The ways separate (part 2)

Automatic Writing from 04/21-21 at 7:30 AM, during a Kundalini High. The energy is very present and allows the information to flow. I am writing it down.

Question: How will the separation into those who go the way of light and those who go the way of darkness take place?

Answer: The realities will split into several realities, not just two. There will be two extreme realities and countless in between. There will be one extreme reality of complete peace and complete self-determination of people. It is the reality of those who have integrated their souls and done their inner work, found their inner peace and have not been vaccinated with the gene vaccine.

The other extreme reality will become that of the complete opposite, for those who continue to deny their soul, do not do their inner work and have allowed themselves to be genetically manipulated. They and all their subsequent generations will spend a life in bondage. Evil will retreat into this reality, only there it can continue to exist, although by far not with the power as now, because this reality does not produce light people, or too few.

Between these realities there will be different hybrids. Inhabitants of the dark reality who did not let themselves be inoculated, inhabitants of the dark reality who wake up and do not want to follow the dark anymore, inhabitants of the dark reality who let themselves be inoculated and wake up and many mixed forms again between these dark realities.

On the light side, there will be a reality where people have awakened, done their inner work and found love and peace, but have allowed themselves to be inoculated, inhabitants of the light reality who still carry remnants of the dark within them and will not be able to continue on the path of light. They will remain stuck in an agonizing state of expectant lack. Also, some will fall back again because they remember the time before their inner work and find pleasure again in the times of division and hatred. They will switch to the dark reality that suits their vibration in each case.

Between all realities there are mixed forms. Has always existed. The difference this time is that it will be made possible for all people to switch to the light realities, which until now has only been allowed to a minority. The light realities are therefore very thinly populated.

Question: What is the effect of vaccination on human beings?

Answer: It is a gene vaccine developed by the evil one. Unknowingly, the scientists thought THEY had developed it. But it doesn’t work that way. Evil works through the way of manipulation. The scientists were manipulated, by greed. Greed is one of the most diabolical tools of all, evil par excellence.

The problem will become apparent that germ cells will also be affected by the vaccination and, as is now the case with the tissue cells of the bloodstream, it will lead to the destruction of their germ cells in some people. These people will no longer be able to reproduce. The destruction of germ cells – oocytes and sperm cells – and the severe damage to the latter caused by the nanoparticles of the vaccines alone will have no small effect on population growth.

The real problem, however, will be the people where the information in the gene vaccine changes the information in the germ cells and these mixed information henceforth becomes an integral part of all subsequent generations. These people, where the vaccination has led to a change in their genes, will produce offspring, some of whom will have their germ cells destroyed in the same way as the first vaccination generation, so that population growth will continue to be slowed down.

There will be a reality where population growth will come to a complete standstill and this problem will be met by people from the test tube. In these artificially created people, the ability to reproduce will be completely removed, because the ability to reproduce will be a danger, because there can still be offspring that are able to reproduce. However, it is simpler if one will not let the people reproduce at all in natural way.

Since no more mixing and therefore optimization of the genes takes place, as at the moment still, the intelligence of the people of said realities will degenerate so strongly that one will insert brain implants to them. The reproduction instinct will be informed out with the people of these realities since it only disturbs and will hold them back from their task. It will become a pure slave race. Artificially produced, without soul. In artificially produced humans no soul can incarnate. It needs the natural, sexual act for it. Potential and impulse. You remember?

Question: How can we prevent this?

Answer: Refuse to be administered this gene vaccine and all future vaccines based on this technology. They are the key of evil to the total control of humanity. Not all realities will be so extremely affected, again there will be realities in between where implants and enslavement will be prevented, but there will be those realities where evil will be able to retreat completely and continue its life despising ways.

Those who go the way of the Light will experience a completely different reality, unless they get vaccinated. If they do, they will be stuck in an intermediate reality where there are people who will not be able to reproduce due to destroyed germ cells. They will rue the day when they got vaccinated. And for no reason at all.

