The water of forgiveness

I wake up at 4 in the morning – soaking wet. I’m fine, I already felt when I went to bed. But although I had made myself comfortable unclothed under my summer doily, I must have been properly warm during the night. Also extraordinary is that I have no kundalini this morning. So, somewhere she is, but not noticeable. I had already not felt it when I went to sleep, despite lying on my back. Very unusual for me. If you have ever looked into my Kundalini diary, you know that there is normally NO morning without Kundalini for me. Instead, this morning I am soaking wet. I realize only later that this wetness could have symbolic meaning.

When I wake up, I get 3 sentences conveyed:

The water of forgiveness will come to the people. It will be the water of the 1st baptism.” The 3rd message is a vision and a sentence. I see the face of my girlfriend. The message about it: “She will be an ambassador“.

There I lie now, soaking wet and these words are implied to me. I am not a Christian and think what could be meant by the 1st baptism?

Is it the water with which the first Christians were baptized at that time? The water of John, if I remember correctly the forced religion lessons in high school? Or is it a new baptism that will come over all people and that will give them the power of forgiveness? Or is it only meant symbolically, the universe likes to “speak” in riddles? And what kind of messenger will my girlfriend be?

The answers to these questions were as follows.

Ambassadors and activators
There are ambassadors and activators. The activators activate the ambassadors – let me be an activator. The ambassadors have the task of conveying information. I asked why they gave my gitlfriend the task of the ambassador and not the activator, since she doesn’t like to talk so much? The answer: Her ability to communicate extrovertly had been blocked by forces that did not want her to act as an ambassador. It was now her task to release these blockages.

That was all I could elicit from the universe this morning.

What do I do with it now? The universe could have just let me sleep for another 40 minutes?

The water of forgiveness
As for the water of forgiveness, I think it was meant symbolically. In the Christian context, baptism establishes the connection to God, and for me as a non-Christian, it means, translated, the connection to the All, that is, the universe, in all its 13 dimensions. People will therefore get a connection to the universe and learn to forgive. But you can only forgive if you are able to love unconditionally, because forgiveness is an act of love. It comes directly from the heart, only in this way can it unfold its transformative power. Will people reach the state of unconditional love?

What is meant by ambassadors and what will be their task? A message is a communication. So they will communicate things to people that obviously others cannot communicate, otherwise there would be no need for extra ambassadors. My girlfriend has a very good intuition. Her third eye opens so easily that a nudge on the forehead is enough. I have by far not this gift and always find her reports fascinating.

What do the activators do? Well, sure, they activate. But what? Since according to the transmitted message the activators activate the ambassadors, I obviously activated the ambassador in my girlfriend. But what exactly did I do? All I remember is that I accidentally activated her Kundalini and with the Kundalini her Third Eye opened. She told me that she had never known before what she has been experiencing ever since.

That is probably the job of the activators. They activate the Kundalini of future messengers and thus their Third Eye.

It is very likely that every ambassador will become an activator at some point, because whoever has an active kundalini can activate it in others from a certain level.

And who was my activator?
I would say Ayahuasca. The Kundalini activated itself already 1 year before my 1st Ayahuasca and triggered my first lucid dreams, but the decisive step happened in the 2nd night of my 6th retreat, where I was explained by the medicine how I could activate my Kundalini at any time and let it rise. Only this training has developed my Kundalini to the strength it has now and which enables me to activate it in others as well.

Now I just wait and see what will happen in the world. If people would learn to forgive, it would indeed be a milestone in the development of human consciousness. It would change everything!