The imaginary energy shovel …

… a simple way to provide yourself with beneficial energy.

I say right away, in the physical or biological context I do not know what I’m talking about. But I do know that this energy exists and that it has many names: Qi, Chi, Prana, Kundalini, Orgon – just to name the most common ones. The good thing about this energy is that it is always there, costs nothing and is good for the body. Also, you don’t have to be clairvoyant or aurasighted to use it, because the energy doesn’t care if you see it or not. It is there, always and for everyone. I would like to describe here my quite personal method, with which I make myself this energy usable, it me in the wahrsten sense of the word „zu schaufle“.

First of all, I would like to suggest that you briefly look into the chakra system, because this will be very useful to us in a moment. I myself know where the chakras are located in the body according to chakra theory, but I can’t name them, you don’t have to be able to. It is enough to have an idea of where these 6 energy wheels are located in the body (+ 2 outside). Another help is to recall the paddle wheel of a water mill and the idea of how it tirelessly moves water.

So, here we go.

Lie on your back with your head resting on a small pillow.
Go inside yourself and relax.

1. You will now fill your first inner chakra with qi. It is the chakra that sits exactly at the level of the tailbone, or at the level of the pubic hair. To do this, imagine the big paddle wheel flushing a liquid into this chakra, except that this liquid is energy. It is the energy that surrounds you while you are lying there on your back. Now the paddle wheel starts spinning briskly, shoveling a good load of this precious energy directly into your lowest, inner chakra. It doesn’t matter now if you feel anything right away, even that doesn’t matter to the energy. It is „flushed“ into your first chakra by your imagination alone. Maybe you feel a tingling in the pubic area – then all the better!

After each scoop, inhale and exhale deeply 2 times.

2. Now you have filled your two lowest chakras with new energy – bravo!now it’s the turn of the „Hara“, your belly chakra. It sits at the level of your belly button. Imagine how the paddle wheel with momentum flushes a full portion of energy through the first chakra into your belly button. Then inhale and exhale deeply. You may feel a queasy feeling in your belly, which is a good sign!

Now you have filled your two lowest chakras with new energy – bravo!

3. Now it is the turn of your solar plexus chakra. It is located below the costal arch at the entrance to the stomach. You know it well, it always reports in emotional states of excitement. A large charge of energy is now flushed in your mind through your two lowest chakras into the pit of your stomach. You may also feel queasy this time, maybe even a little sick. But this will pass quickly. It shows that the energy has arrived where it should go. Then inhale and exhale again twice intensively.

With each energy scoop the previous chakras are „flushed“ again, this is intended, they should remain active until the end of the exercise.

4. Now comes a very important chakra, which connects us with the spiritual world, the heart chakra. Here you do the same. The imaginary paddle wheel flushes the life energy through your lowest 3 chakras, into your heart. But first take a little scoop, because the heart chakra is already active in many people and therefore much more sensitive than the others. Too much Qi in the heart chakra can lead to temporary palpitations, but this also subsides very quickly. You may feel your chest rising and feel the need to let out a sigh. Go ahead – your heart chakra is then especially active! Afterwards, do not forget to inhale and exhale intensively again!

5. Now it’s the turn of the 5th chakra. You know it when an unpronounceable word or thought sticks in your throat. It is called the laryngeal chakra and it is located right there. Now you flush energy through all previous chakras into your larynx. From now on, however, you should use less energy, because from now on the heart chakra will also be flushed with energy each time. Do you feel a lump that suddenly sticks in your throat? If not, don’t worry, because the energy has reliably arrived there. Do not forget to breathe in and out.

As each time all the previous chakras are filled with energy again, you may feel a tingling sensation in your body rising from your tailbone. This is the energy, it is a good sign!

6. The last inner chakra is the brow chakra or third eye. It is responsible for your intuition and also likes to interfere with dreams, making them more vivid and pictorial. If the energy arrives in the forehead, it may cause temporary pressure in the head, or the eyes may go cross-eyed for a few seconds. These are all good signs! Breathing in and out…

7. Now it’s the turn of the two outer chakras. First, the one that lies at the level of the soles of your feet (it is disputed that it exists at all. But I feel it as clearly present). Your paddlewheel makes only a short, powerful push to flush as little energy as possible into the upper chakras, which are already charged with energy, and as much as possible into your sole chakra. This chakra connects you to the earth, it provides grounding and grounding. You may feel a distinct tingling sensation in the soles of your feet and the other chakras may be slightly activated as well, but that’s okay. Inhale and exhale.

8. Last but not least is your crown chakra. It dwells above the crown of your head and is the interface to the divine level, the soul. You are now grounded through the soles of your feet and above your heart chakra there are two additional chakras active that can absorb excess heart energy. So take a good shovel, let the energy flow upward from the soles of your feet through all your chakras, all the way above your head. Now all your energy nodes are filled with energy and on top of that you have connected with earth and sky. If your scalp starts to tingle as if ants were crawling over your head – great! Possibly your whole body is already vibrating slightly and if you don’t feel anything at all, be sure that the energy has found its way through your body. Your chakras are then only not yet active enough to enter into excitation, or resonance.

Whether you feel something or not, just lie there for a while and feel inside yourself. You can also go through all the chakras again in your mind – without the energy shovel. Just feel whether you perceive them.

Shortcut for quick energy in between
If you do this exercise regularly, you will notice that it becomes more and more effective. Soon the energy will flow through your energy pathways and chakras almost by itself. When you reach this level, you can start the exercise at any level. Sit up straight, close your eyes and gather yourself internally. Now visualize the big paddle wheel pushing a big load of fresh energy through your body. I wouldn’t visualize all the way to the brow chakra, though, because activating that chakra causes an increase in slow-vibrating theta waves, as an EEG reading taken on my forehead showed. In fact, activating the brow chakra makes you feel very relaxed, but this is not always desirable.

Now I wish you fun with it and lots of extra life energy!