The ways separate (part 3)

Automatic Writing from 04/22/21 at 9:00 AM, during a mild Kundalini.

Question: What is evil?

Answer: Imagine it as a mycelium, like a mushroom web, whereby I do not want to do injustice to the dear brothers and sisters from the magic realm of the mushrooms. It should serve only the illustration.

Evil is energy and it propagates in the same way as one knows it from mushroom braids. Its food is dark energy, that is very low vibrating ethereal substance. Only humans have this dark energy. Animals don’t have it, plants don’t have it, only life forms that can form karma can transport this energy, it is part of the energy body, which is also the karmic body. Now it is not that the evil absorbs the dark energy and then man is freed from his karma.

Evil attaches itself to dark energy without absorbing it. It sticks to it and it grows on it, but it does not consume it. At the same time, it forms a protective mantle around the dark energy, so that light energy, that is, positive energy, cannot dissolve and destroy it, or can do so only with great difficulty. Evil needs the presence of dark energy to grow. And just as the intestinal fungus Candida causes a person to eat even more sugar so that it can grow, evil causes the afflicted person to produce even more dark energy so that it can grow on it, like a plant on a trellis.

Evil is basically a parasite, but not one that sucks out its victim, but one that transforms it.

The souls of the afflicted can resist, but many souls bring a lot of old dark energy in their light body. Evil is just lurking and will try to manipulate these souls into generating even more karma and dark energy to serve as its host. Strong souls can resist this, weak ones, with a lot of karma, often cannot.

These people can only be helped by love. Love is the only energy that can push back evil, even dissolve it. Therefore, many karmically burdened souls seek a religion to bring themselves into positive vibration and thus into the energy of love. They visualize their spirit guide and thereby manifest its energy, which helps them dissolve their karma and build up a protection against evil. You can also sing, laugh, love, forgive, give thanks, play with children or cuddle with your cat or dog. Everything generates positive energy and helps to ward off evil.

On the other hand, harboring evil thoughts, hating, denouncing, condemning, betraying and cheating will give great pleasure to evil and it will make its home in these people. Evil is not an absolute, you can get rid of it at any time, but the more dark energy a person has integrated into his energy body, the harder the process of purification will be.

Compare evil to rust. Just as rust prevents metal from shining, evil prevents the light of the soul from shining.

And as with rust, one must be careful not to be eaten up by evil. Every soul that is lost is lost to the light. Every soul that purifies itself and frees itself from rust becomes one with the light.

Question: What is the state of affairs, good versus evil?

Answer: It is splitting up right now. The path of light is now open for humanity, for ALL people. Those who want to walk it, can walk it, those who don’t, will stay behind and continue to live in one of the dark realities. The evil does everything to prevent the migration of the souls. It manipulates through the media, it manipulates through karmically weakened politicians and it manipulates through the psyche of the masses. The awakened ones recognize the manipulations and they cannot harm them. The non-awakened can only defend themselves when they are awakened.

The path of light has been released and the mothership Earth is flooded with positive energy, little by little, piece by piece. Many will awaken as a result. At the same time, the rust of evil is spreading faster than it has in a long time, as its manipulations are turning people against each other and stirring up hatred and fear. The current events will lead to great purification and karmic health in some people, and in others this process will not take place, they are too burdened.

Question: Evil, Lucifer, demons. Can you tell me the differences?

The evil I have just explained, it is a parasite that attaches itself to negative energy and weakens the light body.

Lucifer is an angel, a deity. He is the ruler of everything material. He loves matter so much, especially precious stones, gold and silver, that he is bribable. People who give him gold can definitely hope for his services. He cannot just take the gold for himself, because people are God’s creatures and are therefore above him. But they can get him to help them. He is the ruler over matter and many wealthy people call upon him regularly. But he can also serve as a beneficent helper.

Lucifer can do good as well as bad, he is completely dispassionate about it. Pay him with gold or gems and he will do what you paid him to do.

