not wasted their knowledge and energy on waging wars and producing and piling up meaningless things.

The human being is boundless both in his divine creator potential and in his stupidity.

As already said, the creating, the manifesting, takes place on the non-material level similarly as on the material. Who has once observed an artistically active person with the creation of a clay sculpture, will see, how it goes. First, a framework is made of wire, which already shows the final shape. Then the wire framework is wrapped with cloth, which will later hold the clay. And then layer after layer of clay is applied until the sculpture is finished. This is how god beings manifest matter, only they don’t do it with wire, cloth and clay, but directly with the energy necessary for it, which is then the matter, the sculpture.

The more developed a god being is, the more directly it can create matter. It depends on its energy potential. Man already has a very high energy potential, but he lives on a planet which vibrates very low, so that this potential cannot be fully expressed. The low vibration of the schoolhouse earth does not allow the future god being man to manifest everything that comes into his head, although he is quite capable of manifesting within the framework of his more modest possibilities and we can see that. As soon as man is ready a higher spiritual creative power, the frequency of his environment will increase. Higher frequency means higher energy, means higher manifestation power.

This increase of manifestation power takes place in several steps. The first step was the discovery of fire. Then came the discovery of art, suddenly man began to paint walls. Other elevations followed. Music, settling down, agriculture, science, and so on. Since man first tries everything, which is part of learning, since learning means experiencing, he also tried everything in a destructive way. Marching music to lead regiments into battle, painting to draw battle plans, science to build bombs. But this, too, is part of training. Suffering must be experienced as well as happiness and joy. If he wants to avoid suffering as a future god being, he must know what suffering is.

Knowing means feeling on a spiritual level.

That is how it is. Be happy to be part of this school, don’t be sorry. God has a plan, even if he does not reveal it. He does not show his cards, but you can trust him in everything.