The ways separate (part 1)

Automatic Writing from 04/20/21 at 8am, during a Kundalini High. The energy is very present and allows the information to flow. I write them down.

Times pass and leave their messages to eternity. What happens today has meaning not only today, it is a fork to a path that must be walked. By all, even if many have gone the way long ago, had chosen the fork long ago, at an earlier time. For them it is a phase of endurance. They know the path of awakening and should support those who still have it ahead of them. They are to help rather than condemn.

They had the gift of early awakening and this gift was given to them because they already had the prerequisites. Very many do not have these conditions of quick awakening, they will take longer. Everyone who awakens takes at least one non-awakened person with them. You passed the fork years ago without realizing it. At some point you became aware of it and consciously continued on the path of light. That’s when you decided that this is the right path for you.

Stand ready now and help those who will have to decide at the fork. They need strength and they need a vision.

You are already helping your friend and you see how good it is for her. She is well on her way to realizing who she really is. You’re not pushing her, but she’s pushing because it’s so important to her. She is one of the strong ones, not everyone is as strong as she is. She will also help others, she will be able to do that very soon. Your daughter is a child of light. All children are children of light, but her daughter has been through many incarnations and has already walked the path. She is here to help her mother on the path of awakening, even if she is not aware of it. There will still be some hurdles, and that is where your friend needs your company, your calm and your energy.

Stay with yourself, don’t get distracted, focus only on the path of light.

The hatred you get from those who do not want to awaken hurts. Endure the pain and forgive them. They are prisoners. Some are already damned, they belong to the dark side forever. It was their free will. Pay special attention to them, because they are trying to strengthen themselves on your energy. Do not waste any of your energy on the dark side, they will abuse it to do more bad things.

The dark side is dying, there is no other way to put it. It has no chance against the light. Those who go the way of the light strengthen the light. But those who go the way of the dark weaken the dark, because they do not bring light into the marriage. When hungry people join other hungry people, they only become more hungry people.

The fork is the parting of the ways between the light and the dark. The darkness tries with all means to let the people go the way into the darkness. Especially the awakened ones, because they carry the strongest energy. Therefore, it is especially important that the awakened do not lose their focus on the light, do not let themselves be pulled down into the energetic abysses of the dark.

The dark disguises itself as light, but its light has no love.

Those who follow their light follow black light, all others follow golden light. The golden light is the light that people should follow, it is the only one that leads to inner and therefore outer peace, because it is the light of divine love. Keep your inner peace, your golden light.

The light is not yet strong enough, the energy too weak to reach all the non-awakened, but it will become stronger and stronger, brighter and brighter, and then the paths will part. Prepare yourself for the fact that even among your friends or even family members, not everyone will walk the path of light, the path to peace and freedom. This does not mean that they will become reprobates, it means that they do not have the strength to meet the light. Counter their rejection and hatred with love and forgiveness.

They act out of their weakness. Their hatred is hatred against themselves. As long as they do not learn to love themselves, they will hate others for it.

And they will not learn to love themselves as long as they deny their soul. The darkness throws the veil of forgetfulness over their soul light, but that does not mean that it is extinguished. It is only covered. Her soul itself must find the strength to throw off this veil. No one else can do this task for her.

Gather information if you think you need it. But actually you don’t need it, because those who chose the path to the black light did NOT choose it because they didn’t know any better. They chose it because they are too weak for the golden light. They chose a world as they have known it for thousands of years. A world of hatred, of division and of being eternally reborn in this same world of hatred and division. They will only be able to leave this vicious circle, and that is what it is, if they are willing to learn. To learn who they really are. They are not yet ready to learn, their soul light is obscured.

You are a man of science and at the same time a man of mysticism. Both have always belonged together. Science teaches you the known, mysticism the unknown. Do not stick too much to the path of science, it has meaning only in this world, but mysticism has meaning in the whole universe. It is the law of the Divine.

Be awake. Be in love. Be serene.

The Universe is doing what it can to let all people walk the path of Light. Those who do not want to go, stay where they are. That is the way it is. Accept it, with all the pain that it will bring.

Part 2

Disclaimer: Automatic writing is a technique that can be compared to channel. Information is written down immediately without checking it or subjecting it to a context. At best, it is visually transformed into the best possible form. I put the things here in my blog, on the one hand, because this blog represents a kind of public notebook for me and on the other hand, because information could be present, which the one or other finds interesting, or possibly in its Channelings, or AWs, similarly received. I have a rather distant relationship to this information, also because some information contradicts my beliefs. But it is not my task to judge this, or even to exercise censorship. The words flow and I let them flow.