The ways separate (part 4)

I wake up in a very present Kundalini and clear vibrations in the spine. I ask questions to the universe and get answers. Automatic Writing from 05.05.21.

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Question: In what way will the raising of the natural vibration of planet Earth take place?

Answer: Trigger impulses will come from outside. As with a singing bowl, which one knocks.

Question: How much higher will the frequency of the vibration be afterwards?

Answer: It will increase steadily in small steps, because the bodies of all beings with nervous systems must have the chance that their nervous systems adapt to the higher frequency. Plants do not need this. They can stand vibrations up to 1000 times the present one. Most humans, however, are already at the limit with two times the current vibration.

Question: What are the effects on consciousness?

Answer: The consciousness itself is unaffected, it already vibrates in the highest of its individually possible vibration, that of the soul. But the brains of the people who are channeling this soul consciousness, so to speak, can only receive what their frequency spectrum allows. Some can receive more, thus also the higher frequencies and the information coded in it, others can only channel, decode the lower frequencies. Only enlightened ones are able to receive and decode the soul consciousness completely.

Question: What influence does the earth resonance have?

Answer: It provides the carrier frequency. Now it is moving towards 9 Hz. With each Hertz the information width increases, which can be channeled. Compare it with digitized music. The higher the sampling rate, the higher the frequency spectrum and therefore the wider the bandwidth of information. Higher evolved spirit beings reach frequencies of several kilohertz, but the resulting energy field, like all vibrations in the universe, also has sidebands. Their sidebands reach down to the frequencies of the earth.

If a higher spirit being wants to send you information, then this happens via the sidebands. If you as a medium are able to bring yourself into a high frequency, say 2000 Hz and more, which is quite possible, with appropriate training, you can receive much more and detailed information from these spirit beings. Under certain circumstances, however, they are so detailed that you no longer understand them, because they exceed everything imaginable for you.

Question: At what point does it become physically threatening?

Answer: It varies from person to person. Some people will see their personal limit at 20-50 hertz, others can endure up to 1000 hertz, or more. Kundalini masters can reach up to 10 KHz. Their nervous system has adapted over the years.

Question: What happens to those who can only withstand 20 Hz, but if the earth were raised much higher in its natural frequency?

Answer: For each frequency there is its own reality with its own timeline. Everyone lives then in the reality which fits to his frequency.

Question: Yes, we have already had that. Is there a timeline?

Answer: Each reality has its own timeline, its own timing.

Thank you for the information!

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Disclaimer: Automatic writing is a technique that can be compared to channel. Information is written down immediately without checking it or subjecting it to a context. At best, it is visually transformed into the best possible form. I put the things here in my blog, on the one hand, because this blog represents a kind of public notebook for me and on the other hand, because information could be present, which the one or other finds interesting, or possibly in its Channelings, or AWs, similarly received. I have a rather distant relationship to this information, also because some information contradicts my beliefs. But it is not my task to judge this, or even to exercise censorship. The words flow and I let them flow.