Most demons are shadow beings, souls who have not made the ascension. They need etheric energy to exist. Those who want to ascend, to the light planes, seek light energy, that is, prana, and those who are comfortable in the shadow world, because they find everything they desire there, feed on negative energy, because it keeps them exactly where they are – in the shadow world, the lowest astral plane. These demons can indeed help a person get rid of karma, but only if the person releases it from his energy body through purging. They cannot take the negative energy themselves. So the image of the demon sucking the energy out of a person is at least partially wrong. It does not apply to this kind of demon.

These two types of demons, those that feed on light energy and those that feed on negative energy, seek the proximity of humans, and the light seekers also seek the proximity of animals. The light seekers are the more dangerous ones, because they can weaken the light body, at least if you release prana from your system without having built a protection first. It is therefore very important to build an energetic protection around oneself before any action that generates prana, with prayers, protective crystals or incense, preferably all together. If you don’t do this, you will quickly have these parasite demons on you and then they will take what they can get.

You can also give them voluntarily from your life energy and then you get something from them. They have great influence on the spiritual level and can manipulate people very well. But I advise caution. Once they get a taste for them, you can’t get rid of them so quickly. If you do not make a contract with them, which formulates clear, unmistakable termination conditions, they continue to suck energy, even if they have already received everything they asked for in return. Therefore, shamans and magicians never throw their own life energy into the balance, but that of sacrificial animals.

Hands off demons who don’t want to be demons anymore!

The third category are the master demons. These are light beings, but they are assigned to the matriarch. Actually they are demigods. But since they also exist in the lower astral planes, like the demons, they are counted among the demons, even though they do not feed on prana or negative energy. They serve mainly the angels, because they can stay energetically without problems on the lower energetic level of the earth, which angels cannot do or can do only very limited.

Question: What do prayers do?

Answer: First of all, prayer should come from the heart. Just saying words has little effect. You can reach the world of gods, angels and helper spirits mainly through your high vibrational heart energy. Pray with all your heart, with all your love and the spiritual world will help you where it can. If you pray without love, not from the heart, because your heart is closed, the spiritual world will not abandon you because of that. But under certain circumstances you will not reach the spirits you wanted to reach, but demons. They lie in wait for weak people and then pretend to be helpers in order to suck from your energy. Especially the light-seeking demons.

Before every prayer, activate your heart chakra, preferably by chanting. There is a reason that in religious rituals singing is done first and then prayer. If you can’t sing because you don’t dare or don’t want to disturb, then imagine as realistically as possible that you are singing. Imagine it so well that you really feel you can hear the voice or the choir. If it opens the heart, you have done everything right.

Question: Does praying help people finally wake up from their sleep?

Answer: Well, you can’t pray away karma. Many will not awaken in this first phase of awakening because they are too karmically burdened. They would not be able to withstand the high vibration and energy of the light plane. The spiritual world can, of course, send even more energy and raise the vibration even faster, which would massively push back evil, but at the same time it would kill those whose system, especially their nervous system, is not yet prepared for this energy. It all has to happen in the right proportion and it does. Pray for those who are sick, no matter what kind of sickness. The sooner they get well, the sooner they will be ready for the path of light, if they want to walk it.

Question: Why does evil exist?


Evil is the other pole of duality.

Where there is light, there is also shadow. Hold a glass over a brightly shining candle and it will be blackened by soot. Evil is the anchor so that creation does not float away unchecked. The young creation of mankind is not yet ready for the great ocean, there lurk dangers that it could not yet overcome. But one lets it swim out piece by piece further. Just now the buoys are being readjusted. Many will now swim further out, others will stay behind on the beach. They still have to learn to swim.

Question: Who gave me the answers?

Answer: 11

(I have two guardian angels. I christened them 17 and 11 at some point, because I constantly encounter these numbers, which are also my birth numbers.)

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