Question: Is the virus not dangerous?

Answer: Only the first generation of this artificially created virus poses a real danger to a very small minority. Everyone else can become mildly to severely ill for a short time, but only in the context of infections already known to them. The problem is that many people do not remember. They don’t remember that they’ve had very serious illnesses before, with exactly the same, or very similar symptoms, and that they’ve always gotten through them just fine. They get Covid and think, oh I’ve never been sick that bad. They are manipulated by the mass media, who have told them that Covid is a very bad disease, with bad late effects.

Those who believe in bad diseases will get bad diseases because they manifest them unconsciously. Whoever believes in severe long-term consequences will get severe long-term consequences, since he also manifests them unconsciously.

Everything is manifestation, especially of the subconscious mind. And the mass media directly affect the subconscious.

Question: Why is only the first virus generation more dangerous?

Answer: The next natural generations of this virus will become less potent, this is a natural evolutionary process in virus strains. The mutations, however, which are not mutations, but again artificially created variants of exactly the same strain, will become more dangerous.

Do not believe that the evil will leave it with this one artificial virus. Only, with the further ones it will not be noticeable, because they are descendants of the 1st generation.

The evil is extremely creative and life-despising in his destructiveness.

Question: How can we protect ourselves?

Answer: Above all, people must learn to protect themselves energetically. If they are energetically strong, evil will not harm them. Energetic protection also includes avoiding information that leads to energetic weakening. Mass media that pushes hatred and division, destructive computer games, violent pornography, greed, all lead to energetic weakening.

Every weakening of the energetic body increasingly brings one away from the path of light, despite good will. The most important protection is the energetic one. Everything is energy. The more people immunize themselves against evil through energetic protection, the less evil will be able to manipulate them. Above all, mass media must be avoided – they serve only one purpose, to manipulate people.

The awakened person does not need mass media anymore. He gets all the necessary information directly from the source.

Question: How can people protect themselves energetically?

Answer: Keeping your own energy and vibration high is the only way. How they do that is up to them. The best way is meditation, because it gives the soul a higher status. The soul is very high vibrational energy. The more the soul takes over, the more conscious the person becomes, and the more conscious the person is, the more he will avoid things that weaken his energy body and do the things that strengthen his energy body.

The soul is the connection to the divine, to the light.

Question: If the light will have more and more influence on people, so that there will be a division of realities, into light and darkness, how will people experience this?

Answer: Remember the activation of your energy body, your Kundalini. This is how it will happen. There will be temporary chaos because many people think they are sick. But it’s just the higher frequency of their cells and the stronger energy that comes with it. For the Kundalini to successfully do its work, the energetic cleansing, it needs a high fundamental frequency. If the fundamental frequency is too low, the awakening is associated with pain and suffering.

Question: What can those do who have already gone through this whole process?

Answer: To assist, enlighten and reassure the awakened.

Question: May I ask who you are?

Answer: I am one of the guardians of the so-called Akashic Chronicle.

Question: What is the Akashic Chronicle?

Answer: The game, the program, the pool of all possibilities.

Question: Program?


The history of mankind is a program, the Akashic Chronicle the data base, so to speak. The program serves the training of souls.

Question: What does the Akashic Chronicle contain?

Answer: All options and possibilities at all times.

Question: What is time?

Answer: The clock of the program.

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Disclaimer: Automatic writing is a technique that can be compared to channel. Information is written down immediately without checking it or subjecting it to a context. At best, it is visually transformed into the best possible form. I put the things here in my blog, on the one hand, because this blog represents a kind of public notebook for me and on the other hand, because information could be present, which the one or other finds interesting, or possibly in its Channelings, or AWs, similarly received. I have a rather distant relationship to this information, also because some information contradicts my beliefs. But it is not my task to judge this, or even to exercise censorship. The words flow and I let them flow.